How To See Spotify Wrapped 2024! (Complete Guide)

How to access your Spotify wrapped!


What exactly is Spotify wrapped?


Spotify wrapped is an annual Spotify feature available December 1st - showcasing all of your music taste and stream artist data from the past year. It's located on your Home Screen in the Spotify mobile app.


Spotify Wrapped


Spotify Wrapped 2024 is a database game created by Spotify to entice consumers to open up a Spotify premium subscription.


It definitely works!


This data-based game is a huge incentive for top artists and listeners to stay on Spotify.


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Spotify Wrapped Data


The Spotify-wrapped results are the most anticipated event in the music industry!



Spotify wrapped is extremely fun and entertaining.


Tap below to watch a reaction to Spotify Wrapped!





How To See Your Spotify Stats of All Time!

Looking for a way to use your Spotify stats TODAY?


There's an app called Receiptify that shows your streaming history!


Receiptify goes back:

  • One month
  • 6 Months
  • All Time

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Showcasing music moods & music genres

Spotify wrapped 2024 is a personalized experience - tailored specifically for you!


Complete list of Spotify Wrapped metrics:

  1. Audio Aura
  2. Top two music moods
  3. Top artists revealed
  4. Top songs listened to
  5. Top genre listening habits
  6. Most streamed songs
  7. 5 most streamed artists
  8. Curates a blended playlist of your 100 top songs

Spotify Wrapped Bonus Perks


It's a database game so Spotify fans only get results based on their music taste.


The aura expert at Spotify wrote a script to generate your aura results with A.I.


These songs and playlists in your 2024 Spotify wrapped are based on YOU!


Even though Drivers License and Stay became mega-hits... Unless you listened to it, then it won't appear. 😉


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Spotify Wrapped for artists

If you're a musician Spotify wrapped is important!


It offers top artists revealed information and all the analytics compiled at once.


Spotify Wrapped for artists includes:

  • Spotify music listeners' location
  • Spotify music listeners' gross hours listened
  • Total streams for the year
  • Total listeners for the year
  • Total minutes listened


Spotify-wrapped cards are built in the form of playing cards - adding to the gamification.

This feature pairs up with Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.


You can share wrapped cards and your results on socials directly!


Currently, though, Spotify wrapped doesn't include your most-streamed song or editorially curated content.


As Spotify Wrapped progresses, there will definitely be new features added to the Spotify Wrapped experience.



Spotify Wrapped Audio Aura in Spotify App

The Spotify audio aura feature is extremely dope and is my favorite!


The audio aura is based on the mood and style of music played by your top artist.


The Spotify app generates a visual demonstration of your audio aura:


Spotify Audio Aura


Next year if you listen to a different type of artist's songs - you'll see the aura change!


This feature is not built based on the top tracks but on the music style.


Since many artists such as Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny & Taylor Swift release different types of music, results can differ.


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Spotify blend feature - dual music streaming service

If you share a Spotify Account with someone then the top songs and listening habits are skewed so you're not gonna get consistent results for your Spotify-wrapped 2024.


Fortunately, there DOES exist a service for that!


Spotify Blend


There's has Spotify blend feature that lets you merge playlists with a friend.


Your Blended Playlist is an effective way to Grow a Spotify Playlist in 2024!


Spotify blended playlists are playlists that allow multiple hosts. Blended playlist adds and switches songs based on the curators' listening habits.


Classic scenes and top songs featuring BOTH your artists are shuffled.


Is Spotify wrapped for Podcasts?

Unfortunately, the Spotify mobile app is for songs only.


Though Spotify is a multi-media platform with different features, there is limited support for Podcasts.


Spotify Podcast


That said, this is a data-based game after all.


It would not be that difficult for Spotify to create Spotify Wrap playing cards for Podcasts!


Focus on artists' songs for now - 2024 may include Spotify podcasts as well!


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