UK Garage Drum Kit (FREE Download!)

UK Garage Drum KIt

7 best UK garage drum kits!

Here is the ultimate list of UK Garage drum kits for you to use.


I've got a Free Drum Kit for every single genre!


Not only are these garage drums true to the genre...


They are some of the highest quality samples that you can access in this space.


The 8 Best UK Garage Drum Kits:

  1. Deep House Collection UK Garage Sample Pack
  2. UK Garage Vol 1 UK Garage Sample Pack
  3. Big Room MIDI Drum Pack UK Garage Sample Pack
  4. Street Knowledge UK Garage Sample Pack
  5. Cartel Sounds UK Garage Sample Pack
  6. Future Garage UK Garage Sample Pack
  7. House MIDI Chord Collection UK Garage House Pack
  8. Deep UK Garage House UK Garage Sample Pack


Just tap the links above to gain access to each drum samples website.


There, you can check out the sample packs (and more!)


I recommend that you not skip out on any of the UK garage drum kit sites, because what you're looking for is most likely there.


You should also check out the Hyperpop Drum Loops to take production to the next level!


Not only that, I have something even better...


Fill in the form below and I will send you over 1000+ Drum kits that you'll like!


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buy THIS sample kit - and you're set for life.

Unison Beatmaker-2


This banner above (with this kit) ☝️ is the BEST resource for aspiring producers.


I used to struggle with making beats... Just gazing at the DAW without a clue.


Soon as I discovered this sample pack, all took was a basic melody loop, one shot, or drum beat to catch vibes back.


For the price this is the BEST bargain for samples of this quality.


You're set for life, at least in terms of drums - with this ultimate sample pack.


With this kit you'll have access to:

  • 500 Melody Loops + 3100+ Matching Audio & MIDI Stems
  • 372 Melodic Shots
  • 220 Drum Loops + 2000 Matching Audio & MIDI Stems
  • 1400+ Individual Drum Samples ($127 Value)
  • ​220 808s ($67 Value)
  • 110 Bass Loops + Matching MIDI Stems ($127 Value)
  • 110 Bass Shots
  • ​452 Misc
  • ​Private Facebook & Discord Community (HUGE Value!)
  • ​77 Beat-Mixing Tricks PDF
  • ​​Advanced Implementation Training


The samples  textures in this set are both dar, ethereal and punchy!


I'm happy to say that this sample pack receive my stamp of approval : 9.5/10 rating.


Someday soon, I want to hear the music you created with them.


Check out The Ultimate Pack - it might just improve your music production process :)


Trap, Drill, Hip Hop R&B, Boom Bap, this pack has it all.


I promise: you DO NOT need to spend a dime on another hip hop sample pack.


And I believe you'll feel the same :) tap below to learn more. πŸ‘‡


Get The Pack!


what's included in these UK garage drum kits

Whats Included in the Pyrex Wippa Drum Kits


You can expect a lot with these free UK garage drum kits!


I made sure that the UK Garage drum kits are of top quality.


Here's what's included in the UK Garage sample packs:

  • Drum one shots
  • Percussions
  • Drum loops
  • Toms
  • Drummer melodies
  • Hi-hats
  • Bass
  • 909's
  • 808's


You're getting access to full high quality WAV drum, none of the low fidelity MP# files that you generally see in drum packs.


Watch WAV file in the UK Garage drum kit has been recorded with high power preamps - using the state of the art microphones (Aston, Neumann, etc.)


You are in good hands with these samples!


Not to mention, every garage drum sample has been mixed by professional engineers to ensure the crisp audio.


Feel free to download the UK garage drum kits and do what you will.


You can mix these drum samples right into your track and it will fit seamlessly.


