New Dancehall Sample Pack 2023

Dancehall Sample Pack

6 best Dancehall Sample packs!

High-quality Dancehall samples/dancehall loops can be hard to come by sometimes.


A lot of the time the construction kits are the more sparse version of the full bass, drums, other loops needed to create an authentic bashment classic!


Top 6 Best Dancehall Sample packs:

  1. Dancehall & Afrobeats MIDI Chord Collection Kit
  2. Afrobeat MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  3. Reggae MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  4. Reggaeton & Dancehall Drum Kit
  5. Reggae MIDI Drum Sample Pack
  6. Afrobeat MIDI Drum Sample Pack


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It's hard to find good dancehall samples that are paying tribute to dancehall culture.


This bundle contains everything you need to create your next huge number one hit, from stunning pop tunes to incredible percussion loops.


In addition, this kit features bass samples that fill the track and posts the genre in the best light.


Download these trap drums that producers search the world for.


Cancel your search for good reggae-style drums and loops.


It's never been simpler to write a pop song with these captivating flutes, bouncing plucks, and great guitar loops!


Dancehall is all about nailing that summer pop vibe while maintaining a clean mix!


It's exactly what you're looking for. Included here are the works of Popcaan, Dre Skull, Konshens, Alkaline, and Konshens.


Top 15 Dancehall Sample Packs

Top 15 Dancehall SamplePacks


Perhaps you've dabbled with the dancehall samples above and don't think they're paying tribute to Jamaica's direction of the reggae-derived genre.


Rev up your inner rudeboy and create your own bashment classic with these mega-quality downloads of Dancehall/afrobeat loops and samples.


15 best Dancehall Samples on the Internet!

Source Sample Type Price
eJay Dancehall Samples $9.99
Moulaga Dancehall Samples $11.24
2DEEP Dancehall  Dancehall Samples $19.95
THE GREAT DANCEHALL  Dancehall Samples $16.99
Dancehall Kingdom  Dancehall Samples $29.95
Dancehall Selecta  Dancehall Samples $12.00
Afro Vibes Ultimate Bundle (Vols 1-6) Dancehall Samples $48.00
KOYO Afrobeat  Dancehall Samples $11.24
Tropical Dancehall  Dancehall Samples $43.00
Faya Prod. Dancehall  Dancehall Samples $49.00
Urban Dub & Modern Dancehall  Dancehall Samples $33.00
Dancehall Riddims 3  One Shots $19.99
Zendaya : Dancehall Moderno  One Shots $19.49
Dancehall & Bashment Vocals  Construction Kits $30.00
Bubbling Dancehall  Construction Kits $19.99



Make your own bashment classic with these dancehall samples.


You won't find dancehall samples in the search for this genre's splendor.


Weather producers plan to download these samples and other loops to create royalty-free bashment in their own basement or take these drum samples to a music studio site...


These drum samples are the truth!


Sign up to the dancehalls samples page and stick it to the bhad mon. ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฒ


Lead your search for trap drums and cancel your stick-thin bashment career.



What is Dancehall Music?

What Is Dancehall Music


Dancehall is a style of pop music that came from Jamaica in the late 1970s.


Dancehall was the first type of reggae, and its roots style was more sparse and popular for most of the 1980s.


At the beginning of the 1980s, digital instruments started coming out.


They changed the way sounds sounded and made rhythms go faster.


Bonus: Check out the Free Bleu Clair Sample Pack as well!



What's Included in Each Kit

whats included in sample packs


All Kits come with percussion leads, drum loops, and drum hits.


This kit features bass as well which will give you all the elements needed to produce this reggae-derived genre of dancehall.


One download isn't always the same as another download.


Although, typically Dancehall samples include a plethora of sounds for you to produce the best music possible.


Many of these Dancehall sample packs include:

  • Arpeggio

  • Bass

  • Beats

  • Bell

  • Cello

  • Fiddle

  • Guitar

  • Led

  • Percussion

  • Pluke

  • Synth

  • Voices (Vocals, Acapella)


Jamaica's direction of vocal chops, one-shots, and faster rhythms will allow you to release that inner rudeboy into the dancehall with your all-inclusive dancehall construction kits.


Big mon trap drums from this page will lead you to Jah. ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฒ


All of the sounds come with a 24-bit WAV file that is easy to import into your favorite DAW.


Since the samples are royalty-free, you can use them in your own music and they are not re-released.


The dancehall sounds are in zip files, so you'll need to extract them before you can look at them.


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Free Dancehall Loops to Download!

Looking to channel your inner rudeboy?


Download any of these loops below and start paying tribute to the one and only!


Best Dancehall loops to download for free!


Source Sample Type BPM Key
Sirenas Loop Dancehall samples 110 Cm
Ojos Verdes Loop Dancehall samples 110 D#m
Serpiente Loop Dancehall samples 102 A#m
vJerzey Loop Dancehall samples 105 N/A
LXBERTY Dancehall other loops 125 N/A
MKSNZ Dancehall other loops 95 N/A
JuLeeBeats Dance hall loops sounds 107 D#m
Frero Dance hall loops sounds 122 Fm
Negus First Dance hall loops sounds 92 Bm
Beach Dance hall loops sounds 108 N/A


Producers need these to make great music!


Afrobeat is one of the largest genres of beats, I recommend musicians try it out!



Characteristics of Dancehall Music

dancehall Characteristics


Reuse: On various songs, several musicians use the dancehall rhythm tracks known as riddims.


Many unique compositions were inspired by a single riddim, such as Wayne Smith's "(Under Me) Sleng Teng".


By the year 2006, the riddim from 1967's "Real Rock" has been used in over 250 tracks.


Lyrics: One of the key ways in which dancehall music separated itself from roots reggae was through the lyrical substance is included.


Listen to the real rock below. ๐Ÿ‘‡




Why Dancehall samples are the best!

Jah (God) and politics were replaced by topics that drew parallels to various hip-hop styles:


The majority of dancehall songs have an outlaw spirit and a concentration on raunchy topics.


Hybrid elements: Pre-recorded tunes from Jamaican record companies like Studio One were used in early dancehall performances.


In the 1980s and 1990s, digital dancehall, or ragga, dominated dancehall with creative songs produced on electronic technology.


Modern dancehall combines Jamaican dancehall rhythms with American hip-hop and R&B sounds.


Dancehall is one of my favorite genres.


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