Start Rapping Like Eminem in 5 Minutes!

How to Rap Like Eminem!

How fast does Eminem rap in Rap God?

Godzilla has set the record for the fastest rap verse. (This averages about 4.28 words per second.) Eminem is the world's fastest rapper!


Over the past couple of years, that title has changed between many different hands but in the end... 


If you factor in how slow the pre-chorus and actual chorus is... That's wicked fast when averaged out.


Bonus: check my blog on Improving Your Rap Flow!


Emine champions the throne. 


While I cannot say that Slim Shady is my favorite hip-hop rapper, to say that he's not a rap god would be a crime of epic proportions. 


Eminem is a living legend in hip-hop history, so you'll want to learn from him. 


There are many things to learn from Eminem that will give you major improvements in your music career.


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How to rap faster in hip-hop

Set aside a day every day for tongue-twisting and performing rap music. 


You may practice for an hour and then give yourself some time to relax (need to rest the vocal cords.)


Develop your rap voice


An hour is NOT that much time, especially if you want this.


Embrace a healthy life by consuming healthy snacks every day.


With some simple steps, you can get in the headspace to rap faster than ever.


For Eminem to rap like the king he is he needs to be in the right mental headspace which allows the most creative thoughts to come out smoothly. 


To rap fast you should ignore multiple syllables. One syllable works too.


That speed of rhyme is harder to do, so if you focus on single syllables your voice can get used to releasing sounds at a faster rate.


Increasing your rhyming speed as a rapper takes a lot of slow improvement.


Your first album doesn't need crazy-fast lyrics to be good.



Rap like Eminem with practice

How to Rap as Fast as Eminem


Eminem is only able to rap so fast because of his many years of practice.

Growing up in the Detroit slums he would write wraps daily and perfected, over time he’s literally trained his tongue and mouth to move at lightning speed, while still retaining full pronunciation of all the syllables.

To get to Eminem‘s level speed you have to practice every single day!

The best way to do it is to listen to Eminem songs in fact if you listen to rap god once a day.

Rap at your maximum speed while you will never be able to get to Eminem's level, you’ll get really really good.


Eminem has nearly mastered the art of rap in almost every single way.

When it comes to storytelling, lyrics, speed, and punch, he’s up there with the greats.

It’s almost insane that Eminem is the best rapper.

Everybody of all races will say that not just white boys LOL.


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Practice tongue twisters to rap faster

Tongue Twisters to improve rap


You could be the worst person in existence when it comes to rapping… until you start practicing more! 


It's not just about being able to rap fast, you all need to be able to rap without mumbling so over this I recommend you try different tongue twisters over and over without fail.


Slowly increase the speed of the tongue twisters. 


What you'll notice is that your mouth muscles will get used to operating quickly and will transform into faster rapping. 


Example: Famous rappers such as Busta Rhymes, Eminem, and Twista use this method to increase rapping speed


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Improve your hip-hop rap storytelling

Melodic Rappers

In the world of rapping, there are few things as empowering as telling a story.


Rapping is one of the best ways to tell a story, it's such an important method of communication! 


Eminem has released more than 250 singles and albums and he is known for his hip-hop rap skills (rhyming ability) with strong lyrics that take on sensitive subject matters.


Eminem's songs tack ideas such as love or growing up hustling.


He often raps about his childhood, unfaithful relationships with others (“Kim”), heartache in songs ("Lose Yourself"), or both at once ("Love The Way You Lie"). 


Rapping requires significant skill while also being a spontaneous-unscripted emotional expression. 


This is considered an art form when compared to singing/dancing but it's still just "emotional.".


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To improve raps write down ALL your ideas!

An easy way to improve your hip-hop rap skills is to study the greats. 

Eminem's raps have to be studied.


Slim Shady probably has 10 times more discarded song lyrics than these new rappers.


The more rhymes you make then the easier it'll be to form a hot single.


You need to REALLY listen to Marshall Mathers over and over to understand the way he flows, punches vocals and styles his rhymes.


