How to Create a Spotify Pre-Save Campaign! (The Easy & Free Way)

July 02, 2021

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What is Spotify Pre-Save, And How Does it Work?

A Spotify pre-save campaign is something all artists should be doing to push their upcoming release to more users. Spotify pre-saves lets you get as many listeners streaming your music when it drops.


Think of it as pre-ordering an album or video game.


Those who pre-order will be the first to access the album or video game. The same idea is applied to pre saves.


When you run an effective pre-save campaign, you'll be getting Spotify users listening to your music on day one of it going out - not only giving your die-hard fans the chance to stream your music fast, but also getting potential fans in on the action too.


The result will be an influx of streams on day one, letting your release start off strong.


The only thing you need to start is a Spotify pre-save link.


Once you have that, follow the steps outlined below to launch an effective Spotify pre-save campaign for your upcoming release!



What is a Spotify Pre-Save Link?

Your Spotify pre-save link is where the campaign begins.


This is basically the link where you want to bring as many fans and potential listeners to as possible - through this link, they'll be able to pre-save your upcoming release.


Pre-save campaigns revolve around bringing as many people as possible to this link. It's as simple as that!


The team at Music Gateway put together a great video explaining how it works.


Presave link



How to Get a Spotify Pre-Save Link

It all starts with getting your Spotify pre-save link.


There are many services that'll make you pay to generate your link and make a customized landing page to entice people to pre-save your music.


At the time of writing this article, the best place you can generate your pre-save link for free is on smartURL, here:


All you need to get started is a free account and nothing more.


You'll need to make sure your song is already scheduled for release with your distributor in order for it to work.


You'll need to input your release's Spotify URI in the Spotify product ID section, as outlined in the tutorial linked below.


Use SmartURL for your presave link


Here's a great tutorial on how to generate your Spotify pre-save link through the smartURL platform. Check it out to see how to generate your link.


What's important is making sure you have an effective pre-save campaign in place - obtaining the link is just one step of the puzzle!



How a Pre-Save Campaign Can Grow Your Spotify Streams

More streams on Spotify is ultimately what we're all after.


If you properly send people to your pre-save page and consistently run these campaigns, you'll begin to see streams and results compound.


Here's how you'll get more exposure with pre-saves on Spotify.



It Generates Hype on Your Release Date

The most obvious way you're going to get more Spotify streams is simply due to the fact that you'll be getting more people hyped about your upcoming song.


When you do a pre-save, you generate natural buzz about your upcoming song, increasing awareness in your existing fans.


The pre-save page in turn will act as a way to capture this buzz into streams, as people who pre-save are much more likely to listen to your song as soon as it drops as opposed to not capturing them at all.


So not only will your generate more hype for your upcoming release, you're capturing this hype and actually turning it into streams on Spotify.



Increases Your Odds of Getting Spotify's Algorithmic Playlists

Using Spotify pre-saves is just one way to get your song on Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists.


These are Spotify's algorithmic playlists that they auto-generate for all users, and the more you get on these playlists, the more new listeners and fans you can begin to amass.


When a new release gets a strong stream count on day one of release, this tells Spotify's algorithm that this song is ripe for being added to people's release radar and discover weekly playlists.


Other than paid Spotify promotion, a strong pre-save campaign will help you get that high stream count on day one that you need to get on these playlists.


Helps Build Pre Release Momentum

Whenever you have a new song coming out it's essential to build up hype, especially if you are an up and coming artist.


Not only is it important to create awareness but it is also a great way to encourage a tangible action in the buildup to the release, which is why Spotify pre-saves are very effective.


With Spotify pre-save you can generate awareness and enthusiasm for your new music and drive fans to listen once your music is released.


It is more effective to incentivise pre-saves as once people have access to your music they are likely to listen time and time again.



Helps Engage Your Fanbase

Engaging your fanbase in new ways is key if you're not a fan of losing momentum in growth.


Pre-save on Spotify gives fans a new way engage with you - and it might be exactly what they need to fully engage with your music.


A good pre-save campaign brings along a fun sense of desire for your fans, chasing your upcoming Spotify releases and being the first to pounce on them.


Emotional appeal is important - and this is another way to bring it to your fans.



