New Playboi Carti Drum Kit 2023! (FREE Download)

Free Playboi Carti Loop Kits

Free Playboi Carti style drum kit Downloads

Having access to Free Playboi Carti Drum Kit downloads will take your productions to the next level!


Top 8 Playboy Carti Drum Kits:

  1. Playboii Cochise Drum Kit
  2. ETHER Cochise Drum Kit
  3. Abysmal 2.0 Cochise Drum Kit
  4. Clout Cobain Cochise Drum Kit
  5. FUEL Cochise Drum Kit
  6. Ambient MIDI Cochise Melody Chords
  7. Luv Your Life Cochise Drum Kit
  8. Trippy Cochise Drum Kit



Pierre Bourne Style Drum Kits!

Are you looking for a new Playboi Carti drum kit?


If that's the case then you're in luck. I've compiled the best Playboi Carti type sounds and drums.


Each trap drum kit includes:

  • Percussions
  • 808's
  • Claps
  • Snares
  • Kicks


What drum kits include


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Also, this kit is FREE! 


Many of these are new drum kits so you'll be one of the early ones to use them!


Watch and capture the full Playboi Carti type sounds with any trap drum kit below.


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Whitemayo Drum Kit

Whitemayo is a classic music producer from California.


He makes awesome beats and even better drum kits.


If you really wanna get the full Playboi Carti sound, go check out the Whitemayo Drum Kits.


Although they aren't free, each Whitemayo drum kit is designed for the best Playboi Carti sound.


Tap here to check out Whitemayo's beatstars.


KanKan Drum Kit (Free Download!)

Free KanKan Drum Kit


KanKan is a super producer and his music is one of a kind.


Sometimes, you might want to capture a little bit of the KanKan essence... Thank god, that's possible.


With the free KanKan drum kit, you can 


Type HERE for the Free KanKan drum kit!


Free Playboi Carti type loops kits

Watch below 👇 here are the neatest sample packs and preset banks.


Feel free to download these to use in your beats!


Here are the highest-quality Playboi Carti production loop kits!


Sample Name BPM Type Key
Playboi Organ (Free Download) 155 bmp Organ Loops A#M
Playboi Lead (Free Download) 155 bmp Synth Loops A#M
Playboi Rasta (Free Download) 148 bmp Synth Loops Cm
Playboi Scorpion (Free Download) 150 bpm Synth Loops E
Playboi Bloodbath (Free Download) 160 bpm Bell Loops Unknown
Playboi Tokyo (Free Download) 84 bpm String Loops DM
Playboi Rampage (Free Download) 150 bpm Synth Loops Unknown
Playboi Kankan (Free Download) 130 bpm Synth Loops C
Playboi Extreme Drums (Free Download) 155 bpm Drum loops Unknown


These Playboi Carti type drum loops are made up of samples of instruments like drums, synths, and other instruments.
As a majority, these Playboi Carti loops are recorded at a slightly higher frequency than the track you want to loop on.
This means that the drums, synth, or another instrument will play in the same space, but slightly higher and with a slightly different sound.
With this method, you can make a track sound more alive and give it a sense of space!
The Playboi Carti oop kits can be used in music in a lot of different ways.
Many producers will make an entire song out of looped drums and synths, layering and combining samples to make a new sound.
Hope you really enjoy these free Playboi Carti loops!


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How to Sell more beats

These free new kits are cool, but you want money!


This video below shows you the formula to selling beats fast:



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I hope you enjoy our guide to the best free Playboi Carti Drum Kit downloads!


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