What is a Remix in Music?

Whats a remix

Defining what a song remix is

5 reasons to make a music remix to popular song

  1. Make your music go viral
  2. Build a fanbase based on other artists
  3. Free publicity
  4. It's a lot fo fun!
  5. Get long-term exposure through SEO


Maybe you want to remix a song, or maybe you found an awesome remix of an original song that you want to work with.


It's important to know how to remix a song to further your music career.

The benefits when you make a remix are huge!


Should you make a music remix?


Before you make a remix and get carried away - you should understand there are negative as well to make a remix.


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Negatives of remixing an original song

The biggest negative to remixing a song is the fact that you cannot actually post and make money from the song remix.


The original song has material that's protected by the right holders (record label).


Remixing without permission from the original track... Would be considered stealing.


Music copyright



There's no way a record label would allow such a thing.


This happens with hip hop music all the time.


Releasing music without permission nor sample clearance has put many hip hop artists in compromising situations.


Just note that without permission you're limited with what you can do in terms of remixing.


The label won't take your remix down from the media if you're small-time so no worries.


It's not worth the time and lawyer fees for a label to attack you because of a bootleg remix.


All this means is that you simply can't monetize.


But don't be discouraged to make a remix!


Fortunately, you can still make viral songs and grow your brand through remixes.




How to remix a song

How can you remix a song?


Here are the steps to make a remix from an original song:

  1. Get the audio file of the original track you want to remix
  2. Remove vocals from the original track
  3. Isolate elements from the original track
  4. Create both a cappella and vocal version from the original song
  5. Use the song elements as stems to mix the remix
  6. Mix the remix
  7. Export the new song remix



To create a remix takes some time if you don't have the original track elements at your disposal.

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Accessing stems from the original track

It's really tough to get stems from the original song.


Fortunately, you can just search the song elements and find what you need.


Type in these keywords on Youtube to get the best sample material:

  • "(original track) instrumental version"
  • "(acapella track) instrumental version"



Isolating Track Elements


You'll be able to find the original track components with wase.

This depends on how you want to remix a song.


Most EDM producers create a dance music remix to tracks.


In this case, you'll be needing both a sample of the melody as well as vocals.


Note: the vocals become less important if you're in hip hop.


Ideally, you want both so that you can add your creative touch and make the best official remix you can.


Once you find the original track sample, put the link to the original song in a free tool called YoutubeToMp3.


Youtube to MP3


You can download the original track samples and get started!



Remix a song to go viral


The great thing about making a remix to a popular song is that you have a higher chance of going viral!


The truth is: your original song will most likely not get heard much since people don't recognize you.


If you were to create a new official remix with a song that is already pretty popular then you have a higher chance of success.


Making a remix to a song is similar to making a song cover in terms of virality.



A lot of up-and-coming producers create a dance music official remix to popular tracks (especially hip hop) and put that out on Youtube.


This is more of a media release than a project release.


The hopes are for new fans to hear the project, then check out the other music these producers have available.


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The history of song remix

To make a remix of an original song is nothing new.


Looking back in the history of music, artists were making a remix to practically anything they can get their hands on.


This is especially true for dance music.


It wasn't only DJs and producers making a remix though.


Even acoustic instrumentalists would make their own version of an original song.


Here's an example of Kanye making a house remix live:



It's most common for someone to make a remix in the EDM or house scene though.


This is because future bass and the progressive house are designed to create a new experience.


By making a remix to a popular track, it was very easy for DJs and producers to create a vibe for their listeners to enjoy.


Do they have permission for this? Probably not.


Since it came from the underground music industry, the anti-establishment culture made this style of bootleg remixing common.


Soon as it became easier to sample an original track with new hardware coming out - the remix game exploded!


Now practically all DJs and producers make songs while remixing the original artist.




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