100+ Free Organic Drum Loops to Download (Royalty-Free!)

organic drum loops

Free Organic Drum Loops For your productions!

By using organic drum loops in your productions, you'll be adding an extra element of believability and realism to your productions. It's worth adding organic drum loops.


These types of drum loops are an important part of any production regardless of genre. 


They are a necessary evil in some genres and a vital part of any production in others.

In the end, it's all about finding the right style for the right project. If you're in a metal band, you might want to use a more aggressive drum loop.


If you're in a pop group, you might want to use a more melodic loop. If you want your track to sound more electronic, try using a synth-based loop.

This is where organic drums come into play, though.  You can use any type of loop, but it's best to try to find one that has a natural sound to it.


When it comes to choosing the best organic drum loop, you have a few different options.


You can find a lot of free and premium drum loop websites, though we've compiled the absolute best drum loops in this article for you.


You can also use software such as Audacity or Ableton to create the loop. When you have the loop created, you can use any sound effect or music to give it a life-like quality.


Bonus: Make sure you further expand your sample collection with our ultimate list of the best free guitar sample packs.


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The Best Organic Drum Loops To download

These are the best organic drum loops you can download:

  1. Only Organic Vol 1 - Organic Drum Samples
  2. Only Organic Vol 2 - Organic Drum Sample
  3. Only Organic Vol 3 - Organic Drum Sample
  4. Organic Lush Lofi Top Drum Kit
  5. Organic House Top Drum Samples
  6. Ritual Organic Drum Loop Kit
  7. Ritual 2 Organic Drum Loop Kit
  8. Just Organic Shakers Drum Loops


These organic drum loops are royalty-free will work specifically well within all major DAWs, and are perfect for putting together a range of different rhythms.

When you have a drum loop to work with, there's no need to hire pricey session musicians to complete your project.

These drum loops are perfect for anyone wishing to incorporate an authentic organic sound into their productions.

You'll find free drum loops that will allow you to diversify your sample collection in ways that have never been possible before.

In some of these sample bundles, you'll find actual drums, synths, different instruments, and even vocals.

While these free drum loops are influenced by rock and indie music, you may use them in a variety of musical genres like hip-hop, EDM, and pop music as well.

These collections of free drum samples have a trademark organic feel that lets you make new hybrid creations!




Some Bonus Drum Samples You Can Download Right Now


bonus drum loops to use


Drum samples are available in several styles to meet your specific requirements. You will be able to get a free sample pack that is customized to your unique requirements.

Other packs contain open and closed hi-hats, open rolls, wet sounds, click samples, and everything in between, all of which are relevant to today's music production demands.

All of these distinct types of drums have the benefit of allowing you to make any sound you choose.

Some of these additional packs may have the drum loops you require for your production. Try it out!

The most essential thing to remember when selecting the proper drum sample for your track is to focus on the mood to get the dance floor moving!


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the top 6 Acoustic Drum Loops

acoustic drum loops


Having a big collection of acoustic drum loops is essential for any producer, regardless of genre. 


These drum loops tend to be more organic and classic sounding, and are a nice addition to your organic drum loops:


6 Best Acoustic Drum Loops:

  1. Acoustic Loop DrumsXO Drums
  2. Acoustic Guitar Stars Vol 2
  3. Guitar Gods
  4. Fuego Guitars
  5. Moog Shots
  6. Divine Guitars


Check out our full list of free acoustic drum loops.


These are most commonly used for making rock songs, pop songs, EDM, hip-hop, R&B, etc.


You’ll find a variety of different acoustic drum loops to choose from, like MIDI drum loops, electronic drum loops, tribal drum loops, live drum loops, etc.



the most reliable Hip Hop Drum Loops

hip hop drum loops (1)


Hip-Hop is closely related to RnB - and as such, you can use these drum loops interchangeably.


These are perfect for adding a quick drum beat to your song and can increase your creative throughput on your production.