Remember: you don't want to copy Eminem 100% you just want to take Eminem's best aspect and then use that for your own music.


Dont just copy your favourite rapper


Find your own voice as a rapper, don't rap like Eminem ALL the time.


Hip-hop rap is basically poetry so the better you are making a poetic story the ultimately you will have better raps. 


It can take some time so remember to keep practicing and keep clocking in the rap hours. 


Don't put too much pressure on yourself

Just note that 90% of the things that you write you will not immediately use...


But you're not sure exactly which portion that is.


So save everything. 


Eminem's raps have been cultivated over 20+ years.


To be a rapper who can make simple rhymes that connect with the fan is not easy.


One word at a time, focus on removing bad words and keeping great words.


These small iterative rap improvements will result in amazing track verses that sound epic.


Just find a beat with a similar style to the music you make, and just rhyme to it.


Don't worry about how most words come out just listen back and refine your sound that way.


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Easiest tool to record your rap verses

Writing rap verses using text to speech

I recommend using Apple's notes and voice-to-text to jot your ideas down.


It works 200x better than a physical pad and a pen. 


The more you work, the better you will be.


That's just the basics when it comes to improving as a hip-hop rapper


(Especially if you wanna emulate the Eminem style!)


Eminem's use of metaphors

Rap god


Metaphors are your best friend when it comes to hip-hop rap songs.

That's why Eminem uses them so often.


Metaphors allow you to deliver a message with a twist and have the audience see things from a different perspective. 


5 steps to Writing Really Good Rap Metaphors

  1. Start with an analogy
  2. Make the analogy 5x more dramatic
  3. Write filler lyrics around the metaphor
  4. Fit the metaphor bar your verse
  5. Clean up the fuller and clean up the verse

Analogy Rap meme


Other rappers such as Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes use metaphors a lot.


Most rappers understand this concept...


But they can't quite rap like Eminem.


If you're not quite sure how metaphors work in rap...


Here's some advice to start rapping them.


Making good metaphors in rap

It's super important you use an analogy that will help you convey what you want to say. 


To rap like Eminem you need to make rap lyrics that entertain the fan.


The best rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes have mastered this art.


Make sure it is clear that this isn't just something casual. The more dramatic the better! 


Music is a form of theatre - all theatre is dramatic.


Strive to make more than one good metaphor per song or even every line of verse. 


You can cut out the fat later on. It's all about conveying your ideas on paper.


Write multi-syllable rhymes for success

Eminem's main rhyme scheme is multisyllabic rhyming.


When it comes to rhyming, there are two main types of rhymes: multi-syllable words and single-syllable words.


Rhyming multiple syllables is harder to master because the length of a word limits the number of words that can be used.


To rap like Eminem, you should practice this.


Multi Syllable Rhymes examplesabab rhyem scheme-compressed


Multisyllabic rhyming is words with more than one syllable.


The first example, "doggy," has two syllables. "doggy" rhymes with "foggy."


The second example, "Unify," has three syllables. "Unfirm" rhymes with "Beautify."


The third example, "Legubrious," has four syllables. "Legubrious" rhymes with "Studious."


With a little practice, these longer word rhymes can be achieved easily and create a smooth flow in your poetry.


Here are five examples for you to try on for size.


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Learn to use internal rhymes

Drake chorus rhyme scheme


Internal rhymes are defined as words that share the same sound at the beginning and end of words, such as "flint" and "tind."


They're not rhymes you hear every day, but they're a great tool when trying to make a rap sound more interesting.


Another example of an internal rhyme could be "forbidden fruits, anger juice," which rhemes the term "fruit" with juice.


Tips to write an epic internal rhyme

If you struggle to make an internal rhyme, just change the word's context.


Here are examples of changing term contexts

  • Nebular, nebular, nebulously
  • Powered, powered, powerlessly
  • Thingamabob, thingamabob, thingamajig
  • Cockleburr, cockleburr, cockleberries
  • Fringes fringes, fringed fringe

This can be a source of inspiration, to make music like Marshall Mathers LP.


Your pre-chorus should have an internal rhyme or two.


