9 Free Female Vocal Sample Packs (Royalty Free)

Female Vocal Sample Packs

Get Royalty-Free Female Vocal Samples In Your Productions

Today, you no longer need to hire a vocalist if you want vocals for your music or beats.


These days, there are tons of resources that can help in getting the best female vocals to make your production stand out.


They include thousands of voice samples and loops/one-shots from which the right one can be chosen for each project.


We've scoured the internet and found the best female vocal samples.


There are tons of quality ones (and lots of low-quality ones), and we've filtered all the good ones for you here!


To help with this process (and make things easier) we've compiled some free options available online:


Vocal sample packs, loop packs, and chops are sure to set your productions on fire!


9 Best Female Vocal Samples: Ultimate List

These are the best female vocal sample packs at a glance:

  1. Vocal Sauce Female Vocals Sample Kit
  2. Katty Health Female Vocals Sample Kit
  3. Cute Anime Female Vocals Sample Kit
  4. Aerial Female Vocals Sample Kit
  5. Bounce Vocals Female Vocals Sample Kit
  6. Love Letter Female Vocals Sample Kit
  7. Angelic Vocals Female Vocals Sample Kit
  8. Ethnic Desi Vocals  Female Vocals Sample Kit
  9. Ethnic Arabian Vocals  Female Vocals Sample Kit


We've added only free vocals in this  There are lots of quality vocals in the free packs - but when it comes to vocals its easy to be very picky (and rightfully so). 


So we've made it an effort to find the absolute best ones.


But if you're looking for even more vocal samples, check out our ultimate list of the 25 best free vocal sample packs, chops, and loops.


There's a lot more in there that's sure to keep you happy!


Top free hip hop vocal sample packs

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These packs are great for all genres though they work especially well for hip-hop, rap, pop, and hyperpop.


These are great if you want to create a song from scratch, or use them as a starting point if you need some inspiration.

  1. Highlife Samples: Free Vocal Samples (FREE)
  2. 91Vocals - Gang Vocals (FREE)
  3. Drill Vocal Sample Pack (FREE)

To see the full list of the best free hip hop vocal sample packs, click here.


The best hip hop vocal sample packs will have a wide variety of tempos, styles, and topics so that you can create a variety of songs with one pack.


Give these a try if you're looking for samples for your hip hop track.


Free Pop Vocals

pop vocal sample packs


Need something more on the pop side?


Check these out - they work great for any pop or indie production:

  1. Joshua David Vocals Freebie (FREE)
  2. Vocal Ad-lib Samples (FREE)
  3. Soulful Vocals Free Pack By Sample Magic (FREE)


Click here to see the full list!


You can also find plenty of free pop vocal loops on sites like Looperman.


There are a lot of great options for modern pop, so you should be able to find something that fits your songwriting style.


Top trap vocal sample packs

Best Trap Vocal Samples And Loops


Similar to hip hop, these trap vocal sample packs can work just as well and can help inspire some serious new ideas for your productions.


These are the best trap vocal sample packs at a glance:

  1. 91Vocals - Gang Vocals (FREE)
  2. Drill Vocal Sample Pack (FREE)


Click here to see the full list!


Many vocal sample packs contain everything from vintage recordings to killer chops.


These are an excellent way to find a catchy vocal for your next track without having to worry about copyright.


What Are Royalty-Free Samples (And why it matters)?

royalty free vocal samples


Royalty free samples are a great way to get started with music production.


A royalty free license generally means that you are allowed to use the sample as much as you like, but may have to do so within certain restrictions.


There are also some limitations to copyright law that apply to how you can legally use a royalty free sample.


While a royalty-free sample usually means that you can use the music without paying, it sometimes also means that you would not be allowed to use your own arrangement of the music.


More often than not, these types of samples are found on websites where they sell them for purchase.


Check out this great video from legendary producer Laidback Luke to see how to properly use vocal samples:



Even if you use a long royalty-free vocal sample, there's a chance another artist already used it for their track, in which case yours might be flagged for copyright.


You'll usually find the best luck with either heavily modifying your vocal samples, getting explicit permission from the vocalist, or using short vocal chops and one-shots.





What do the best vocal samples have in common?

Short, memorable, and unique samples are the best choices for voice sampling.


They also need to fit your song's flow and tone; sound like they belong in your song; complement the instrumental mix.


When choosing a sample, make sure that it's not too long; it shouldn't sound like a snippet from a news broadcast.


Try to find a sample that has a particular cadence or rhythm to it, and that sounds like it would fit perfectly into the song.


To make sure your sample sounds natural and doesn't sound like it was taken straight out of the air, you can take inspiration from the world around you.


Find sounds that inspire you, and use those as inspiration for your sample.


You'll know when vocal loops are of good quality when they are actually written by songwriters.



How to use a Vocal Sample Pack in music production

how to use vocal samples


The best way to do this is to think about your song as a whole and what your song aims to accomplish.


Are the vocals in your song to highlight a specific subject?


For example, are they telling a story?


Are they to help set the tone?

As you create your song, think about each section, beat, or section and what the vocals will be doing in each part of your song.

How do you want your song to sound? What kind of style is it? What is the tone of the song? What is the vibe of the song?


Get to know your vocal sounds and how they work within your song.


Once you've downloaded your vocal sample pack, loops, or phrases, all you need to do is browse through them within your DAW and drag and drop the ones you want to use into your current project.


From there, go ham!


Test loops, make choirs, change the keys, and add some soul to your track! 


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