New 21 Savage Drum Kit! (FREE Download)

Free 21 Savage Drum Kit

Free 21 Savage Drum Kits!

Your search for good 21 savage inspired sounds are over.


I went through top 21 inspired drums and got the best samples for you to enjoy!


You can thank me later. πŸ˜‰


20 Best 21 Savage Drum Kit Downloads:

  1. Savage 21 21 Savage Drum Kit
  2. Savage Mode Vol 1 21 Savage Drum Kit
  3. SAVAGE 21 Savage Drum Kit
  4. Savage of The Future 21 Savage Drum Kit
  5. Issa Savage 21 Savage Drum Kit
  6. Mask'd Up 21 Savage Drum Kit
  7. Trap MIDI Melody 21 Savage Drum Kit
  8. Hip Hop & Rap MIDI 21 Savage Drum Kit
  9. Unison Starter Pack 21 Savage Drum Kit
  10. Elite Drums 21 Savage Drum Kit


You can load each drum kit on Ableton, FL Studio or Logic.


These sounds are used by he industry elites.


I REALLY vouch for these products because they're made.


since these are royalty-free samples so don't worry about copy rights.


Run up your next beat with these sounds, and crush it on your audio player!


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buy THIS sample kit - and you're set for life.

Unison Beatmaker-2


This banner above (with this kit) ☝️ is the BEST resource for aspiring producers.


I used to struggle with making beats... Just gazing at the DAW without a clue.


Soon as I discovered this sample pack, all took was a basic melody loop, one shot, or drum beat to catch vibes back.


For the price this is the BEST bargain for samples of this quality.


You're set for life, at least in terms of drums - with this ultimate sample pack.


With this kit you'll have access to:

  • 500 Melody Loops + 3100+ Matching Audio & MIDI Stems
  • 372 Melodic Shots
  • 220 Drum Loops + 2000 Matching Audio & MIDI Stems
  • 1400+ Individual Drum Samples ($127 Value)
  • ​220 808s ($67 Value)
  • 110 Bass Loops + Matching MIDI Stems ($127 Value)
  • 110 Bass Shots
  • ​452 Misc
  • ​Private Facebook & Discord Community (HUGE Value!)
  • ​77 Beat-Mixing Tricks PDF
  • ​​Advanced Implementation Training


The samples  textures in this set are both dar, ethereal and punchy!


I'm happy to say that this sample pack receive my stamp of approval : 9.5/10 rating.


Someday soon, I want to hear the music you created with them.


Check out The Ultimate Pack - it might just improve your music production process :)


Trap, Drill, Hip Hop R&B, Boom Bap, this pack has it all.


I promise: you DO NOT need to spend a dime on another hip hop sample pack.


And I believe you'll feel the same :) tap below to learn more. πŸ‘‡


Get The Pack!


21 Savage sample packs

21 Savage Sample Pack

Here are bonus 21 sample download!


Select a page below, and get the BEST 21 Sav sounds.


Play these sounds to you heart's content.


Here are 21 Savage's best Sample packs



Source Drum Kit Price
Immortal 21 Savage Drum Kit Free Download $0.00
Deso 21 Savage Drum Kit Free Download $0.00
ArcadeEra 21 Savage Drum Kit $4.99
Slooply 21 Savage Drum Kit Free Download $0.00
Savage Mode vol 3 21 Savage Drum Kit $0.00
IMMORTAL 21 Savage Drum Kit Free Download $0.00


No password needed for any of these sounds.


You don't have to log into any website, or create phoney account to access these samples.


Just select the link, and download at will!


Download Sample Pack Drum Kit


You can buy the paid sounds as well, but it's optional.


I wanted to account for all producers of various budgets.


Play each sample pack, and add as many to your cart as you can.


You never know how long these posts will keep these drum packs free...


By next week these same drum packs may cost you hundreds or even thousands!


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Do you make good rap music like 21 Savage?
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Who produces 21 Savage's beats?

Hope these beats get the bells ringing inside your producer mind.


These sounds have been produced by the titans of the music industry!


21 is alway working with elites.



Here are the best Free producer drum packs


21 Savage Producers


No password needed for any of these sounds.


These products are INSANELY good.


Just play around with the sounds, take what you like and leave what you don't.


This is your sign to take your sounds to the next level.


Want to sell more beats this year?


Learn my proven step-by-step method! πŸ‘‡


Do you make good rap music like 21 Savage?
Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist. πŸ‘‡





ultimate midi chord pack: special deal πŸ”₯

Unison MIDI


Don't spend hours creating your chord progression!
The last thing you want is to find out that you spent two hours playing with the piano roll only to come up with a subpar chord sequence...
To keep your creativity flowing, creating your chord progression should be a quick and simple process.
Levels of MIDI Chords
Want to make your MIDIs go from noob to pro? ☝️ (image above)
This is why you'll need the Unison MIDI Chord Pack:


You already know the routine:
  • You start your DAW...
  • You Activate the piano roll...
  • You draw up chord sequence...


However, it doesn't sound exactly like you imagined it to.


So you visit some tutorials on YouTube - but It still sounds awful.


Now you exit the DAW and don't finish the project.


Don't worry - we have all been there.


What do you do next, though?
Check out this straightforward but effective tool, and you'll never again struggle with chord progressions.
It allows more than 100,000 normal producers to quickly create all the bizarre chord progressions they never believed they could.
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