New Kenny Beats Drum Kit (FREE Download!)

Kenny Beats Drum Kits

Top 10 Kenny Beats Drum Kits to download

Are you looking for some Kenny Beats inspired hip-hop drum kits?

If that's the case then you came to the right place.

I have the best Kenny Beats drum kits right here.


10 Best KennyBeats Drum Kits to Download:

  1. Never Broken 2 Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  2. Cyclone Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  3. Trap Hustle 3 Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  4. Black Series Bundle Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  5. Earthquake Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  6. Harder Than Ever Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  7. The Projects Bundle Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  8. Money Bags Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  9. Money Train Kenny Beats Drum Kit
  10. Goddess Trap Kenny Beats Drum Kit


These drum kits include the right symbols, percussions, times and even 808's to make your own Kenny inspired beats.

I strongly urge you to check them all out, even if you find only one or two that take your fancy.

You don’t know what inside of these drum kits yet unless you actually check them out...

So go ahead and enjoy the free Kenny Beats drum kits that I'm offering you.


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Unison Beatmaker-2


This banner above (with this kit) ☝️ is the BEST resource for aspiring producers.


I used to struggle with making beats... Just gazing at the DAW without a clue.


Soon as I discovered this sample pack, all took was a basic melody loop, one shot, or drum beat to catch vibes back.


For the price this is the BEST bargain for samples of this quality.


You're set for life, at least in terms of drums - with this ultimate sample pack.


With this kit you'll have access to:

  • 500 Melody Loops + 3100+ Matching Audio & MIDI Stems
  • 372 Melodic Shots
  • 220 Drum Loops + 2000 Matching Audio & MIDI Stems
  • 1400+ Individual Drum Samples ($127 Value)
  • ​220 808s ($67 Value)
  • 110 Bass Loops + Matching MIDI Stems ($127 Value)
  • 110 Bass Shots
  • ​452 Misc
  • ​Private Facebook & Discord Community (HUGE Value!)
  • ​77 Beat-Mixing Tricks PDF
  • ​​Advanced Implementation Training


The samples  textures in this set are both dar, ethereal and punchy!


I'm happy to say that this sample pack receive my stamp of approval : 9.5/10 rating.


Someday soon, I want to hear the music you created with them.


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The Cave Kenny Beats Drum Kit

Kenny Beats The Cave


Kenny Beats created  "The Cave" as both  a YouTube series and music studio. In "The Cave," he invites other artists to rap a few bars over a custom beat that he makes during the video.
The Cave drum kit is inspired by all these cookout sessions.
Check out one of The Cave sessions below. 👇
Most of the time, the artists are people he already knows or has worked with before.
The Cave is known for showing off these artists' personalities as well as their lyrics.
D.O.T.S. (Don't Over Think Stuff), a creative group that helps artists realise their artistic vision, also meets in "The Cave."
That explains the D.O.T.S. Drum Kit as well!
The cave is in Los Angeles, which is the centre of the music business, so it's easy for his artist friends to stop by and hang out with him.


Tap here to download The Cave drum kit.



Who is Kenny Beats?

Who is Kenny Beats


Kenneth Blume III, formally known as Kenny Beats is a hip hop music producer. 
After high school, he moved to Boston and went to Berklee College of Music to study Jazz Guitar and Music Business.
Since he was in high school, Kenny Beats has been making beats.
His drum kits are worth of being in my Ultimate Free Drum Kit list!
His love of rap led him to do an unpaid internship for Jonny Shipes, who was a big deal in the indie rap scene.
Kenny used the relationships he made at the internship to get placements on early music by Top Dawg Entertainment artists like Ab-Soul and ScHoolboy Q.
Watch the video below to learn more about Kenny Beats. 👇



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Kenny Beats Producer Tag

Kenny Beats' producer tag says "Whoa, Kenny!" This was originally voiced said by the Atlanta rapper KEY!, Kenny liked it a lot and it stuck around.


Almost every music producer in the music industry has a producer tag so Kenny Beats is not special.


The one thing about Kenny Beats is that he is so transparent and honest about the music business, and he shares so much game to upcoming producers.


That's what makes it so special whenever I hear Kenny Beats on a track.


He is not just an industry producer, he is an Internet music producer as well.


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Which Software Does Kenny Beats Use?

Kenny Beats Best Songs


Kenny Beats is a great musician, producer, and writer. Ableton Live is his favourite digital audio workstation (DAW) but he also plays piano, bass guitar, electric guitar & drums


He thinks that all people care about is making the best song possible with the best tools for the job.


A lot of the songs he has helped make are in the hip-hop subgenre called "Trap."


He also thinks that there are more young people making music now than there were in the 1980s.


Kenny's way of making music varies, and he often uses live instruments in his instrumentals, whether he plays them himself or gets them from another musician.
For more info on what hew uses to make music (on a studio level) watch the video below.
Kenny Beats goes not depth with what he purchased over his music career to make epic music.
You'll also wanna check out the Pierre Bourne Drum Kits as well.
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Best Paid Kenny Beats Drum Kits

All of the previous drum kids that I’ve shown you in this blog have been free Kenny Beats inspired drum kits.


That being said, there are other paid alternatives to those drum kits.


Top 4 Sad Kenny Beats Inspired Drum Kits

Drum Kit Price
The Cave Kenny Beats Drum Kit $9.99
Illuminati Kenny Beats Drum Kit $19.99
Turn Up Kenny Beats Inspired Drum Kits $24.95
Paid The Plug Kenny Beats Style DrumKit $19.99


I still think that you should check them out, even if you don’t have the money or plan to purchase them now.


They are worthwhile, add these paid Kenny Beach drum kids to your wish list will not regret anything!


While you're here, peep the Free Wheezy Drum Kits as well!



4 Free Kenny Beats Inspired Loops

Free Kenny Beats Loop Kits

Now that you have Kenny Beats drum kits, you need some good loop kits to match it.


Loop kids have taken over the music game and it’s important that you hop on the train.


Top 4 Free Kenny Beats Loop Kits:


I strongly urge you to use these Kenny Beats loop kits because they are guaranteed to be good.


as a bonus, you can always watch Kenny's YouTube videos for production tutorials so you understand fully leverage these loop kits.


Make the most of these poor kids and enjoy these can you beat us by the loops



Top 10 Kenny Beats Songs

So now that we’ve got accusomed to Kenny Beats in terms of his online presence and music career...

Let’s chat about his music.

Kenny Beats produces awesome beats for the top music artists in the rap game.

Here are just a few of the amazing beats/songs that Kenny has work with.


Top 10 Kenny Beats produced songs:

  1. Phone Numbers
  2. Bad Luck
  3. Hit Me Up
  4. F U Pay Me
  5. Goosebumps
  6. Tear It Apart
  7. Lowlife
  8. I Should Go
  9. Layin Low
  10. IDWK

I highly recommend that you check out Kenny Beats' music along with his brand presence.

It’ll open up a whole different side or can you beat that you never would have anticipated!


Do you make good rap music like Kenny Beats?
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Levels of MIDI Chords
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