New Zaytoven Drum Kit 2024! (FREE Download)

Free Zaytoven Drum Kits

Free Zaytoven Drum Kit downloads

Looking for an awesome Zaytoven drum kit & epic drum samples to take your trap beats to the next level?


Well, you're in luck.


I put together a free download sound pack compilation of the best Zaytoven drum kits I could find!


Top 10 Zaytoven Drum Kits:

  1. Never Broken 2 Zaytoven Drum Kit
  2. Cyclone Zaytoven Drum Kit
  3. Trap Hustle 3 Zaytoven Drum Kit
  4. Black Series Bundle Zaytoven Drum Kit
  5. Earthquake Zaytoven Drum Kit
  6. Harder Than Ever Zaytoven Drum Kit
  7. The Projects Bundle Zaytoven Drum Kit
  8. Money Bags Zaytoven Drum Kit
  9. Money Train Zaytoven Drum Kit
  10. Goddess Trap Zaytoven Drum Kit


You'll see an assortment of sounds between hi-hats, 808, kick drums, and more.


All producers and beatmakers that make trap beats need this to take your stuff to the next level!


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Free 808 May Drum Kit Download

808 Zay Drum Kit


808 Zay drum pack is effective as heck!


In times like this, you’ll want to access the full 808 Zay drum kit. 


Not only will you have all the deep 808 samples that the Zaytoven drum kit has, but there’s so much more in store.


You’ll want the full 808s when making deep and dark beats like how Zaytoven does. 


Get the free 808 Zay Drum download here.


Do you make good rap music like Zaytoven?


Who is Zaytoven as a producer?

So who exactly is Zaytoven?


If you know hip-hop, then you recognize Zaytoven. He is an Atlanta trap beat producer. Zaytoven cultivated the sound of Gucci Mane, Migos, future, and many more!

Who is Zaytoven


The name “Zaytoven” is a moniker for the famous Classical musician Beethoven.


Don't let the name fool you though, you won't see any classical scores anywhere!


Zaytoven has some of the cleanest drum samples and drum kits on planet Earth.


Along with Metro Boomin Drum Kits, Zaytoven is up there.


Your trap beats won't have the true Atlanta sound unless you use some Zaytoven drum kit samples!


Along with Zaytoven, Wheezy Drum Kits can transform your trap beats!



The value of Zaytoven music production kits

Each free download includes a sample pack, with many samples that you can use as you like.


The samples are all royalty-free sounds, so there's no need to e when you create your trap beats.


You also don't need to credit the co-producer, since these drum kits are royalty-free sounds.


Don’t pay, just create epic beats!


Check out Free Playboi Carti Drum Kits for dope synths!


The kicks and brass leads are freaking amazing!


Each good kit will take your sound to the next level, so make sure you download it ASAP.


You don't need any crazy MPC hardware to get the Atlanta sound in our Zaytoven Drum Kit.


Regardless of which sounds you use, the samples are practically good to go since the sun pack comes in WAV and MP3 format.


To make you even more excited about the sounds, keep in mind that Gucci Mane used the same EXACT samples in his production!


These producers and these sounds ain’t no joke!


Bonus Hip-Hop sound packs (Free download)

Those kicks and those brass leads samples are amazing..


Bonus Hip Hop Drum Kits


Here are bonus drum kits for you to download and use today for free!


I always believe in giving producers more and more through my blog posts.


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Bonus: download a Free Kanye West Drum Kit as well!


I hope you enjoyed this free Zaytoven drum kit!


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