Without a good internal rhyme, your rap lyrics won't be as memorable.


Make your raps immersive like Eminem

Why are so many hip-hop rap stories forgettable? 


One reason is that they're one-dimensional.


Your rap storytelling will be more effective if you develop your characters into relatable 3D personas. 


tyler branding

There are tons of great hip-hop rap tracks out there...


Nut the ones that stick with us are the ones that aren't just characters in someone else's story.


They're actual persons who have backstories that drive their music. 


Example: the character Stanley in Eminem's "Stan." You feel like he could be real with all the imagery and detail Eminem writes for him.


Furthermore, many of the best rappers have a physical appearance and personality similar to real-life individuals.


Why does character depth matter in rap songs?

The audience relates to your character on different levels. 


What types of things will they relate to?


How does it feel when your persona is upset or excited? 


How do your persona's emotions change in the song?


Your characters should have realistic character traits so that the audience won't feel like they are watching a Mickey Mouse version of your story.


It's all about branding in marketing. Here's how to market your music:



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Most hip hop adlibs are not that good... Sorry.

Hip Hop Ad Libs


Although the classic “aye” or “yuh” ad-libs are available, don't be afraid to experiment. 


The more unique your ad-lib sounds, then the more memorable your days and gives you an overall better song!


Most listeners only remember the catchy part of a song - and you need to make sure you come up with something catchy.

Ad-libs can make or break your song's character.


Ad-libs give personality, especially when synced to the beat.


Use Rhymezone to craft your rap

A rap dictionary is a list of slang terms that rappers use. 


Use Rhymezone or Rap dictionaries as a resource that rappers form new and exciting lyrics based on trending slang! Your verses will thank you.


Rhymezone Rhymes Rap


Rap has its own set of lingo that you'll need to know if you want to flourish in hip-hop culture.


These rap dictionaries will teach you more about the world of rap and help familiarize you with some of the most common words used in songs, videos, and online.


And it makes sense! Just find a nice beat to write lyrics off of!

That's how you'll make a good album.


Constantly upgrade your rap vocabulary

Understanding rap is all about understanding the vocabulary.


A rapper's vocabulary includes words that are slang for items, drugs, people, places, and other things. 


For example, "dime" usually means a 10-dollar bag of cocaine or heroin.


"Coke" usually means cocaine.


"Lambo" is another term for Lamborghini car. 


Rap Vocabulary Lyrics


I understand these are profane topics (except Lambo) but it's for explanation's sake.


What else do rappers use? 


They may also use code words for drugs like "pills," which might mean prescription medication, or "weed," which could mean marijuana. 


You need to do this a LOT to have enough lyrics for an album.


It's important to know these terms so you can understand what rap artists are saying in their music.


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Embrace culture shifts to have a lasting rap career!

Culture changes so fast, dude!


in 90% of cases, you'll need to understand what rappers are talking about in their songs before you can really appreciate them. 


Rap artists who don't evolve their rap lyrics to the modern days will struggle and fail. The music industry is huge!


I'm not saying that you should change your rapping style completely, just start riding rhymes with the correct rap lyrics that reflect what consumers want.


Successful rap artist tailors their music and rapping style to fans.


Analyzing Eminem's "Mom Spaghetti"

You can even create your own style. For example, “mom’s spaghetti” became an Internet meme from the track “Lose Yourself.”


It really doesn't sound that good, however, when you listen to that verse along with the other lyrics in the song, it really fits.


You can even invent new words with no guilty conscience.


The process of making a hit single is long and requires you to improve yourself as a rapper, track by track.


Eminem's secret to making anything rhyme

One of the easiest ways to make anything rhyme is by changing the pronunciation of the word.


For example, rhyming the word orange.


There isn't any natural word that rhymes with orange however if you stress different aspects of the word then you can create a rhythm that matches other words. 


Here are a bunch of words that can potentially rhyme with orange:

  • Door hinge
  • Portage
  • Sponge
  • Binge
  • Fringe
  • Tinge
  • Grunge


Once you can understand vowel placement and emphasis you'll be able to rap much better and create interesting and compelling rhymes (that people wouldn't ever expect!)


