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Top 5 Best Music PR Services Online

Knowing what the best music PR services are will drastically improve your odds at getting heard.


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Depending on your budget, different music promotion sites are going to have more or less relevance for you.


Do you have over $100 a month to invest in your music business through digital marketing campaigns?


This fits the budget for the average music artist.


Some music promotion services have packages starting at over $1000 so that's practically your entire annual Music marketing budget right there!


It's not always the case though.


I'm going to compare the best music promotion companies and the price to start doing music marketing with them.


All of these music promotion companies are wonderful! You should check them all out.



We are fans of all of these services:


  • Boost Collective
  • Comtazic
  • Omari MC
  • Denovo Agency


Even though we and other agencies offer smaller packages, please know that big results don't come cheap!


Real ears cost money to reach.


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Select A PR Music Promotion Service That Fits Your Budget

I have good news and I have bad news!

The good news is that the best music promotion services are tailored to your music marketing needs from A-to-Z!


Now the bad news is that you need to go and find these music promotion services yourself to grow and expand your music career.


Some of the best music promotion services are not needed for you.


There are many different music PR campaigns out there, and one thing you need to consider is how large you are.


If you're still struggling to generate 1000 true fans, then PR won't help...


It's designed for those artists with slightly established fanbases.


Of all the music PR services, Boost Collective is the go-to spot!


Mostly all agencies also have a music promotion service package priced at over $1000 as well. 


One thing to consider is how large your network is. A lot of the needs of an artist (cover art, blogging, playlist, etc.) can be done 100% for free!


How? Leveraging your connections.


With a platform like Boost Collective, you can grow without spending a dime on PR and promotion.


Not All Music Promotion Companies Are The Same

You absolutely must not make this music promotion mistake!

A mistake that many beginner artists make is using a music promotion service that doesn't align with your music career goals.


Music PR services


The music industry is huge!


This is why your music marketing is the most important aspect of the music business (after producing the highest quality music, of course.)


The best Music promotion services can vary depending on many factors.


Some of these factors can be:

  • Your music genre
  • The services they offer
  • Your music promotion budget
  • Your music goals
  • Your lifestyle


It's good to have synergy with the music PR companies that you wanna work with, ideally, you're going to start a long relationship with these music marketing firms!


The better you guys can collaborate then the better the music promotion process will be in the long run.


A specific music promotion service online is Boost Collective.


They can accommodate all of your music marketing needs!


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music PR vs music marketing: What's the Difference

Long story short: there is no difference.


The benefit of using music PR companies is the fact that they have connections that every music artist needs in order to get new music fans.


This only slightly differs from the music promotion service that a music marketing firm offers.


This video explains it clearly: 👇



Your average Music marketing firm specializes in using organic paid promotion to promote your music and grow your fan base that way. PR firms use inbound marketing and music marketing firms as outbound marketing.


(Also, here are the 5 best Spotify promotion companies to use.)


Ideally, the best music promo services offer multiple music promotion campaigns to get you hard and grow your music business.


Not Every Music Promotion Company Offers The Same Promotion Services

Each music promotion company has a specific niche.

For this reason and this reason alone, you should consider using multiple music promotion and music marketing firms at the same time.


These music promotion firms offer specific music promotion services that outcompete the other companies.


List of services offered by music PR services:

  • Radio airplay
  • Social media promotion
  • YouTube music promotion
  • Spotify promotion
  • Running Facebook ad campaigns to promote your music
  • Spotify music marketing campaigns


Agency Spotify Youtube Artist Dev 
Boost Collective Yes Yes Yes
Comtazic Yes Yes Yes
Playlist Push Yes NO NO


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Should You Get Radio Airplay Using Radio Promotion Services?

The hardest of all music promotions is getting on the radio.

I'll have to say though - there are not many music promotion sites that can get you radio airplay on top radio stations.


But... Is it worth it for music artists to seek radio promotion?


The one case where I think radio promotion is essential is if your new music fans are in the older demographics and listen to folk, country, and American music.


Even modern indie rock it's not a great fit for most radio promotion companies.


Putting a few dollars into getting radio airplay is almost a cry on deaf ears.

Why radio promo is irrelevant


Ideally, you want to do primarily digital marketing and run social media campaigns to get your music heard as an independent artist.


Your music fans will be found through Spotify and other streaming platforms!


That said if you have a few dollars to spare and want to put it towards different radio stations, feel free to do that!


Just note that radio airplay and radio promotion get crushed by music online marketing any day of the week.


Ultimate List of Music publicists

A huge aspect of PR in the music space is having a good publicist.


Top 15 music PR Firms

  1. Boost Collective
  3. Omari MC
  4. Music Gateway
  5. UrbanDubz
  6. Quite GreatPR
  7. Right Angle Pr
  8. View Maniac
  9. Cyber
  10. Effective Immediately
  11. Plantery Group
  12. AMW Group


Check these all out, and push your music brand forward!



