Singers Diet to Protect Your Vocal Cords!

protect your voice

Why a singers diet matters to protect your vocal chords

If you want to sing for a long time, you need a proper singer's diet to protect your vocal chords. 


To maintain a healthy throat, there are sacrifices you'll have to make.


It breaks my heart when a person singing voice starts to dwindle.


If you feel your voice health is getting worse, there's a great chance your voice box already has unrepairable damage.


A singing voice doesn't sound great forever...


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Just enter a retirement home, you'll know what I'm talking about.


Vocal cords get worn off over time, so you won't be able to maintain vocal health for good.


That is... Unless you put in a deliberate effort to maintain your vocal health.


Foods that damage your vocal cords

Whats an easy way to protect my vocal cords? 


Avoid these foods to protect your singing voice and maintain vocal health:

  • Dairy products

  • Spicy foods

  • Caffeine

  • Ice water

  • Soft drinks

  • Alcohol

  • Chocolate

It's made out of proteins and since it's a living organism, it's subject to damage if your vocal health practices are not great.


One of the main contributors to bad vocal health is throat burn.


This could be either acid reflux, hot foods, or chemical burns.


Foods to avoid


Why dairy products are harmful to your signing voice

Contrary to what you may think, dairy products are not as wonderful for your vocal health.


Why is dairy damaging for your vocal cords?


The issue with dairy products is the bad reactions to your vocal and digestive system. It's been proven that foods with high fat content trigger acid reflux in your system, damaging your vocal cords.


Milk may only be 2-3% fat, but the quantity of milk adds up.


This is bad because heartburn damages your vocal folds!


Stomach acid is extremely powerful ( It needs to be in order to break down the food you eat on a daily basis)


The issue is, it it starts to wear and break down your vocal cords.


Your vocal folds can only take this for so long until it starts to face serious consequences.


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If you want to learn to sing with chest voice you can't eat this stuff!


Save your singing voice - avoid acid reflux

Is Apple Cider vinegar good for your vocal health?


If you stock up on apple cider vinegar, your singing voice will thank you.It's better to consume the apple cider vinegar at room temperature rather than cold, so that you don't tense up your vocal folds.


If you're addicted to dairy products and can't give up those foods...


At least try to minimize the damages to your vocal health.


The idea is to reduce heartburn.

Acid reflux


Since stomach acid damages your vocal folds, you can just take an antacid and that should neutralize the chemical reactions happening.


This saves your vocal health!


To sing in your mixed voice you can't be having acid reflux!


If you're into holistic foods, drink some apple cider vinegar and that should do the trick.


It's bad for your vocal cords to unleash your singing voice while your vocal folds are tense.


This is additional stress to your vocal folds - leading to additional pain/damage.


Maintaining vocal health - no spicy foods

If you're a big fan of spicy foods... This is not the news you want to hear today.


Eating foods at room temperature is pretty boring I do have to admit.


The truth is, when consuming spicy foods you're damaging the inside of your vocal cords.


The reason why spicy food is spicy is your nerves telling you that there's a chemical burn.


If you burn something (such as your vocal folds) over time you cause permanent damage.


Later in life, spicy foods will cause damage to your vocal health.


You should avoid eating foods with excessive spice (or at least eat these foods on strictly special occasions)


You'll be able to maintain your singing voice for much longer than otherwise.


Your vocal cords will thank you for this noble sacrifice!


No iced coffees! Protect your vocal folds

Iced coffees are horrific for your vocal cords.


You'll have to find another energy source to power you throughout the day.


Coffee in general damages your vocal cords - Caffeine is a naturally dry product.


This causes your vocal cords to tense up.


If you're going to be singing after consuming coffee, your vocal health will pay the price.


This will add additional stress to your vocal cords.Avoid these foods


If you feel you need to drink coffee though, it's better to drink the coffee at room temperature.


If you consume foods that are too hot then you risk burning your voice box.


On the flip side, if the foods are too cold then you will tense up your voice box as well.


Maintaining a singing voice is not an easy procedure - but that makes sense.


Only extremely serious singers are willing to take care of their vocal folds to this degree.


If you need energy, eat an apple - It can power you throughout the day.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


I hope you now know how to protect your vocal cords with a singer's diet!


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