That's one of the biggest things about being a rapper - you need to be able to do storytelling at its core. 


This is what Eminem does well and it's something to practice to adopt this amazing quality of his.


Eminem is so good at rapping that he can rhyme with orange.

There is an iconic video of Eminem finding multiple rhymes to the word orange, one being door hinge.


Watch the video bolo of Eminem rhyming with orange. 👇



There is an urban myth that orange is a word that you cannot rhyme with, however, Eminem can stress other words to the point where it becomes possible. 


This is just one of the many skills at a house something that every RAPPER should strive to gain over time in their music career.


Does Eminem write his own raps?Does Eminem Write His Own Raps?


Eminem writes 100% of his wraps. That’s why his storytelling emotion is so precise, and he believes that’s what gives him an edge. 


Drake on the other hand only writes some of his rap and that’s why he’s always excluded from the best rapper question...


And when you compare an Eminem it makes sense.


It’s not easy to master all the different rap skills that Eminem has. 


But yes, to confirm Eminem wrote all of his own rap music. 


When it comes to beat selection Dr. Dre handles the rest and together they make amazing hits that inspire a generation.


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Copying the Eminem flow

Eminem's rap style is very simple.


He was just able to master the fundamentals so well, that he doesn't need to rely on gimmicks to make great rapping. 


When Eminem writes a rap, he adds emphasis and punch on the last word in the bar - then leaves some space for the next bar.


This works out well because his beats are simple and his vocal punch paints a direct picture inside our minds.


An example of punching lines is in his song Superman: Link: 



Eminem's interesting voice comes from the fact that even though he keeps the same pitch flat throughout his verses, he changes the tempo and impact. 


This allows him to remain smooth on the beat but still have enough variance to keep the listener hooked.


Sound similar?


(This is a trait that Drake and Nine Inch Nails have as well!)


All the words these top hip-hop artists right or hand-selected to give the best overall results.


Their flow sounds smooth on the mic for this reason.


They focus less on vocal range and focus more on vocal rhythm.


Don't be afraid to be vulnerable when rapping

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable when rapping.


That's how rap artists such as Kanye West, Eminem, and Drake go so big.


Rap legends JayZ and Biggie


These rap artists open up parts of themselves that other rappers don't feel comfortable doing. 


Now look... These rap artists are now the largest names in hip-hop history!


Writing rhymes is super important… What are the rap artists that can create a connection through the song that remains?


To really start writing like Eminem you've got a drill this deep into your subconscious!


The great thing about vulnerability is that it turns your rap into a place where the listener can express their inner identity and feelings. 


Great rapping tells a story that becomes the listener's diary.


It feels authentic, they're buying into your music. 


Eminem was able to be vulnerable and open himself up to many of his insecurities such as poverty, family abuse, and drugs.


From there he's able to win the hearts of rap fans around the Globe! 

It's great to define your boundaries though.


The more you can tip closer to the edge... Then the better your connection will be since it'll be more authentic!


That is what will etch your name in hip-hop history.


top 10 Rappers that sound like Eminem

Rappers that Sound like Eminem

If you want to sound like Eminem you first have to study Eminem... Fortunately, you don’t do this alone!

Many other artists sound very similar to Eminem.

Hopsin is a rapper that has been inspired a lot by Eminem’s fast wrap and storytelling even down to the edge accountant of his music!

Here’s a full list of rappers who sound like Eminem free to study and one day become better then.


10 Rappers that sound like Eminem:

  1. Hopsin
  2. Tim Mcdonald
  3. Method
  4. Logic
  5. NF
  6. Token
  7. Royce Da 5'9
  8. Rittz
  9. Aesop Rock
  10. Immortal Technique


An honorable mention is Marshal Mathers 😂 okay, just kidding.


Listen to how these artists flow and articulate.


You'll get a deeper understanding of Eminem's music but never forget...


Make your own style! Learn the rules so that you can break them.


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