10 Easy Ways To Be a Better Rapper!

Improve Your Rapping

how to be a better rapper in 5 minutes a day!

Do you want to know how to be a better rapper?

Rap is a complicated art that takes years of practice...


There are many things to keep in mind when writing and performing, so it may not be easy.


Still, there's no reason why you can't improve your rapping skills!


This article will show you some tips on how to become a better rapper.


While I can't MAKE you a famous rapper overnight, these rap artist principles will put you closer to your dream music career.


You'll be able to sound natural and create the specific sound that you're looking for.




10 rap artist skills you need to master

To learn how to be a better rapper, you'll need new skills.


10 rap skills an upcoming rapper needs to be successful:

  1. Rhyming
  2. Flow
  3. Enunciation
  4. Stressing syllables
  5. Keeping constant pitch
  6. Storytelling
  7. Matching beat
  8. Wordplay (literary device)
  9. Emotional poetry
  10. Adlibs

The best part is that all of these go hand in hand.


Example: When writing literary devices, you'll naturally find ways to enunciate and rhyme other words together.


How to rhyme better as a rap artist

Let's chat about rhyme schemes.


Rhyme schemes are a set of rhyming lines or patterns in rhyme that determine how words will sound when they're interwoven. This can be applied to any type of writing, including poetry and rap verses.abab rhyem scheme-compressed


Check out my article on improving your rap rhyme schemes!


Are rhyme schemes important in rap?


Rhyme schemes are a key element of the rap verse.


Rhyming schemes are a way to create music with more memorable lyrics and keep your audience engaged so that they'll stay on the same page as you rap.


You can't learn how to be a better rapper without going through rhyme schemes first.


If you want to improve your rhymes, learn about some of these techniques so that your next songs have even more impact!


This type of rhyme scheme is easy to remember, but it can be difficult to write creatively.


When you find something that's working for you, try using it again to make it work even better.


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(If you're interested in learning how to write well, consider learning some creative writing techniques from a professional writer online!)


How to Enter the Rap Industry

How to get into the rap industry


How does one exactly become a better rapper and get into the rap industry?


To get into the rap industry you’re going to need a few different skill sets.


Entering the rap game isn’t as simple because you’ll need to account for your:

  • Music promotion
  • Merchandise 
  • Tours & shows
  • Music distribution

You can either enter the rap industry by yourself or build a team.


If you’re a DIY artist then leverage platforms such as Boost Collective.


They offer you perks such as:


Things like this help get you into the rap game because they allow you to focus on what matters most: your rap music.


Take care of that, and let our platform handle the rest!


What exactly is a "Rapper"?

Before I get started, let's dissect exactly what a "rapper" is.


A rapper is someone who writes and performs songs with a beat for entertainment. The music is typically delivered in a very rhythmic and poetic way, with wordplay, storytelling, and lyricism being emphasized.


See, rap music may be considered an art form because it has many subtle and complex meanings that can only be understood by people who are truly passionate about it.


You want to make your raps professional!


Rap is essentially poetry so whenever you practice rapping you're pretty much keeping listeners entertained with your poetic story.


The thing is... You don't have to follow these rules.


Good rappers use their rap lyrics to create stories that people can relate to or find interesting.


The lyrics can also convey messages about how others should live their life.


(Bonus: learn how to write melodic rap lyrics!)


Rap is changing, the focus is shifting from pure "rap skills" to melodic music.


As it gets more popular, you have the creative license to experiment as an up-and-coming rapper!


Don't put your own music in a box - you won't become a better rapper that way.


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Use a rap glossary to develop your rap culture

Since culture changes every 3 months, to be a better rapper you should stay up to date with the music industry as well as pop culture.


That's why a rap glossary is essential.


5 best rap glossaries for rappers:

Rap Writing Tools


A rap glossary is a collection of commonly used terms to help you understand the language of hip-hop, including slang.


Your rap is all about making an impact on your target audience, no?


Your focus should be to get your message across in a way that catches people's attention and gives them a reason to listen and learn more about what you've got to offer.


It can be easy to lose sight of your purpose when you're trying to craft a song or perform it live...


But there are a few key points that will help you become better at it.


Basic Rap Vocabulary

Before you can rap, you'll need to know some basic words.


Here are some rap vocabulary words that every rapper should know:


Rap Term Definition
Bass The low-pitched or lowest sound in music
Cadence The rhythm or pace of a piece of music
Eighth note A note that is equal to one beat 
Rap bars A string of words that form a line in rap
Flow The melody, cadence, and harmony of your voice
Rhyme Scheme The structure of rhymes in your bars


These are just rap basics but you will need them whenever you write lyrics.


