5 Ways to Find Rappers Looking for Beats!

Find Rappers Easily`

here's where to Find Rappers looking For Beats.

When you want to make a sale, you need to know where to find rappers looking for beats.


It can be tough as hell getting GOOD rappers for your beats!


Fear not though!


The ridiculous amount of emerging talent (and our list) has made it easier than ever for producers to find rappers.


These rappers will not only match their sound, but will make you real music money in the process.


Question: Do hip-hop artists still buy beats?

Short answer: of course.


Why else would this blog exist?


So, what are the ways you can begin finding rappers who really want to buy beats?


We're going to give you some music industry advice, scratch that, music industry game.


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Everything from where to post videos of your beats to where you'll find rappers itching to jump on them.


All producers gather around, we're about to change your approach.


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#1. Find beats through Instagram Hashtags.

We’ll start with some basics, hashtags.


Hashtag method


[Now if you don’t know what hashtags are, I’d reasonably assume you’ve been living under a rock or locked inside a basement your whole life.


If you have been, we're sorry.


We'll do our best to make your lives a little easier by providing information on how Instagram hashtags will help your hip-hop career.


If you click on a hashtag, it'll take you to all posts utilizing said tag.


The sub-sections behind most of these hashtags are full of free and easy ways to get tracks out to your target audience (and get the jump on the competition.)


Here are Popular hashtags to find beats are:


Hashtags to sell beats Hashtags to network with Rappers
#beatsmarket #newalbum
#typebeats #newartist
#beatmakers #unsignedrapper
#beats4sale #hotnewhiphop
#beatsforlease #rappersofinstagram
#typebeats #rappersWanted
#beatstore #rappersongwriter


Use this method to network and find like-minded individuals who share your passion for music.


Or, just casually scroll through the posts and do nothing (we recommend the first option)

Anyways, on to the second method.


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#2. Upload YouTube "Type beats"

Type beats run the modern music industry.


Type beats get lots of Traffic


Call it a marketing gold rush, or beats Brawl, whatever works.


If there was ever a way to find the perfect target audience for your sound, this is it.


The famous music lyrics company "Genius" has an abundance of YouTube tutorials linked to this, if you'd like to watch this video:



If you don't have the time, we'll give you a quick breakdown


Type beats allow you to tie your sound to a well-known artist and increase traction toward your beats in the process.


For example, if you specialize in polo g type instrumentals.


Posting videos of your beats labeled "polo g type beat (insert cool name here)" with accompanying hashtags, all your beats associated with that title will pop up when those keywords are thrown in a search bar.


If you manage to stay consistent, this method will work properly for you.


Here's an example of a "type beats" template that would appeal to any interested rappers.


This method has worked for countless artists.


If you interact with your audience, utilize hashtags, and create pleasing thumbnails, the type beats method will help you take off.


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Get your own music studio booth (for under $500)

Studio Booth


This image above (with the portable music studio) ☝️ is the BEST resource for musicians!


It's astonishing that such a sizable booth can be folded up and moved with such ease, then re-erected anywhere you choose using a home recording booth.
Buying this $450 booth saves you thousands in studio time fees.
Here are the benefits of this portable music studio:
  • This little studio booth is ideal for use in tight quarters (dorms, rooms.)
  • The soundproof booth is useful for reducing echo and other background disturbances
  • The result is perfectly dry and clear vocals
  • You save thousands in studio time and specific equipment


Portable Music Studio

The goal of every recording session is to capture a dry, noise-free signal, and a portable voice booth is a perfect tool for doing just that!
Instead of having a voice booth permanently set up in a studio, you can simply fold it up and put it away when you're done using it.


Ever since my producer bought one of these... Life became 100x better.


Just tap here to learn more - this might just be for you!


#3. Beat stars: A marketplace for music producers

We all know what sites like eBay are for, a perfect place to find all your material needs.


Well, Beatstars is "eBay" for music producers.


Buying beats on Beatstars


Creating a Beatstars account is a necessity for any serious producer.


This site allows you to securely sell beats and network with rappers in the process.


Beatstars is specifically tailored to help get your beats to up-and-coming artists.


In short, it allows you to post any instrumental you desire, at any price point you deem fair.

(Pretty cool right?)


The Beat Stars interface is specifically tailored for musicians, allowing artists to hear previews of your work and search by producers, type beats, or keywords.


Think of this platform as a way to turn your hobby into a viable business where artists can buy beats and loops that you create at your price point.


Furthermore, providing links to your beat stars on all your socials will undeniably direct traction toward your songs whenever they drop.


Speaking of social media...


#4. Cultivate Social Media Relationships.

The bane of all introverts, and the home base of extroverts.




In the age of social media, the best way to utilize sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, is to build connections with artists authentically.


Media outlet network connections press


Go to your favorite rappers, singers, or producer's page and get active in the comment section.


Follow smaller artists in their following, comment on their posts, offer to send beats for free and cultivate that relationship genuinely.


Networking is a web, reach out to 30 people, and at least 5 should get back to you.


Before you know it rappers you would have never found will be requesting song after song from you. Thus building a network of people willing to buy beats whenever you make them available.


What happened to the producer who never used social media?


Beats me. (Get it?)


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#4. Get Professional Help!

If you have the coin to spare and are confident that your beats aren't just beats but GOOD beats, then the paid route of marketing professionals could be great for you.


Hiring professionals who know how to start building your social media presence:

  • Crushing your Facebook ads
  • Sending beats to the right artists
  • Finding rappers interested in making you money


Boost Collective Team


All of these can be managed with the right team.


Guys, we know this sounds like self-promotion, and you're right, it is.


We're marketing professionals, and we're good at what we do, what did you expect?


(Side note: We've obviously reached our target audience if you're reading this. 😃)


All jokes aside, the paid route is a smart, industry-friendly way to get your work out to the right artist.


You'd be surprised how many rappers and labels actively look to buy beats from freelance producers.


Time to Get Working!

What did the beat thief name his heists?


The rhyme schemes.


(Last production joke we promise.)


Anyways, aren't you glad we made this list?


Your beats sure are.


If you listened to what we had to say, we genuinely hope these authentic methods will give you a foundation to stand on in this industry.


Take control of the game, produce the album of your dreams, and never stop your search for greatness.


We'll see you at the top.


Oh, yeah! And if you're looking for yet another place to sell beats, you'll have to check out our friends over at Gemtracks! 


You might get some sales there!


I hope you now know where to find rappers looking for beats.


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