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Indian Vocal Sample Packs

Best Indian Vocal Sample Packs to Download For Free!

Modern music can't exist without vocal production, which is what holds the track together.
Getting an Indian Vocal Sample Pack is essential for all musicians!
There's no doubt that vocals can help your song go from good to great, whether you want to give it a more natural sound or give it more punch.

Top 4 Indian Vocal Sample Packs

  1. Female Indian Vocals Sample Pack (Best One!)
  2. Ethnic Arabian Female Vocal Sample Pack
  3. Deep Ambient Indian Vocal Sample Pack
  4. Electronic Indian Vocal Sample Pack
  5. Anime India Vocals Indian Vocal Sample Pack
  6. Ethnic Vocal Sample Pack
And Indian Vocal samples are an important part of this.
Western cultures have their own ways of singing...
But Indian singers tend to go all out with their performances, adding hand gestures, facial expressions, and body movements to go along with the lyrics.
It's not the same as classic R&B vocal packs.
In this article, we look at why the Indian Vocal Sample Pack is such a great tool for people who want to start out in vocal production.

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How to Use Indian Vocal Sample Packs 

Indian Vocal Packs
The Indian vocal samples can help you make authentic Indian vocal sounds for your tracks in a number of ways.
The samples are very flexible, and you can use them to make authentic Indian vocal sounds for any style or genre.
It can be applies the same as Hip Hop Vocal Packs.
You can use these vocal samples to make authentic Indian vocal sounds for your tracks in a variety of genres and styles.
I recommend that you use the samples in the boot, or layer it over the song's chorus for flavor.
This depends a lot on the genre of music you plan to create with these Indian vocal samples.
Here are other sample packs to check out:
The Indian Vocal Samples can also help you add Indian grooves that sound like they were made by Indians.


How Indian Vocals is Shaping Global Music

Indian Vocals Are On The Rise

India is home to some of the world's most beautiful melodies and most complicated rhythms.
In the present day, India's contribution to drill music is having an effect on popular culture all over the world.
It can be heard at parties and nightclubs where DJs use synthesizers to play recorded tracks of drum patterns from country songs and other Indian genres.
Indian vocals add a mystic feel to the sounds and rhythms that are typical of drill music.
Indian music styles like Bollywood and modern artists like M.I.A. and Skrillex have influenced these songs.
Woopty by rapper CJ is a well-known song with Indian vocals.
Indian music has had an effect on the rise of electronic artists like UMEK and SNAILS, who use Indian melodies in their music.
This has also led to the revival of the Indian sound in more underground clubs and events.
Indian beats are also being used to make music that sounds more traditional and Eastern.

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5 famous hip hop songs with Indian vocals

Songs With Indian Vocals


Pop and hip-hop artists have long turned to Indian musicians when they want to use sounds from other cultures.
Indian beats are now being used in mainstream pop music!
Here is a small list of artists that use Indian vocals in their music:
Top 5 songs sampled with Indian vocals 
  • Woopy - CJ
  • The Bounce - Jay Z
  • Birthday Girl - Stormzy
  • Put You On The Game - The Game
  • Indian Summer - Jai Wolf
These songs are fantastic!
You should listen to them all, then get a good grip on how you can use these Indian vocals in your music.
Whether it's hip hop or electronic music, this is for you!

#1. Woopty  (CJ)

The song Woopty uses a sample from Arijit Singh and Mithoon's 2015 Indian song "Sanam Re."
CJ said that the song's drill sound made people compare him to the late American rapper Pop Smoke.
French Montana and Rowdy Rebel, both American rappers, remixed the song and called it "Whoopty NYC."
As you can see, Indian vocals are staples for music production!

#2. The Bounce (Jay-Z)


At The two minute mark you can hear the Indian samples begin in the track.


It sounds really nice and eerie, compared to Jay-Z's  gritty rap.


Having some soulful ethnic vocals makes the beat a pop and make the song much more memorable.


This is why I’m a big fan of Indian vocal samples and all genres of music and you can see that it really works.


#2. Birthday Girl (Stormy)


Birthday girl starts with an ethnic vocal sample.


I am not sure if it truly is Indian or from another South Asian nation however it does sound very ethnic and it matches.


The vocals sound romantic and is full of energy, matching the monitor hard-hitting lyrics that Stormzy provides as well.


I really enjoy it and I know you do too.


#2. Put You On The Game (The Game)


In this case, the game sample some Indian vocals and the producer chopped the sample and let it replay.


The vocals maintain an early hip-hop vibe, while still maintaining full integrity with the Indian vocal sample.


I really like this as an example of why the Indian sample packs of gray because you can still remix and tweak the sounds to your liking


#2. Indian summer (Jai Wolf)


Indian Summer is an electronic music track with the sounds of India throughout and repeating.


Since the original musician is Indian himself it makes sense that he's going to show some national pride by having this music.


Check out the John Summit Sample Pack if you plan to make EDM with these Indian vocal samples!


Still, that doesn’t underplay exactly how well it was executed.


Coupled with the awesome music video this is something that you should aspire towards.


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