Your favorite rappers understand each of these rap basics and they use the same thing when they make music.


To remain entertaining you need to have all of these rapping attributes down pat.


This will help you get better at rapping and even inspire you to write your own lyrics.


When I say things like "count rap bars" you'll know what I'm talking about.


Can you teach yourself to rap?

Are you able to learn the art of rapping by yourself?


There are plenty of self-teaching resources such as YouTube, blogs & private lessons. You can teach yourself, just make sure you're learning from the best sources.


Learn how to rap


However, one of the most effective ways is through private lessons.


You can push yourself further in the music industry by making your own raps every time you practice rapping, so you don't have that large of a dependence on others.


Many artists have egos and they are not willing to learn and I don't want you to fall for this same pitfall.


Great artists use all the help they can, and so should you!


The music industry is filled with coaches who are willing to help your rap career.


You can learn the right basics and ultimately become a better rapper.


I even recommend seeking vocal lessons. Having consistent voice lessons will allow you to improve the singing aspects of your music.


Even though rappers such as Jay Z don't sing, different artists such as Juice WRLD incorporate their voice box in many different songs.


If you're already familiar with rap, then this may be a good option for you.


But how many rappers actually take the time to teach themselves?


Improving your songwriting and rapping skills takes years and years of practice (no pun intended).


It's very difficult to become a professional rapper overnight and even more so if you want to remain in the game for a long time.


Instead - learn from those before you who have seen success.


Here are 3 epic resources that improve your rapping skills:

  • Boost Collective
  • How To Rap YouTube Channel
  • Adam Ivy
  • Smart Rapper YouTube Channel

Best Rapper Youtube Channels


You can learn from your favorite rapper, as well as from other rappers who have gone before you.


It's easy to lose touch with quality when you make your own raps since you start to fall in love with your own music.


I recommend you get other people to hear your music so they can operate instructive criticism.


The last thing you want is investing much effort into rapping just for nobody to stream it on Apple Music…


We want to avoid that by all means!


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How to add ad-libs in a rap song

Being a great rapper doesn't have to be difficult...


In fact, it's easy to learn how to be a better rapper if you just follow a few simple rules.


4 easy tips to improve your rap skills:

  1. Create your own unique sound
  2. Practice the art of rhyming
  3. Use different genres of music for your rap verses.
  4. Break up sentences with different accents/styles

The last tip is important, having different voices allows you to tap into different types of storytelling.


weekdnd brand story


You don't need millions of dollars and years of experience to become a good rapper, but you do need some basic skills that any one person can learn easily and quickly.


Skills such as writing verses with detailed grammar and using imagery effectively to make your rap tracks more interesting and appealing to listeners.


What to study to start my hip-hop music career?

One of the best ways to learn how to rap is by listening to those who have mastered it.


Find out what's important in rapping and make sure each element works together harmoniously; this will help ensure that your lyrics are compelling and memorable even after just one listen-through.


Melodic music


What do successful rappers do in the studio?


They take notes and listen to their favorite songs, rap artists, and sounds.


That is how to be a better rapper.


To create music better that sounds better, you must be willing to put in the same time and effort.


No university degree will make you a good rapper.


Berklee is great for other genres of music that are highly technical (for example orchestral music.) but hip-hop doesn't care about all that.


Berklee wont teach you to rap


You'll need a disciplined approach that allows you to focus on your craft.


For this process to work, you'll need a good system—one that will help you achieve your goals and have the best chance of success.


How to Improve Your Rap Flow in 7 step

Let's improve your rap flow!


Here's a good rap workflow to improve your craft fast

  1. Define the sound you want to create
  2. Create a playlist of rap songs in that style
  3. Start freestyling to channel your creative energy
  4. Write down bars that sound good
  5. Cut out 80% of bars and keep what's good
  6. Find a good melody and beat
  7. Re-write your bars to fit the melody

There is no issue with reusing bars out of your junk pile.


Rhymes you discard aren't gone forever! They're gold mines, just waiting for the right shovel (song) to utilize it.


Sometimes you may even write lyrics that you use for other songs.


Heck, most rappers don't even touch 90% of their work.


You may have a great song or two that's hidden in the vault so make sure you document everything!


All creative concepts are necessary to start writing a good song.


Experiment with different rap styles

There are many different styles, but often there is some overlap.


