How to Find a Music Manager!

Find a music manager

What does a music manager do for you

Before you find a music manager - you need to know exactly what your music manager will do for you.


Music managers within the music industry do a BUNCH of different stuff.


That's why music business giants have multiple music managers!


Here are examples of different music managers within the music business:

  • Artist manager (big picture music management)
  • Music right manager (publishing business deals)
  • Music management (logistics and setting meetings)


Types of music managers



And there are many other types of music managers within the music business.


Before you get a music manager you should know WHEN you'll need them and if they actually CAN help you break into the music industry.


Most of the time, the manager is useless and will not progress your music career very far.


Pro tip: Run your own music management at first so you can learn about the business side of things.


This way once you find the music manager, you'll be able to hold them accountable and make sure they're a good manager!


Manage yourself



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Networking runs the music business

Keep in mind that even though everybody WANTS to find a manager - not everybody NEEDS a manager.


If you're still finding your musician style, management help won't lead to music career success.


Only get a manager when you get your music fanbase big. It might also be worth taking a look a the best music PR services to aid you in your search.


Otherwise, finding a manager will be pretty much useless for your music business.


Just by being in the music business, you'll run into other artists and musicians all the time!


Every new friend or professional relationship becomes a business referral.


Networking in the music industry


Finding a manager will be easier if your musician friends can refer you to potential managers!


The best business method for finding a manager is just networking.


The music industry is huge, there's a new music career blowing up every second!


So long as you leverage social media correctly you can get a music manager to help expand your music career!




Getting a music manager on Social Media

You have an easier time finding a good manager on social media than in your city.


The music industry is global now!


This means you can get a good manager. Even if you live at a potato farm in Idaho.


The trick to finding a music manager on social media is to reach out to anybody interested in your craft.


The cold approach won't lead to meaningful relationships within your music career.


Cold approach does not work


You can ask someone to be your friend, the same way you can't ask someone to enter a working relationship with you as your artist manager.


People who promote your music can turn out to be wonderful managers.


Reach out to music promoters via social media all the time and just build a professional relationship.


Sometimes the professional relationship can turn into a person becoming your friend.


This is good because they can help you reach the next level and get you in contact with management.





Moms manage the Music Industry

In trying to find a music manager, you'll find something interesting in the music business.


It's most common for large music industry giants to have their mom as a manager!


I'm not joking - hiring your mom as a music manager can work in your music career because you already know her and she's good at managing your household.


Mom manager


Your top music industry giants with their mom as a music manager:

  • Kanye West's mom was his music manager
  • Waka Flocka's mom is his music manager
  • Britney Spears's mom is her music manager
  • Asher had his mom as his music manager
  • Miley Cyrus' mom is her manager



That said... Most of our moms will not agree to become your music manager...


Nor do you want your mom to be your music manager either.


The main point is to find a music manager that cares for you you'll have to look outside of the music business.


Strive to get a music manager that gives a damn about you.


It's impossible to break into the music industry unless you have huge support!


All jokes aside - get a music manager who isn't your mom.



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