How to Sell Music on Beatport! (Updated 2023)

Sell Your Music on Beatport

How can I sell my music on Beatport?

We want to level the playing field for streaming music and help millions of music fans buy and sell music through different services.


When fans stream your music on Beatport, you'll keep 10% of all streaming royalties.


Since remixes go crazy in the music space, this is the #1 thing to watch out for.


Boost Collective's Free Music Distribution will submit your music to Beatport and other streaming services for 100% free!


Since you'll already release music to Apple Music and Spotify, this is another great alternative.


Not only that, Beatport's services help you organize and share their music all over the world, making sure that their rights are protected.


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How much does it cost to sell music on Beatport?How Much Does It Cost To Distribute Music on Beatport


If you use Boost Collective to sell music on Beatport, there will be no hidden costs...


Or any costs at all for that matter.


Here are the benefits you receive:

  • Unlimited Beatport releases
  • Distribute music to 150+ music stores
  • Retain 100% ownership


Once you get music on Beatport, you can essentially make as much as top EDM artists!  Just make sure you're using good music services to promote your track.


If you're signed to record labels, then there may be label fees to distribute to music stores. Check with your label for information about the release for full clarity.  If you don't want a song to go viral, then the label takes all the earned royalties!


How to grow your brand as a Beatport artist

It's important to note that releasing music to Beatport is not the same as other platforms.  For starters, there isn't a huge promotion funnel available.


So then what do you do to gain new fans as you upload tracks onto Beatport?


6 ways to promote your music on Beatport:

  1. Add your link to Smartlink
  2. Run a giveaway
  3. Engage in DJ contests
  4. Grow your following
  5. Get on a DJ chart
  6. Build hype around your release date!

These are the 3 most effective ways for EDM artists to build Beatport hype.


Watch my video below for tips open releasing music. ๐Ÿ‘‡



#1. share Your Beatport link

Share Your Beatport Link


To grow on Beatport, you should run ads to an artist landing page (Linktree) and include your Beatport account.


For starters, you're sharing promotional real estate with your other streaming services.  This isn't much of an issue though... Either way, it means you're getting heard. ๐Ÿ˜Œ


Music distributors generate a music link so it's important to share it.  Record labels share music through ads and playlists, but they make sure the link is available.  Regardless of genre, music sales only come to artists distributing music using the best tools.


To start making money with your Beatport track, make it a point that your link is available.


This is the case whether you're an independent musician, label reliant, or are signed to record labels.


#2. run a giveaway

Host A Music Giveaway


This incentivizes fans to check out your artist page, and potentially get you more sales.


As Facebook/Instagram users share their giveaway posts, you'll see your songs gain traction.  This is a great way to build brand awareness and build hype around your release date.  You can run many different kinds of giveaways, depending on your budget and the people you want to reach.


You can choose from free samples, free products, free services, or even cash prizes.  The price and how well you can reach the people you want to reach will depend a lot on the type of giveaway you choose!


Since you're selling music on your artist profile, you can offer a tailored fan experience that's similar.


Musicians that upload music have zero leverage...


Find ways to get your music leverage.


You should also think about whether the giveaway is open to everyone or only to people in a certain area.


If the tracks you upload are global then it's a different giveaway can a local fanbase release.



#3. Enter DJ contests

Enter a DJ Remix Contest


These expose you to a wide audience, and if you win there's a good chance that your track can rank in the Beatport DJ charts.


If they haven't already, "remix contests" are likely to take off in the electronic music space very soon!  These will help you promote your electronic music, and possibly get on a DJ chart!


Most of the time, remix contests are put on by a record label as a way to get new music or by an artist who wants to get their music out there.


You can enter your remix into a contest that is already going on, or you can try to get an artist to start their contest by telling them about your idea, and coming up with a release date that works for them.


Remix contests are a great way for independent artists to get noticed, gain new fans, and win money at the same time!


Some music distributors allow covers for new tracks!


Music artists that don't leverage remix contests are holding themselves back...


You can turn your artist name into a brand with your established online presence.


Tiesto hosted a remix contest for his release "The Business."


Just watch the remix contest below. ๐Ÿ‘‡



This is the best place for selling electronic music, getting on the charts, generating royalties, and making sales!  This can work with any electronic music genre too!


It's always a good idea to start with the stems when remixing a song, especially if you're entering a contest put on by the artist.


This is so that your remix sounds as much like the artist as possible.


It's also a good idea to make a backup remix in case your first one doesn't work out.


If the song wins, you can:

  • distribute your remix as a new release to streaming platforms (make sure to set a release date to build hype!)
  • sell your music for royalties!
  • possibly get on a DJ chart & form a relationship with the artist/DJ


Distribute Your Music To Beatport For Free



#4. Grow your Following

Selling Beats With Social Media


To truly get your music heard, you'll need fans.


Music distributors do the basic work of distribution to stores, but that's not enough to get a global house track.


Here are a few tips to grow your social as an artist:

  1. Post consistently
  2. Experiment with your posts
  3. Measure the effectiveness of your posts
  4. Get your music in your bio link
  5. Use hashtags 
  6. Optimize your account status


If you have a large social media account then it's much easier to find buyers for your releases/music store.


As you upload your music to Spotify and other platforms, make sure that you market it on social media hard!


Collaborate with your network and find ways to cross-promote your house tracks.


You'll need to leverage your connections at every moment.


Once you do this and distribute your house release, you'll notice different reception.


People will tune into your Spotify and Beatport hype.



Beatport VS Other streaming services

Beatport Compared to Other Streaming Platforms


Beatport allows you to sell your music for a flat upfront fee.


For some electronic music artists, this is great!


Especially when labels take care of the distribution of new and previous releases.


There is less reliance on streaming royalties and more cash flow if you have an established online presence.


The negative side of things is that there is almost no way to get internally discovered.


Your artist profile doesn't have the Spotify or Youtube algorithm to push content.


This means... Unless the tracks you upload to your online music store on Beatport can get sold...


Then you're paying a yearly fee for nothing.


Distribution should create wealth for you, not take it away.


Why should DJs pay to get on Spotify, when the music itself is the product?


This is why I always recommend Free Music Distribution rather than a paid service.


You're guaranteed to sell music online without going into insolvency.


TLDR: DJs must leverage either paid advertising or a large social media profile to sell music on Beatport effectively. Getting on charts isn't easy, and it will take lots of time and investment.


Selling your music isn't hard when you have the right tools, guidance, and work ethic.


Use free music distributors such as Boost Collective to make the distribution side of things easy.


Create opportunities for your releases by connecting with producers/artists in high places.


As you upload your music release to Spotify, SoundCloud, Beatport, and other Streaming services you'll see growth.


Getting your Beatport album released without labels ain't impossible.


The best tools in the EDM genre are waiting for you!


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