Detroit Drum Kit (FREE Download!)

Detroit Drum Kit

Free Detroit Drum Kit Download

If you came looking for a Detroit Drum Kit inspired by J. Dilla...


Then you came to the right place :)


I have a Free Drum Kit for every genre of music!


The Detroit Drum Kit is from the leaders in Hip Hop authenticity.


If you happen to have a slow computer or internet connection then this can take you longer than normal.


15 Best Detroit Style Drum Kits:

  1. Scarebeatz Drums Detroit Style Drum Kit
  2. Elite Drums Detroit Style Drum Kit
  3. 90s Hip Hop Detroit Style Drum Kit
  4. Iconic Boom Bap Detroit Style Drum Kit
  5. Scarebeatz Drums Detroit Style Drum Kit
  6. Lo-Fi Guitar Detroit Style Loops Bundle
  7. Elite Drums Detroit Style Drum Kit
  8. 90s Hip Hop Detroit Style Drum Kit
  9. Iconic Boom Bap Detroit Style Drum Kit
  10. Lo-Fi MIDI Melody Detroit Style Sample Pack
  11. Re Amp Detroit Style Sample Pack
  12. Smoky Lofi Detroit Style Sample Pack
  13. Urban Sax Vibes Detroit Style Sample Pack
  14. Boom Bap Legacy Detroit Style Sample Pack


Overall, it's not a crazy high file size.


The Detroit drum kit has a lot of samples that need to be installed onto your computer.


Don't worry though - Since the Detroit Drum Kit is stored as a zip file, the download time should not be insanely long.


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What’s included in the Detroit drum kit

Save literally hundreds of dollars on Hip Hop Sample Packs...


By downloading the Detroit Drum kit today.


This package has

  • 90s Hip Hop Samples
  • Lofi Drum Samples
  • Soul Drums
  • Classic Rap Drums
  • West Coast Vibes
  • And much more


The Detroit Drum Kit features instrumentals and the best-recorded classic drums.


You should also get the Zaytoven Drum Kit as well!


These are the same samples you'd use in your MPC controller - really classic.


The hammering kicks, booming snares, and new hats and SFX will inspire your next masterpiece...


Detroit Drum ain't nothing to play with.

These MIDI samples can be chopped, sliced, stretched, and tuned.


You can drag & drop these samples into any DAW and edit them to your liking.


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Top 3 producers from Detroit

Top 3 Detroit Rap Producers


As mentioned, Detroit is the hub of great music.


So before we go too deep, we must look at the greatest to see exactly what is possible!


Now here are the top 3 music producers from Detroit.


Check them all out, and you'll see exactly what the Detroit drum kit has to offer you, my brother!



#3. Big Sean

But the rapper Sean Anderson, who has been nominated for a Grammy, does more than just use his hometown in his music.
There is no greater modern Detroit producer than Big Sean!
If you plan on making a Big Sean type beat, you should first download the Wheezy Drum Kit for extra measure.
Big Sean puts the city and its people first.


Sean and his foundation have always given money to programs in Detroit that help students.

#2. J Dilla

During his short life, visionary hip-hop producer J. Dilla never had a big hit.
Dilla was like a living encyclopedia of music!
In his studio, he put thousands of vinyl records, into specific sections and kept them in alphabetical order so he could find the right sample whenever inspiration struck.
This same level of diligence can be found in the J Dilla Drum Kit.
The rigid slap of classic hip-hop drumbeats was given a softer, more human feel by J Dilla.


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#1. Eminem

Most of the time, when people think of Eminem, they think about how he affects the city of Detroit.
Detroit is known for its struggle... And that is how Eminem became the voice.
Here, he gained an impact on people all over the world who are going through similar problems.
People know that this Detroit artist doesn't hide anything in his music.
Eminem is a unique artist!


How Detroit challenged hip hop

Detroits Impact on Hip Hop


"Legendary" is the word to describe the rapper's academics who work together to make Detroit hip-hop music.


Hip-center hop's power has moved between a few cities and regions over its more than 30-year history!


J Dilla, a legendary producer, created the sound of what would later be called "neo-soul" music - he's based in Detroit.


You can get the J Dilla Drum Kit today too!


Understanding the Detroit sound

The Detroit Sound Explained


While Detroit may not have a single sound or a single artist that inspires copycats even outside of the city, it does have a lot of sounds.

Tee Grizzley's song "First Day Out" started a new era in the city's music history, and it would be hard to find a Detroiter who can't rap it bar for bar.


Listen to the track below. 👇


We all remember how Eminem took over pop music in the late 1990s.


He did this by combining his smarts with the beats and experience of veteran producer Dr. Dre, and he went on to become the best-selling artist in the world!

Not to mention... Motown Records was based in Detroit.


This just speaks to the world of music and how influential Detroit has been from time to time.


Don't forget to check out the Zaytoven Drum Kit!


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Best tips for using the Detroit drum kit

Leveraging The Detroit Sound Kit


To make good Detroit style beats, you'll need good piano loops/samples to match the drums. That's the secret.


The sounds and samples in the Detroit drum kits are inspired by the golden age of hip-hop.
Creative producers could use these to make:
In these Detroit drum sample packs, we wanted to be able to record the sounds of this classic kit in a way that made them stand out beautifully.
It takes a lot to make a drum kit that fits the Detroit sound.
Old samples re-recorded like these add something magical to hip-hop music.
You should also check out the Dr. Dre Drum Kits to get more of this music style!
They give each sound its own personality and make the Detroit sound kits more punchy and full.
It's hard to explain... But you can hear the difference!

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