Organic EDM Spotify Promotion!


EDM Spotify Promotion

EDM Spotify promotion: get heard today!

So EDM Spotify promotion in a nutshell is all the different ways that EDM artists and record labels promote music on Spotify.


Sounds simple, eh? WRONG!


Getting Spotify Promotion is very subjective and you need to experiment a lot.


This could mean sending their music to popular playlist curators and promoting their music on socials....


It ain't a walk in the park.


Do you make good EDM music?


Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 


Get your music heard now 👇


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#1. Submit music to EDM playlist curators

Submit Music to EDM Spotify Playlist Curators


Follow these steps to get your music added to EDM playlists:

  • Find curators
  • Contact the curator
  • Get placed


It's really not any more complex than this.

Find EDM playlist curators who make playlists in your genre and have a large following on Spotify or other streaming platforms.


Watch the video below for insights on finding a Spotify playlist curator. 👇


Visit the playlist curator's website or social media page to find out how to get your music on the list.


This could be a form to fill out, an email address, or some other way to get in touch.



Get your eDM music ready for submission

This could mean writing a short bio or artist statement and sending high-quality audio files of your songs.




Nobody gives a damn.


Just something to make them humor you a little bit.

Contact the person in charge of the playlist and send them your music by following their instructions.

If you don't hear back from the person in charge of the playlist within a reasonable amount of time, contact them again.


When you talk to them, be polite and professional!


Sending your music to people who put together EDM playlists can be a great way to get it heard by more people and build a fan base.


But you need to be patient and persistent because playlist curators get a lot of requests and may not be able to answer everyone!


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We’re taking free EMD song submissions!

Submit Your EDM Music For Free


EDM artists should talk a lot about their music!


Talk, talk, talk!


That's because it can help them build their careers and reach more people.


This can be especially helpful for up-and-coming EDM artists who want to break into the business.


Overall, pitching your music a lot can help you build your career as an EDM artist and reach your goals.



#2. EDM remix promotion

Enter a DJ Remix Contest


On easy way to grow on Spotify is to make an EDM remix of existing popular tracks. Duh.


An EDM remix is a new version of a song that was made by remixing or rearranging the original music.
You can try adding new elements like electronic beats, synths, and other electronic music elements.
Rearranging a pop song with a dance beat or adding new sounds to an EDM track to make it more interesting and unique are two popular examples of EDM remixes!

A good remix can breathe new life into an old song, making it feel fresh and new again.
Lastly, the rise of social media and streaming platforms has made it easier for remixes to reach a large audience quickly, which can lead to them going viral.


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#3. EDM record label promotion

Check Out EDM Labels


There are a lot of record labels in the EDM genre for more than one reason.


Here's a list of the best record labels to submit to!


One reason is that electronic dance music is a popular and quickly-growing genre with a group of dedicated and enthusiastic fans.


This means that there is a high demand for new EDM music.


Seem like that demand is growing daily, too!


The growth of digital music and streaming has also made it easier for record labels to reach people all over the world.




is an EDM record label the right fit for you?

Without more information, it is hard to say if EDM record labels are good at getting the word out about small artists....


Every EDM artist and every label is different.


Some EDM record labels may do a good job of promoting their artists and helping them get fans, while others may not do as well.


A perfect example of this is NoFace Records.


In the end, it depends on the record label and how well they can promote their artists with the tools and skills they have.


The larger the label, the more resources... But the less attention they have for you.


Then this means that you'll have to find balance.


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Should you sign a deal for a bonus promotion?

Is Promotion Worth Signing With An EDM Record Label


Some EDM artists may choose to stay independent because it gives them full control over their music and careers.


While this can hamper their chances at getting EDM Spotify promotion - I respect the choice.


Also, if an EDM artist is just starting out and doesn't have a big fan base yet, staying independent can be a good choice because it lets them build their fan base and career without being tied to a record label.

On the other hand... Some EDM artists may choose to sign with a record label because it can give them access to resources, expertise, and industry connections that can help them grow their careers.


Record labels usually have a lot of experience promoting and marketing artists, which can help EDM artists who want to reach more people.


Rather than burning in an inferno as an "indie", why not get saved by the label?


There is no right or wrong answer, and what works for one artist might not work for another.


Do you make good music?




#4. sharing your DJ mix in playlist form

Share Your DJ Mix For Spotify Promo


If you don't already have a Spotify account, you'll need to make one before you can share your DJ Spotify mix!


Put your DJ mixes in a Spotify playlist, then share that in your YouTube Mix descriptions.

Once you've shared your mix, the person you shared it with will be able to listen to it on their own device using the Spotify app!


Once that's done, sprinkle in some of your other tracks and we're crushing it.


And you'll be surprised... How many people search Spotify for mixes? 


They might also be able to add it to their own playlist so that it's easy to find again later.


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Don’t think mixes are your golden ticket:

Some EDM mixes go viral.... And others not.


It all comes down to how good the mix is and how well it connects with YouTube viewers.


Also, if a mix is promoted well on social media and other online platforms, it could go viral.


This means people can search it on Spotify.


But without knowing more, it's hard to say for sure why a certain DJ mix might have gone viral on YouTube.



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