New Drake Drum Kit 2021! (FREE Download)

November 07, 2021

Free Drake Drum Kit

Free Drake Drum Kits (And Sample Pack!)

I DO understand that you may not be balling.


Not all music producers have the required cash to purchase an expensive OVO drum kit.


That's why I included every free drum kit inspired by Drake.


I don't want you to spend hours trying to search for a drum kit inspired by the OVO sound.


Along with Making A Free Producer Voice Tag - Drum Kits are essential.


Along with these free samples are with a free download, improve your music production.



Now, you can FINALLY attain that OVO sound and make your music sound amazing!


These drum samples are royalty-free so you don't have to worry about the licensing nightmare haha.


(Just tap the drum kits name and you'll be redirected to the download link 😉)



These free samples contain everything music producers need to get that drake feeling in their music.


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Drake Sample Pack (Best Ones)

Fortunately, there are many drum kits and free samples inspired by the one and only OVO 6God.


Below is every drake sample pack I could find that can give you that full Drake sound.


Although each drum kit and sample pack below is NOT a free download, they're really good and are worth every penny.


Sample Pack Name Type of Sample Pack Cost
AT OVO 3 Sample Kit Sample Kit $30.00
OVO Inspired Drums OVO Sound Pack $15.00
Sounds of Cupid Drum Kit $9.99
Drake Type Loops Kit OVO Loop Kit Free



The production in each of these drum kit is a good start to a complete Drake's sound.


If you want to Earn More Per Beat Sale then quality samples is everything.


In these drum kits, you'll find hi hats, kick drums, 808s, percussions, claps kicks, etc.


These drum kits have been used by famous music producers to create the best music production!


You now have the same kick drums that industry giants have in their music.


You would be quite a fool to ignore the download link and not at least test out a sample pack or two!


(I also have Free Playboi Carti Drum Kits for download!)



Free Drum Kits (Hip Hop)

Indubitably, Drake is one of the largest hip-hop musicians in the world - but they were also other great artists such as Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes.


It would be a bummer to limit your music by not exploring drum samples that music producers had made for these other top artists.


This is why I went ahead and compiled some of the best drum kits inspired by top hip-hop musicians.


(Just note: these hip hop free samples won't 100% have the OVO sound... But they're still really good!)


Bonus Hip Hop Drum Kits



I only compiled the best hip hop drum samples that I found on the Internet.


I've tried each and every one of these hip-hop drum kits so you can rest assured that the hip-hop free samples included in this blog are top-tier quality.


These hip-hop drum kits will improve your music production because you don't have to worry about creating the drum samples from scratch.


Everybody in the music industry uses loops and kids to get the traps on so I shouldn't you?


Just select the royalty-free download and you'll be good to go with your dream drum kit.


On top of that - THESE Kanye West Drum Kits are insane!




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