#1. Boost Collective

Boost Collective


Good promotion shouldn't cost you anything.
Don't spend hundreds of dollars promoting your music or send it to a lot of playlist curators and wait for them to respond.


We give you cutting-edge advertising that really makes a difference, but it's free.
Once you use the promotion from Boost Collective, you won't want to go back! 

#2. Comtazic

This Agency is an absolute bang for the buck: Comtazic PR Services include Radio Plugging, Spotify Editorial Playlisting, Digital Press and Strategy.
They're great with electronic (, Magnetic, Mixmag, DJ Mag) but also master Hip Hop/Rap PR for high profiles such as D-Smoke, Ultra Music, Cleopatra Records, Sidekick, etc.  
Oh, and they're International so they're skilled at breaking releases in multiple territories at once!


#3. Omari MC

Omari Music Promotions was started by Nathaniel (Omari) Moore.
Through custom advertising campaigns, the company has helped more than 15,000 artists get the word out about their music.
Omari has become one of the best independent online music marketing agencies.


#4. Music Gateway

Music Gateway began in 2011 in a shed in the backyard of its founder, who had a dream.
Now, we work with some of the biggest names in the creative industries.
Not only that, even well as the best up-and-coming talent from all over the world make their projects come to life.

#5. UrbanDubz

Urban Dubz Music PR works with online and offline music media in the UK, the US, and Europe.
Our only goal is to provide cheap music PR and make exciting press campaigns.
We are one of the best music PR firms in the UK, and our strategy is to start from the ground up.

Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 

Get your music heard now 👇



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#6. Quite Great PR

Quite Great was started in 1996. Its roots are in the music, art, celebrity, and consumer markets of its founders.
Here are the artists they've worked with:
  • Van Morrison
  • Nickelback
  • Mick Jagger
  • The Health Lottery
  • Meatloaf
  • Kiss
All of these, and even baby brands and mobile apps are among the people who have hired them.

#7. Right Angle PR

Right Angle PR is a growing music PF firm for artists.


the help you get press, new publicity, and discoverability.


This is one of the most reliable PR services out there!



#8. View Maniac

View Maniac was recently chosen as the best company for promoting music from 2015 to 2019.
Our main goal is to help independent artists get record label marketing at prices they can afford.
View Maniac has 10 different departments, such as PR, social media marketing, brand development, DMCA takedown, and brand protection.

#9. Cyber Music PR

Cyber PR is a company that helps musicians and music-related brands with artist development and marketing.
They make Total Tuneups, which are long-term marketing plans, and we coach artists on how to work in the new music business.
They take care of posting on social media and coming up with growth plans for artists, brands, and record labels.



#10. Effective Immediately PR

This "back of the napkin" company started late one night in a New York City diner.
It was built on a strong desire to fight for artists and grew from hard work.
Effective Immediately PR is a valuable company.
We work at every level with artists from all over the world, but we never lose our fiercely independent spirit.


#11. Planetary Group

Planetary Group has worked with many different kinds of musicians for more than 20 years.
Radio campaigns are aimed at college radio, AAA, non-commercial, and commercial specialty shows.
Digital marketing only uses online media, but Tour Press uses both online and print media.

#12. AMW Group

AMW Group was founded in 1997.
They work with a wide range of:
  • Businesses
  • Luxury
  • Consumer brands
  • Event Properties
  • Celebrities
  • And more!
We run a modern business with team members in North America, Europe, and Asia who work from home.
Our goal is to help our clients grow as much as possible by giving them personalized services.


Best YouTube Music Video Promotion Companies

The best music promotion services are also going to help you get your video out there too!


If the music promotion services online that you use don't include music video promotion then you're really missing out.


The majority of fans like seeing your content through social media promotion, however, it's very distracting and it's hard to bring in consistent music sales.


This is why I urge independent artists to take your new music videos and get YouTube promotion for it.


Top record labels put a priority on paid promotion for their music videos.


It's a wonderful professional service to get you heard across your YouTube channels.


The 3 best YouTube music video promo companies:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Fiverr
  3. Unpause Digital


Youtube promotion services


If paid advertising isn't your thing fortunately the YouTube algorithm can get new fans to your YouTube channels.


The algorithmic reach crushes all other streaming services & radio stations in existence.



Best Spotify Promo Companies To Use

As we all know getting more plays toward your release date can get difficult!

It feels like other users are getting more pleased even though you have a larger audience compared to those other artists...


What gives!?


See the thing is - a lot of those other artists are not getting real plays for the new song.


It may seem like these other users have more listeners and new fans however the Spotify playlists they're getting on are usually not legitimate.


J.Cole himself mentions it in his music:


"I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that a major label fakes their streams as well."


It's important to get real plays on your music.


Not only are fake streams a bad public relations strategy, but you're also not actually earning any potential fans!


Here are the top organic Spotify promo services:

  1. Boost Collective (FREE Spotify promotion)
  2. Daily Playlists
  3. Sidekick Music

I hope you know what the best music PR services are!


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