List of common rap genres:

  • Hip-hop
  • Gangsta rap
  • Trap rap
  • Cloud rap
  • Emo rap
  • Country rap (yes, Lil Nas X)


Rap Sub-Genres


Each has a unique sound that defines it.


It's not just "how to be a better rapper" but how to be a better rapper with YOUR voice!


Take this into consideration when creating your rap takeover plans.


Even if you don't plan on getting signed...


It's essential if you ever form your own label or evolve.


When it comes to writing good rap songs, there are a few key elements you need to consider when creating the music for your songs.


Do you make good rap music?
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7 easy steps to write rap music

Writing your rap song doesn't have to be so hard!


How to Write a Rap Song in 7 Steps

  1. Find your topic or inspiration
  2. Get familiar with Hip Hop Song structure
  3. Sit down and write bars
  4. Rewrite and refine your rap lyrics
  5. Practice out loud
  6. Memorize verbs to use when freestyling
  7. Practice!

First, you need to know what kind of music you're trying to make so that you can create songs appropriate for your style.


You should count the bars allowed just to get used to it.


Second, your lyrics and content must be easy to follow so that people will be able to follow along with the whole song.


This will be imprinted when you make your lyric video.


Use Lyric Videos


Lastly, your lyrics must have a message that relates to the topic of your music.


How to be a better rap storyteller

There's no reason why you can't be a better rap storyteller.


Improve your rap storytelling with these tips & tricks:

  • Define the rap's hero and villain
  • Be relatable
  • Use slang
  • Add humor
  • Count bars effectively
  • Write descriptive imagery
  • Have a clear lesson

You just need to understand how to tell a good rap story.


Rap stories are meant to entertain people, so you should use the language your audience is most familiar with.


Funny rap meme


Like old-head VS new-school rap.


Try to give your listeners something they can relate to.


Use names and events that are familiar and relatable to your listeners' lives.


Don't always have every detail right, but keep it simple and clear enough for the listener to understand without having all the details.


Don't be afraid of using slang or exaggerated words because these styles help make it more fun for the rap audience.


It will also help make it easier for them to understand what you mean when you say those words.


Real rap is soul music.


Soul music deals with social issues such as relationships, discrimination against African Americans (such as the Jim Crow laws), sexual relationships between men and women, etc.


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10 best rap storytelling songs

Rap is an art form that requires a lot of practice and perseverance.


And while there are many talented rappers today, some rappers are better than other rappers.


Here are the top 10 rap storytelling songs:

Which one is your favorite?


You should listen to each song, and study the rap styles, and see where you fit in the rap industry.


how do I find my rap style?

Rap is a complicated art that takes years of practice.


There are many things to keep in mind when writing and performing, so it may not be easy.


Still, there's no reason why everyone can't learn how to rap.


Even if you're new to the art form, you can always follow these tips for success:


How to improve your rap talent


  • Learn the basics before you get into something too difficult
  • Research popular raps so you know what's happening in the community
  • Understand your audience before going onstage
  • Practice is key
  • Have fun! Rap isn't supposed to be a chore

All referring traffic helps.


To find your rap style you must FORCE evolution.


Basics to evolving as a rap artist

If you're looking to make a rap, you have a lot of things to consider.

5 questions every rapper should ask themself:

  1. Which sub-genres will I explore?
  2. What is the best flow to use?
  3. Am I going to record it myself or hire someone else for that?
  4. How do the lyrics sound?
  5. Will the beat change throughout the song?

Nas Funny meme


To evolve, you need to put yourself in uncomfortable situations.


Work through obstacles until success!


If you know how to use a digital audio workstation then it will be easy for you to evolve.😉


That's why I recommend you to try not only rapping but also producing beats to gain the skills.


How can I improve my rap voice?

You can be your own vocal coach

  1. Make a recording of your voice
  2. Read up on vocal training.
  3. Relax your voice using vocal exercises
  4. Practice throwing your voice
  5. Try emulating a voice you like

Your voice is one of the most important things you need to develop as a rapper.


No other things matter when growing as a rapper.


You want to keep the listener entertained.


Develop your rap voice


There's not just one main rapping voice.


Every rapper maintains stage presence in different methods, different speeds, different tongue twisters, etc.


A good voice will make you sound professional, and it's also easy to understand what you're saying.


Here are some tips on how to develop your voice:

  1. Start by listening to other rappers
  2. Try out different rappers' voices
  3. Practice makes perfect!

Some of these skills/styles will stick with you, and shine when it's your turn on the mic!


I hope you now know how to be a better rapper!


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