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Free SoundCloud banner maker

You need some high-quality banner designs to stand out from the rest of the artists on SoundCloud.


Use them as ideas for your version, or just copy them to make your life easier.


Right now, SoundCloud is STILL one of the best ways to find new fans!


Should you use professional designers for your SoundCloud banners?


Soundcloud banners checklist

SoundCloud Banner Checklist


When making your SoundCloud banner, you'll want to make sure it's done right.


Here are the 3 main SoundCloud banner templates for you to use:

  1. Make it shine
  2. Use bright colours
  3. Make text stand out
  4. Use high-quality images
  5. Export in the correct dimensions

Customize and browse through to create the best artist banners.


It's only by following these exact steps can your SoundCloud banner ends up perfect!


All of the Free Templates Boost Collective offers you are designed to make your SoundCloud page pop!


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#1. make it shineMake Yout SoundCloud Banner Shine


When people go to your channel, the first thing they'll see is the banner design.


It's important that it gets their attention and makes them want to click through to your content.


Every band that wants to build fans from scratch needs their profile picture and Soundcloud banner photos to look top-notch.


Your banner should be made to match the style of your channel and the goals you have for it.


Vector files and stock images must be used well.


Start editing only once you have an idea of how each template will make your brand pop.


Watch below for my tips on how to with covers/banners. 



#2. Use bright colours

Use Bright Colors in your SoundCloud Banner


One of the first things you can do to improve your banner design is to add bright colors that stand out against the background.


No matter what colors you choose, you should try to use them in as many parts of your banner as possible.


Using the top 10 cover art apps will make your designs for free!


Each album cover maker is designed to help you create epic art.


This will help tie your design together, giving your channel a consistent look and feel that will set it apart from the rest.


All the tools to create a profile picture/SoundCloud banner should be used to the maximum!


What does that mean?


Use bright colors in your SoundCloud banner.



#3. Make text stand out

Make Text Pop Out


If you want your banner to get people's attention, you need to make it big.


This doesn't mean you should use big fonts and pictures, but you should try to make your banner as big as you can.


Wider banners have also been shown to make people more interested and keep them on your channel for longer.


You should try to make it big enough so that all of your viewers can see it.


People browse SoundCloud on a variety of screens and devices...


So your banner design should be adaptable enough to fit on all of them without being too big or too small.


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#4. Make images stand out

Your SoundCloud banner template needs to stand out!


The point of a SoundCloud banner is to relate important updates/information to your fans.


Unless they can read EXACTLY what the SoundCloud banner is saying... It's for nothing.


Use font styles that make the new banner look intriguing!


Your SoundCloud banners need to be made with expert-level design skills to shine.


It's fine to upload a non-typical-looking SoundCloud banner for your work so long as it's decent-looking.




#5. Use high-quality images

Use High Quality Images

When you make a Soundcloud banner, you'll need some images for it.


This will help your cover art go viral!


Whether it's you with a nice edit, or simply a cool background you can't have low resolution.


3 Best tools for high-quality royalty-free images:

  • Pixels
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay

Every SoundCloud banner maker will have high-quality pics.


If your SoundCloud banners don't have good quality, then fans will receive the wrong message.


Investors and artists will take one hard look at your SoundCloud profile and then write you off.


Get a free cover art as well!

You should also make a custom video thumbnail to go with your banner.


Having a good cover art will change the game of your release!


You don't have to make a custom thumbnail for your video, but if you want your channel to look even better, you should.


Looking to make your SoundCloud page and album art look amazing?


Should you hire a graphic designer?

Graphic designers are in charge of putting brand messages, ideas, and designs into pictures.


They use pictures to tell a story, make a brand, or get a message across.


Graphics can change the world and customize the theme of your brand.


As the need for graphic designers grows, more and more jobs have become available than ever before.


But is hiring a graphic designer worth it?


Or instead, should you focus on SoundCloud Banner templates instead?


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Not every graphic designer makes SoundCloud banner templates

There are a lot of good reasons to hire a graphic designer...


But there are also a few reasons why you shouldn't.


Here are some of the most important reasons why you shouldn't hire a graphic designer.


10 reasons to not hire a designer for your Soundcloud banners.

1. The designer doesn't have the skills in SoundCloud banners

2. It's too expensive

3. The SoundCloud banner maker's result is not good enough

4. Not everything in the SoundCloud banner is done the way it was promised

5. The designer has no experience in the field. 6. The designer gets lost easily.

7. The SoundCloud banner maker has no testimonials or references.

8. The designer can't finish the job on time.


When making your SoundCloud banner, these reasons might push you away from designers.


Realistically, there are so many free template options...


You're better off going to websites with templates and getting your inspiration there.



Here is a summary of getting your SoundCloud banner.


The first thing you need to do is find a high-quality picture of something that goes with your sound.


You can find high-quality images for your banner in an online library like Shutterstock.


Next, let's make a banner out of that picture.


You can turn your image into an attractive SoundCloud banner with any image editor.


You can also use a tool like Canva to make your own SoundCloud banner.


You're just a few clicks from making your SoundCloud profile look 10/10!


Next, let's add your name and a label to the SoundCloud banner.


The first thing to do is to put your name and label in the background of the SoundCloud banner.


The second step is to include your information in the text of your SoundCloud banner.


The third way is to put your information in a logo or picture that is part of your SoundCloud banner.


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