5 Best Pop Spotify Playlists To Submit Music!

Pop Dubstep


Are you looking to reach new fans to discover your pop songs?


I got you covered!


Top 5 Pop Playlists on Spotify:


Playlist Name Playlist Size
Summer Hits 83,900
Aesthetic 1,200
US Top 100 Charts 65,200
Sad Vibes 33,700
Tik Tok 2023 3,200


With the power of Spotify playlisting, it really has never been easier for your songs to reach new listeners on the platform.


(Yay streaming)!


Your Pop songs have the potential to stack up a solid amount of streams on Spotify, especially with the number of users on the platform (over 300 million and counting).


It's time to get some new fans by getting onto playlists!


At Boost Collective, we're all about connecting artists with Spotify curators to push new music.


Let's team up and get that growth!


Here is a curated list of the BEST Pop playlists to get your song on! Let's go!



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#1. Summer Hits Spotify Playlist


This is a great list that focuses on a mix of throwback pop songs and modern cuts as well.


It's a sizeable list with some core fans that are sure to provide some good organic streams (And continue to grow)! 


At Boost Collective, we're dedicated to promoting music.


We've been able to push over 10,000 songs to date through our organic Spotify playlist promotion service.


You might not become Juice WORLD or Iann Dior overnight, but we can certainly help you get on the right path to building your fanbase and listeners.

#2. Aesthetic


Channeling those vibes that leave you staring at the sky at 11 PM, the Aesthetic playlist is here to serve up a mix of proper vibes and feels.


Hit the button below to get access to submissions for these playlists through our platform!


These are some of the best Pop Spotify playlists of all time, for REAL!

#3. Us Top 100 Charts


This list offers listeners the top tracks that are being streamed, with some Independent artist flair in the mix.


The list is a great opportunity to make a solid impression on some new listeners. This one might just be the one that fits your songs the best!


I genuinely love this Pop Spotify playlist.

#4. Sad Vibes


Featuring some of sad pop's biggest staple artists such as Iann Dior, The Kid Laroi and more, this list packs a great value proposition for new music discovery.


It's currently sporting over 14k followers, and keeps growing!


On top of that, it's curated by our good friend XINCLAIR. What a legend!

#5. Tik Tok 2023


TikTok playlists are a great way to promote your music.




Well if you have tik tok, I'm sure you're guilty of scrolling on the app for way too much time (lol).


Now apply that to the music side of things.


Listeners are always looking for new trends.


Placing your music on a Tik Tok list is a good way to reach Gen Z kids.


If that's your audience, these types of lists work really well!


Here are some things to keep in mind before submitting your song!


1. Make sure that your song is up to quality standard. It's easy for agencies like us to promote amazing music.


(Well mixed & mastered, structured etc...).


2. Enticing cover art for your song.


(To capture listeners attention so that they are more likely to click on your song).


You should even grow your own Spotify playlist for bonus growth! 👇




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