Submit Music to Sirius XM: 4 Methods!

Submit Music to Sirius XM

What is Sirius XM?

Submit your music to Sirius XM through their official website submission portal, or use a radio directory.
Sirius XM is the most prevalent radio station in all of North America, and it would be an honor to get your track here!
You should Submit Music to Radio Stations to grow.
Getting your music played on Sirius XM radio can be a great way to spread the word about it and find new fans.
But it can be hard to figure out where to begin...
Compared to Spotify Playlist Promotion, radio is a different game.
I mean, how exactly can you get your song on Sirius XM?
In this article, we'll tell you how to get your music played on Sirius XM.
These tactics are not 100% guaranteed, but worth a shot.
We'll also give you some tools you can use to get started!
RapVille UK is one of the best tools for getting your music heard on radios across the globe.

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The advantage of Sirius XM

The Sirius XM Advantage


You can get your music heard by potentially millions of people...
But that's just the beginning of Sirius XM.
Look, many people think that there is no space for radio in the modern day - but that is plainly wrong.
When you're on long road trips and your phone is being used for navigation...
What do you use?
At that stage, radio is still efficient.
The other benefit is the hand-selected curation.
Many people listen to The Biggest Spotify Playlists to hear a great mix!
Radio has the same effect, and you can switch stations at will
Now that this is out of the way, let's talk about the specifics of landing radio airplay with Sirius XM.
SiriusXM is one of the biggest radio stations in the United States...
Most people think they can just send an email to the radio station, but most of the time these emails don't get read.
Here's how we do this.


Research the Sirius XM stations in advance

Research Radio Stations


Sirius XM is not a monolith.


The streaming channels have a wide variety, so you'll be hard-pressed to find only a single style of music.


3 ways to research Siris XM channels:

  1. Buy a membership
  2. Check global charts
  3. Use SpotOnTrack


This can be both good and bad for landing a Sirius XM song.


On the bright side, you have many options to select from... But on the bad side, there is more work to be done.


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#1. Open a Sirius XM Account

Finding the right radio stations to pitch to is the first step in getting your music played on Sirius XM Radio.


The easiest way to do this is to open an account and stream their station through the web. You can see what they have to offer.


They have a 3-month free membership so don't even worry!



#2. Check music charts for trends

Check the music charts in your city to find out which stations are playing the most popular songs.


You can reverse engineer success this way!


If you see tracks booming in specific areas (such as Toronto) then if you hear that track on a Sirius XM channel it means one thing...


The algorithm/DJ is looking at those charts as a directory.


This means... Once your song is charting then you can get placed. Duh!


This is just an oversimplification of the process.


Obviously, easier said than done but it's not impossible.


Dorian Group Charted to #1 on iTunes easily.



#3. Use SpotOnTrack

Check Radio Charts


There is a really cool app that lets you check the top charts from your phone!


This app is called SpotOnTrack.


Not only does it let you see Spotify playlists (it's one of my secrets) but you can also see radio.


By doing this, you're able to track specific songs on specific radios.


Use a radio directory to re-route which kinds of deals are taking place then hop in.


It's not a bad tactic, it just takes a lot of diligence and time...


But you're not leaving the music space anytime soon!


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#4. Use Radio-Locator

Radio Locator App


You can also use websites like Radio Locator to find radio stations in your city.


You can search for radio stations by city and type of music on this site.


Choose the genre that fits your music the best. Then, find the best stations in your city and get in touch with them to see if they'd like to play your song.


Believe it or not... Popular stations like Sirius XM have many headquarters.


It's not impossible to work your way into speaking with the director there.


You might play yourself if you're dealing with the wrong people.


That said, you need to have actual value to provide them.


Show up with your mouth agape wondering "Hey, uh where's my airplay?" is the fastest way to be thrown off the 4th story building.


Jokes! But even so, you need to present yourself with prestige and have value for them in advance.


People don't work with those they like...


So to get music on Sirius XM you'll need to play right.


They work with those they are familiar with.


Leave obscurity and you will see a lot of good things.


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leverage radio directories

Find Radio Directories


Radio directories let you find radio stations based on the type of music they play.


Online Radio Directories are the golden ticket for some people.

If you have a decent budget ($3'000-$10'000) then this might just be for you.


Just don't forget that Radio Payola is Destroying the music space.


Proceed with caution...

Almost every radio director has Sirius XM.
The only case where they wouldn't is if the radio specializes in bizarrely niche genres.
Something like emo bluegrass.
Imagine... *shudder*
Bonus: through a radio directory, can also look for stations by name, city, or call sign.
This makes it easy to send your work to Sirius XM, if it's there.



Look, the only thing guaranteed is the non-guarantee.


Don't try the tactics in this post, fail, then page me.


I'm not your mother. Wouldn't want to be.


These are just my BEST suggestions for getting your music uploaded and streamed on Sirius XM.


There is still LinkedIn networking, and a plethora of other guerrilla tactics if you really care...


Just wanted to help in any way I can :)


But before you finish, I really urge you to check out my Radio Airplay Ultimate Guide!


It has way more not discussed here.


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