The Best Spotify Canvas Maker (Free to Use)

Spotify Canvas maker

The best Spotify Canvas maker you can use right now

Having a free Spotify Canvas maker will make a huge impact on your music career and your brand image.


Read this FULL blog... Guaranteed you'll learn something new & useful. 


Spotify Canvases give your artist brand an edge to compete.


Ever feel like Spotify is too complex to figure out? You are not alone!


Many new artists aren't clear about Spotify canvases and what they are. 


Think of Spotify canvases as miniature music videos for your song release. 


Don't forget - there are over 60,000 songs released daily!


Having a killer Spotify canvas is a must.


You do want to make real advancements in your music career, right?


It also leads to you growing your Spotify streams!


Drake Spotify Canvas


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How To Upload Your Spotify Canvas

Getting your canvas up and ready is SO easy!


How to upload a Spotify canvas to your song

  1. Open Spotify for Artists and log in
  2. Go to your artist profile.
  3. Select one of your upcoming or existing releases
  4. Tap the “+" option and select a video
  5. Do final cuts/trims and select the next
  6. Finally, tap Post and you’re good to go
  7. Your canvas appears!


Follow these steps once you get your Spotify back from the Spotify Canvas maker service, and you're solid!


Shouldn't You Make Your Own Spotify Canvas?

Listen, I am all about the independent music artist gaining skills and creative control...


But only when it makes sense.


In this case, you're better off using a Spotify Canvas maker service


In this case, it doesn't make much sense for you to spend your time making canvases.


This will not work favorably in the long run. It's the same process when getting your cover art.


It takes a lot of skill dedication and practice to learn how to make your edits through video software.


Final Cut vs Premiere Pro

Not to mention it is extremely costly regardless of which video editing tools you choose to use!


These design-related costs are eating away at your budget:

  • Dope beats,
  • sick plug-ins
  • Music advertising spend.

You need to consider it carefully!


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Do you need a Spotify canvas designer?

Confused Damian Barbu


Should I get a designer or use the Spotify Canvas maker?


In short: no, it's not worth it.


Designers are extremely expensive, not to mention most of them don't make canvases. 


Must designers primarily make cover art for your albums and singles?


Even if you are to find a designer that happens to make Spotify canvases, you can expect to pay over $150 plus USD for a normal rate! Go ahead if you have the cash... 


But why spend more when you can get the same for less? 


There is no business sense in paying a premium unnecessarily.


You're going to need to get a Spotify canvas over and over again for every single release, thus rendering designers impractical.




Which IS THE BEST Spotify Canvas MAKER?

Have no fear, your solution is here! 


The best Spotify Canvas maker tool is called Boost Collective.


Since it's too hard and expensive to learn how to make your own Spotify Canvases, and impractical to hire a professional designer...


This is your best option.


Spotify Canvas maker


You gain access to an array of Spotify canvas templates for you to use with every release!


Not to mention, they can make you cover art as well! 


Boost Collective's canvases are professional, high-grade, and made individually for every one of your releases!


But hey! 


Don't take my word for it go and check it out yourself and set yourself up for canvas success on Spotify.

Optimal Spotify Canvas Specs & Dimensions

Spotify Canvas Aspect Ratio

You need to know the technical details for your Spotify Canvas when using a Spotify Canvas maker service


Your optimal Spotify canvas specs are the same as any vertical video — 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Spotify uses a vertical aspect ratio instead of a widescreen for their canvas. 


This is because most people use mobile rather than desktop - the Spotify Canvas feature must reflect that!

One thing to keep in mind:

Depending on any updates by Spotify, you may only have a portion of the Spotify canvas dimensions showing. 


Make sure your Spotify canvas settings are fully optimized so that the main elements of the Spotify canvas appear in the center.


If your Spotify canvas video is text-based, make sure that it's slightly hovering over the center rather than the dead center.

This is just a small Spotify canvas design tweak, but goes a LONG way!

You don't want your Spotify video canvas to look ugly!

The idea is for your Spotify canvas feature to be a mini music video to express your artist brand.


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Make sure that the Spotify Canvas maker you use gets this right!


The maximum Spotify canvas length is under 8 seconds.

That means, even if your video is 8 seconds to the dot - it will not be permitted.

Spotify canvas features are only a little longer than a Vine video!

The minimum Spotify canvas length is 4 seconds.


Be sure that any clips you’re using fall between this threshold.

My best tip for you is to take a bunch of clips and stitch them together to reach the Spotify canvas length threshold in case it's too short.

Another great way for you to reach the Spotify canvas length is to use motion graphics. 


Since these motion graphics are computer-generated, they can simply be edited to reach the perfect Spotify canvas length!



The best Spotify Canvas maker services will give them the HIGHEST quality possible.


Does your Spotify canvas ever appear to be low-quality?


This can only mean one of three things:

  1. The source footage is low-resolution
  2. You have a bad network connection
  3. The Spotify servers are down


While we can’t control the servers, there is total Spotify Canvas feature control when it comes to low-resolution video.


Spotify has made the solution easy for you!


You can easily swap your Spotify canvas video for another high-resolution one at will.


Not to mention, the Spotify canvas max file size is theoretically irrelevant.


Your Spotify canvas video will be compressed for the Spotify servers anyway.


No video clip under 8 seconds could possibly take too much bandwidth - upload your Spotify canvas with delight!


Your Spotify canvas video file is an MP4, which doesn't take enormous memory.


Make sure you upload the highest quality video possible - even if that means the Spotify canvas max file size is larger!


The people-watching with 4k phone displays will thank you.


I hope you enjoy using this Free Spotify Canvas maker! 


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