Bethel Music Drum Samples (FREE Download!)

Free Bethel Music Drum Samples

Get Free Better Music Drum Samples!

Production of church music can be an expensive business!
Even if you're working with a live church choir...
Every gospel instrument is pricey as hell.
This is why a good Sample Pack changes the game.
As a church musician, it can be hard to make ends meet because of the costs of equipment, software subscriptions, and studio time.
So, drum samples come into play!
That's why I've compiled the BEST Bethel Music inspired drum samples.
Enjoy them!
Top 10 Bethel Music Drum Samples:
  1. Rock & Metal Ultimate Sample Pack
  2. Rock & Metal MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  3. Rock & Metal MIDI Drum Sample Pack
  4. Modern Rock Drums - Rock Drum Loops
  5. Rockstar 1 Drum Melody Loop Samples
  6. Rockstar 2.0 Rock Drum Kit 2022
  7. SoundCloud Rockstars Rock Drum Loop
  8. Rock N B Rock Drum Loop
  9. Hard Rock Guitars Rock Melody Loop
  10. Rockstar Vol 3 Rock Drum Loop
Drum samples may seem like a small part of your Bethel Music inspired song...
But they are actually an important part of any production.
While you'll get more melody from guitar or piano, you can't undertook the important of drums.
Make sure you get the Guitar loops!
Bethel Music focuses heavily on drums and that's why the music is so good.
You can make your own drum beats easily and for free if you have the right set of sample sounds and a creative way to arrange them.

Along with drums, get the Free Vocal Packs!


They can augment the level of creativity you have in your gospel beats.

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Free gospel choir vocal sample Packs 

Free Gospel Vocal Packs


The Gospel vocal samples in these sample packs are perfect for making your next track.
All of the demo songs in this pack were recorded in professional recording studio!
You can see how well these vocals work with different genres.
Top 10 Choir vocal sample packs:
  1. Choir Vocals Free Choir Vocal Samples
  2. Feathered Flute Free Choir Vocal Samples
  3. Winter Voices Free Choir Vocal Samples
  4. Classic Free Choir Vocal Samples
  5. Soulful Vocals Free Choir Vocal Samples
  6. Samplar Choir Free Choir Vocal Samples
  7. Gospel All-Stars Free Choir Vocal Samples
  8. Samples Choir Free Choir Vocal Samples
  9. Spirit & Soul Free Choir Vocal Samples
  10. Female Vocals Free Choir Vocal Samples
Each track had different vocals that were recorded at different settings.
This gives you hours of production value for each gospel song.
Get the Vocal Sample Packs too!
This package can be downloaded right away, so you don't have to pay for shipping or wait for the CD to arrive at your house.
Once you've added the tracks to your DAW, you can make tracks as you please!

how to make the most of your gospel sample pack

Making Full Use of these Gospel Sample Packs
When you're messing around with gospel sample packs, you should be ready to make things up on the spot.
You may have an idea of what you want to do, but have some room for change.


It's not far from the Latin Sample Pack in terms of samples.

The gospel sample pack includes many different styles of samples do you have a lot to select from.

There might be someone in the church congregation who would rather listen to something else.


This goes well with my Free Drum Loops!

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You can't be sure what other people want, but you can be sure what you want!
So, when you play with your sample pack, you need to be ready to throw some shapes.
If you have a good idea, try to keep it in its original form and don't let it get away from you!


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