Bonus: get the Techno Sample Pack as well today.




best UK garage preset template (Ableton)

UK Garage Ableton Presets


Do you use Ableton and want some presets for UK garage production?
Here is "Distant," a dark garage Ableton Live Template with a groovy autumnal feel.
It's a really nice template with all the right UK garage drum samples needed to produce your own music.
This works really nicely with the Zaytoven Drum Kit.
I recommend all beginner music producers in the UK Garage music space to experiment on this.
Best case you'll learn new skills, worst case you'll have a lot of fun!
Along with the drum samples, feel free to mix in these UK garage templates.
DISTANT comes with an Ableton Live Template, a drum kit, stems, and a WAV track with the full mix.
Tap below to get Distant today! πŸ‘‡


Download "Distant"



Best Paid Garage Sample Packs

Garage Sample Packs


Earlier I showed you some nice UK Garage drum kits...


And I have even more samples left in store!


Ready to make some old-school minimal garage?


3 Best Paid UK Garage Sample Packs:


UK Garage Sample Pack Price
Garage Session Vol. 1 19.95
UK 90's Throwback 59.95
Garage Session Chronicles 3995


Here are the best paid garage sample packs for you to download!


You can access drums for your garage beats with these samples.


The hardest part about producing UK garage music is the sample selection, believe it or not!


You should also check out the Hyperpop Drum Loops to take production to the next level.


Having the wrong UK drum samples can make what would be a good song end up being crap.


I'm serious.... You'll really want some good UK drum samples.





How to use UK garage drum samples

Making full use of these UK garage drum samples is very very easy!


Look... You don't need to be a genius.


That said, there is a lot of merit in proper usage.


How to use these UK drum samples:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Export the zip file once download
  3. Upload the samples to your DAW of choice
  4. Scrub through the samples 
  5. Keep the ones that you like


This works really nicely with the Wheezy Drum Kit.


It's this easy to leverage the UK garage drum samples in your own music!


There are so many types of tracks that can be made from these samples alone.


The music production world is your oyster - go ahead and make full use of it!


Do you make good music?


Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.


I'm taking song submissions of all genresπŸ‘‡


Submit Your Song



Top 10 UK Garage songs for inspiration

Top 10 UK Garage Songs


Now, it wouldn't be fair for me to send you UK garage drum kits without showing you how to use it...


But better than me - let's have the top UK garage artists give you game.


Here are the top 10 UK Garage songs that you can look toward as inspiration.


Listen to the tracks with your producer ear turned on.


10 Best UK Garage songs:

  1. Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude
  2. Has It Come To This? - The Streets
  3. Battle - Wookie
  4. Crazy Love - MJ Cole
  5. Baseline Junkie - Dizzee Rascal
  6. Envy - So Solid Crew
  7. A Little Bit Of Luck - DJ Luck
  8. Oh Baby - R.I.P Productions
  9. A London Thing - Scott Gargia
  10. Destiny - Dem 2


Here is a demo of what you can do with these samples. πŸ‘‡


Bonus: get the Techno Sample Pack as well today!



ultimate midi chord pack: special deal πŸ”₯

Unison MIDI


Don't spend hours creating your chord progression!
The last thing you want is to find out that you spent two hours playing with the piano roll only to come up with a subpar chord sequence...
To keep your creativity flowing, creating your chord progression should be a quick and simple process.
Levels of MIDI Chords
Want to make your MIDIs go from noob to pro? ☝️ (image above)
This is why you'll need the Unison MIDI Chord Pack:


You already know the routine:
  • You start your DAW...
  • You Activate the piano roll...
  • You draw up chord sequence...


However, it doesn't sound exactly like you imagined it to.


So you visit some tutorials on YouTube - but It still sounds awful.


Now you exit the DAW and don't finish the project.


Don't worry - we have all been there.


What do you do next, though?
Check out this straightforward but effective tool, and you'll never again struggle with chord progressions.
It allows more than 100,000 normal producers to quickly create all the bizarre chord progressions they never believed they could.
And I believe you'll like it as well :) tap below to learn more. πŸ‘‡

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