How to Set up Your Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

Let's get into the meat and potatoes - how to actually create an effective & engaging free Spotify pre-save strategy to boost streams on your music's release.


What's important is being prepared. All the extra planning pays off on release day!



1. Schedule a Release Date Ahead of Time

Planning ahead of time is crucial in order to maximize pre-saves.


Work backwards from your release date.


Once you have your music ready to be distributed, we want to determine how long you want your pre-save to be available. One month before your release date is standard.


If you want your song to release on August 1st, you'll want your pre-save campaign to start on July 1st.


This means that you'll want to upload your song to your distributor 2-3 weeks before July 1st and schedule it for an August 1st release.


Set up presave


This is so you have time to generate your pre-save link and have one month to push it to your audience.



2. Distribute Your Music on Spotify

Got everything scheduled and sketched out on a calendar?


Now it's time to upload your song for distribution.


There are many music distribution companies to pick from that'll get your song on Spotify.


Find one, go through their signup process, and you'll be good to go!


Make sure you schedule the song for a release date at 5-6 weeks in the future, so we have time to push the pre-save link.



3. Plan an Incentive to Get People to pre-save your song

Like all promotional activity, getting people to do something for you requires that you give them a good enough incentive.


Not only will this help you engage with people and generate buzz, but it's going to encourage people to go ahead and pre-save your music.


The goal is to drive as many people to your pre-save page as possible. The more people clicking your pre-save Spotify link, the better.


Give away t-shirts, cash prizes or free downloads to randomly-chosen fans who pre-saves your new track to their Spotify library.


Host a giveaway


It's a great way to reward fans for engaging with you!


Some other ideas are running a rewards campaign or giving exclusive access to music you're working on.



4. Generate Your Pre-Save Link

Once your song is scheduled with your distributor, it's time to generate your pre-save link.


There are many places that help you create the link, but this tutorial explaining how to generate one through smartURL for free seems like your best bet.


Feel free to use a different method. All will need the Spotify URI and the Spotify Product ID, which is covered in the tutorial mentioned!


All that matters is that you create a pre-save page that we can send people to.


5. Create Good Messaging

As you're configuring your pre-save page in step 4, you'll need to create enticing messaging to convince fans to click on the mighty pre-save button.


This is where you can mention the thing you're giving away.


Promote Your Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

Once you've got the link that people will use to pre-save on Spotify, it's time to get out there and push it out to as many people as possible.


Make Social Media Posts

Build up hype within your fanbase - making an engaging social media post every 5-7 days dedicated to pushing your pre-save page will be key.


Upload to your stories, show your face, and also make text posts across all your socials. The more people you reach, the better.


In a time crunch?


Use Boost Collective's Social Media Post Creation service to get engaging posts made ready for you to upload.


Claim your social media posts



Update Your Social Banners

Updating your banners to say you have an upcoming release will draw attention to your link in bio to the pre-save.


Use Boost Collective's banner art creation service to get HQ banners for all your profiles to get more pre-saves.



Got an Email List?

Sending email notifications to an email list you have can boost awareness to your pre-save.


A strong email list offers obvious benefit - and if you're not building one, you're missing out!



Run Pre-Save Campaigns For Every New Release

Release day is important - your upcoming album or song won't get heard if you don't have a consistent strategy in place.


You must make sure your new music is being added to your fan's Spotify library, every release.


Make it a habit to create pre-saves for all new music you plan on releasing.


By the time you make your music live, at least 50% of your audience should have already heard about it.



Patience is key

Like all good things, results won't appear overnight.


Organic strategies such as this will take time for it to work.


It takes 3-5 of these campaigns to really nail it, and have them optimized.


So don't get let down - be patient, the results will come.



Focus on your Existing Fanbase

It's best to gather as many of your existing fans to your pre-save rather than try to get new audiences.


Patience is key


Once the song's released, new users will come to your song if your existing fanbase streamed your song on day one.


That initial hype will make your song appear on other Spotify user's lists.




It's easy to get your music heard on Spotify.


It just takes a bit of time, effort and planning to begin to see a wider audience clock to your different tracks you have release on the Spotify platform.


Follow the steps above and you'll be seeing Spotify users flock to your music, growing your overall presence on Spotify!



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