4 reliable Hip Hop Drum Loop Kits:

  1. Iconic Trap Hip Hop Drum Loops
  2. Dark Soul Hip Hop Drum Loops
  3. King Draco Bundle Hip Hop Drum Loops
  4. Trip Trap Beats Hip Hop Drum Loops


For our full list of free hip-hop drum loops, click here.


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Free Midi Drum Loops

midi drum loops


MIDI loops can be used in a wide variety of ways and are a staple in music production, from adding a quick drum loop in your song to creating an entire track with a drum beat.


These MIDI loops are very easy to use as they are provided as a single MIDI file.


These are perfect for adding a quick drum beat to your song.


  1. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (FREE)
  2. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (FREE)
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (FREE)
  4. Cymatics Symbolyc One S1 Sample Pack (FREE)


View our full list of 1,000+ free midi drum loops.



Ultimate List of Free Drum Loops (All Genres)

ultimate drum loop list


And look no further than our comprehensive list of free drum loops if you're trying to acquire the very largest selection of drum loops for all genres.


Here are a few of the items on our list.

  1. 60 Live Drum Loops Sample Pack (FREE)
  2. Synthwave Drum Kit Sample Pack(FREE)
  3. 350+ Acoustic Drum Loops, Fills, and Hi-Hats Loops, (FREE)
  4. Mellow Groove Rock Drum Beat 78 BPM (FREE)


See the ultimate list of 100+ free drum loops sample packs.


From heavy metal to jazz to hip hop, you'll find something to suit your taste and needs here.

You'll be sure to find the right loop for your needs with so many styles, tempos, and customizability options to select from.



How to Use Drum Loops

how to use drum loops


Drum loops can be used in a variety of ways in music, whether they are single-shot samples or entire drum kits.

You can use them as part of the songwriting process or to add something special to your arrangement. You have complete control!

You must first download your drum loops. There are both sample packs and free drum kit libraries available.

Once you've downloaded them, you'll need to import them into your DAW.

Make sure your project is synced to the loop's BPM, or select a drum loop with a BPM that corresponds to yours.

This makes syncing your drum loops much easier and gives them a more professional sound.

Now that you've got them in your DAW, you're ready to start making drum tracks. To make your drum pieces, you'll want to experiment with a few different techniques.

Copy and paste from one sample to the next or use looping software to create longer drum sections.


Here's a great tutorial on how to use drum loops:




Can I Use a Free Sample Pack If it's Not Royalty Free?

drum loops royalty free


While royalty-free licensing is preferred, it is not always possible.

There are several licenses to choose from, and you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

The majority of premium sample packs will be royalty-free sample packs. While most free drum loops are royalty-free, this isn't always the case.

If you're planning a big release where your music will be sold and distributed all over the world, it's a good idea to use only royalty-free samples.

If you make it so different from the original that it's no longer discernible, you can usually get away with using any type of drum loop or sample.

You can make sample editing as difficult or as simple as you want. The most important thing to remember is that you should only change a sample to make it sound better.

A sample does not need to be changed to fit into a pre-programmed rhythm or beat.

Always keep in mind that a sample represents a portion of a song, not the entire piece.

Only your imagination and ideas are boundless!



Why Free Samples Are A must for your sample library

grow your sample library


There are several advantages to using free samples and loops, as well as having a large sample library.

The most important factor is creativity, and the better your production sound, the more drum samples and (in general) sample packs you have.

Samples can be used to add rhythm and structure to a song, serve as a click track during a recording session, or simply to pique an audience's interest.

You can begin by repeating a loop or a drum sound that you believe will fit your song until it is perfected.


modify your drum loops


This is one of the most common applications of samples in songwriting, and it's a great way to broaden your horizons and discover new sounds.

It's easier than ever to get started, thanks to a recent surge in people looking to make music without the help of a producer and the democratization of software that allows anyone to make a song.

Gather as many samples as possible and focus on streamlining your workflow so you can create new songs quickly.


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