Yeat Drum Kit (FREE Download!)

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Yeat Drum Kit Downloads! ( from Reddit)

Then you've come to the right place.


When it comes to Free Drum Kit inspired by Yeat, I've got it all in one place.


These are the best priced kits on the market by far!


Look.... You get what you pay for - these kits are worth EVERY penny spent.


Just check them below 👇


8 Best Yeat Drum Kits:

  1. Trap Life Bundle Yeat Drum Kit
  2. Luger Yeat Drum Kit (Free)
  3. Blueprint Yeat Drum Kit (Best One on this list + Free)
  4. Beatmaker Blueprint Yeat Drum Kit (Free)
  5. Drum Essentials Yeat Drum Kit (Free)
  6. Iced Out Yeat Drum Kit (Free)
  7. Trap Life Vol 1 Yeat Drum Kit
  8. Trap Vibes Yeat Drum Kit


With these Yeat drum kits, you can go ahead to create the best Yeat type beats.


Make sure that you also check Looperman for some nice Yeat loops.


The only issue is copyright... I know many producers who got booked with stolen samples.


This is why I recommend that you stick to these 5 free Yeat drum kits mentioned above.


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Best paid Yeat Drum Kits & Sample Packs!

Ready to make epic Yeat-inspired beats?


For that, you'll need access to high-quality sample packs.


Here are the BEST paid sample packs - the free ones are good but this one is 10X better.


f you want to get anywhere far, you need to pay the cost to be the boss...


Sometimes paying for that tool will get you much further than skimping out :)


Without further ado, here are the best Yeat drum kits to buy on the market.


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Best-paid Yeat drum kits

Now, these are the best Yeat drum kits for you to use!


Just check them out, I know you'll really love me.


Top 3 Paid Yeat Drum Kits

Drum Kit Price
Slap X Yeat Drum Kit $29.00
Black Bag Yeat Sample Pack $15.00
Mini Melody Yeat Sample Pack $5.00
Stress Ball Hi Hats Yeat Sample Pack $15.00


Just grab any of these 4 drum kits above ☝️ I made sure to select a wide array of price points.


Just want to make sure that all the bases are covered for ya!



ultimate midi chord pack: special deal 🔥

Unison MIDI


Don't spend hours creating your chord progression!
The last thing you want is to find out that you spent two hours playing with the piano roll only to come up with a subpar chord sequence...
To keep your creativity flowing, creating your chord progression should be a quick and simple process.
Levels of MIDI Chords
Want to make your MIDIs go from noob to pro? ☝️ (image above)
This is why you'll need the Unison MIDI Chord Pack:


You already know the routine:
  • You start your DAW...
  • You Activate the piano roll...
  • You draw up chord sequence...


However, it doesn't sound exactly like you imagined it to.


So you visit some tutorials on YouTube - but It still sounds awful.


Now you exit the DAW and don't finish the project.


Don't worry - we have all been there.


What do you do next, though?
Check out this straightforward but effective tool, and you'll never again struggle with chord progressions.
It allows more than 100,000 normal producers to quickly create all the bizarre chord progressions they never believed they could.

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Best paid Inspired Melody Loops to download!

One thing that Yeat is very well known for is his melody loops.


I figure it's time to share that love with you too!


5 best Yeat-inspired melody loops:

Melody Loop Price
Loaded Yeat Meldy Loop $5.00
Hip Hop Theory Yeat Melody Loop $27.00
Magic 8 Yeat Melody Loop $8.00
Classic Hip Hop Yeat Melody Loop $7.00
Ultimate Yeat Melody Loops Bundle $10.00


Check these melody loops and you'll really enjoy them!


You can access the full Yeat feeling when making your beats.


You should also check out these drum kits:


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