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Top 10 Will Sparks Sample Packs (FREE Download!)

Written by Damian Barbu | Apr 17, 2022 8:03:19 PM

Best EDM Sample Packs to sound like Will Sparks!

Will Sparks is an EDM powerhouse - he's always been on top of the new trends that come to electronic music.


Starting out with Melbourne bounce, Will Sparks quickly made a name for himself with tracks like 'This is What Bounce is',


Getting signed on big labels such as Spinnin' Records in the meantime.



In fact, some say he's the pioneer of the entire Melbourne bounce genre!


Instead of sticking to one EDM subgenre, Will Sparks always wanted to be as relevant as possible - and that means jumping head-first into new genres!


His productions can best be described as a blend between Bigroom, psytrance, electro house, and Melbourne bounce. 


If there's one thing that Will Sparks is doing currently, is that he's jumping on that new Future Rave sound (check out our top Future Rave sample packs you can download for free!).

Without further ado, here are the best sample packs inspired by legendary Australian Will Sparks.



10 Best Will Sparks Sample Packs

Looking for some good samples?


I got you covered!


10 Best Will Sparks Sample Packs for Free

  1. Matroda Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  2. GLITCH'D OUT Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  3. KILLA Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  4. Street Knowledge Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  5. Cartel Sounds Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  6. Weirdo Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  7. Madeau Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  8. Space Sounds Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  9. ILLEGAL Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack
  10. Eternal Sounds Will Sparks EDM Sample Pack

These packs are completely free!


They contain the necessary Will Sparks kicks, one-shots, fillers, and presets to give you the killer bigroom/EDM/electro sound that'll turn the club up!


A lot of Will Spark's music is very much influenced by the ability to make great synths and melodies


The free sample packs mentioned above will give you some presets and melodies to help get you started.


Check out this killer tutorial to see how you can make Will Sparks-inspired drops:



The Best Paid Will Sparks Sample Packs:

The free stuff is great to start out with.


Pair it with the killer tutorial above, and you should be good to get started!


If you have a budget you're willing to play around with though, a high-quality paid sample pack can make all the difference.


The first reason why is that simply paid packs are more likely to be done by professionals.


Anyone can make a free sample pack - getting someone to buy your sample pack is a lot harder. 


The second reason is that when you pay for a sample pack you're more likely to use the elements in the pack to the fullest, usually leading to a more professional overall production. 


Here are some of the greatest big room, psytrance bassline techno, and electro packs that nail that modern Will Sparks sound.


Here are the Best Paid Will Sparks Sample Packs Currently:

Each one of these will nail a specific sound that Will Sparks has done before, from Melbourne bounce to Future Rave.


Sample Pack Price
Power Pack EDM Sample Pack $17
Hardstyle MIDI EDM Sample Pack $27
Future Bass MIDI EDM Sample Pack $37
Secure The Baguette EDM Sample Pack $17
Melodic EDM Sample Pack $17



And if you're looking to nail his OG Melbourne bounce sound, make sure to check out this tutorial:



Music Production Tips For making EDM

If you're new to making EDM, it's good to be aware of the principles of making EDM, whatever the genre.

Base your sound around a consistent EDM beat.


EDM beats are relatively simple: around 128 BPM or up to 133 BPM in the more modern EDM genres.


Simple beats are good because they let a broad audience of listeners lock in and groove to your music.



Getting too complicated means you’re probably going to lose some of the appeals that these new genres bring.


Use as many sample packs, presets, and tutorials as possible.


Great producers steal - at least in the learning stages.


Learning the basic principles of how synthesizers produce sounds will help you build and tweak patches to generate sounds no one can replicate. 


Make music theory work for you.


You don’t need to be a trained musician or a genius to make EDM (Martin Garrix made 'Animals' at 16!) but you do need to develop a process.



Music-making is all about experimentation, so get creative with melodies, sounds, and structures until you hear something you like.


Learn from the artists at the cutting edge of EDM.


We mentioned some of these artists earlier in this article.


Learning as much as you can from your favorite producers is super important.


Big artists like David Guetta have video tutorials on how to produce music, like in this video:




There is a new eDM Incoming, and Will Sparks is at the forefront!

The world of EDM is turbulent.

It has had its ups and downs since the golden age, with big room house music in 2012-2016.


But other electronic music genres like tech house caught on as well after that time period, and they still dominate charts today.


But it seems there is a new sound coming up.


David Guetta is pioneering Future Rave, Hardwell is making big room Techno, and Will Sparks has his own mainstage flavor.


Some of the leaders of these new sounds are:

  • Morten
  • David Guetta
  • Will Sparks
  • Tiesto
  • Olly James
  • Hardwell
And more are jumping on these new genres.


It's important that you are on top of these new trends and are learning how to make them all, so you can position yourself for success in the EDM scene.


Bonus: Top New Hardwell 2022 Techno Room Sample Packs Free Download


So strategically it's not a bad idea to hop on the Future Rave or Bigroom Techno genres.


ESPECIALLY when major labels like Revealed Recordings and Musical Freedom are looking to get their hands on artists that can put their own unique spins on these new genres.


And remember every major phase of electronic music new artists have huge fame.


Think Martin Garrix in the big room era, and ACRAZE or FISHER in the more recent tech house era.


How to Download Free Will Sparks Sample Packs


When downloading sample packs, it's a good idea to keep an eye out and make sure the files are safe. 


Usually, when you get them from trusted sources, you're good to go. But obviously, if you decide to be a pirate, things can get risky.


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