How Long Does it Take RouteNote to Review?


RouteNote Review Times

How Long Until RouteNote Accepts Your Tracks?

You can expect the RouteNote team to approve your song within 72 hours.


If you have a support ticket and need some help, reach out to the team and expect to hear back within three days.


They are one of the best services for Free Music Distribution.


While three days may see him like a long time, out of all music distribution platforms this is VERY fast!


Compared to Distrokid, you can expect much better support from route note.


But her, you also need to keep in mind that having your release approved by RouteNote is not the same as having it set for distribution.


It still takes a while because each streaming service has its own approval process.


You can expect different timelines: Spotify and YouTube music are relatively fast, but that other platforms like the port and Apple Music can take a little bit longer than the others.


It's not "how long does it take" one by one - but in total.


This is why you should plan your upcoming releases far in advance this way all the pre-save links will lead to the same date.


Plus, the song he can get on all the platforms at the right time!


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Follow the RoutNote Moderation Team Rules

Follow Moderation


Every free distribution or paid distribution platform has their own rules.


If you want to get onto streaming services such as Apple Music, you can't ignore these when you submit your release.


Here are some basic rules when you distribute to streaming services:

  1. Have high quality tracks

  2. Don't abuse the free distribution

  3. Use their official email for queries

We're going deeper into all of these RouteNote moderation rules.



#1. Have High Quality Music

This tracks you release need to be of a specific quality when uploading them.


It needs to fit the company guidelines for EACH of the streaming services!


And just note: Streaming services are very different in terms of expected quality.


For example, Tidal is a streaming service that only takes audio quality that is recorded at the highest level.


This means... If your song is subpar it can end up on Spotify, be delayed for Apple Music yet never touch the stores at Tidal.


Even the best distributor can't get approved to stores for crap music.


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#2. Don't abuse the free distribution

The music released to streaming services needs to be absolutely yours.


You cannot release music that has infringes copyright laws.


It will not be approved by the staff, and if you try to distribute multiple tracks like this you may get banned indefinitely.


Just remember: there's a big cost in a big cost & risk for a free distribution service like this to exist.


The fact that you aren't paying a premium does not mean you should try all these schemes to earn royalty revenue.


I know this doesn't sound like something that happens...


But you'd be surprised how frequently musicians try to make money through stolen music. 


Also: If you don't want your upload works to get stolen, then release up your stem along with the actual track.

That way you can protect the release from other people trying to distribute it.


And if you're wondering 'how long does it take' to get this done?


It's not any longer more than getting regular music uploaded.


Do you make good music?


Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.


I'm taking song submissions of all genres👇


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#3. Use Their Official Email For Support

This relates mainly to when you have an issue with the service.


Understand that every company has multiple email addresses for different styles of communication.


For example: when the RouteNote wants to collaborate with other company, they're going to be answering a different email than the support line.


If you wanna get swift information on your release, they need to message the correct email.

This just makes communication with the service much more smooth.



Get in Contact with the RouteNote Team

RouteNote Contact Information


Once your release has been approved by the RouteNote team, then your song is set for upload.


You can reach out to them through


Considering the fact that it is free distribution, having any support at all it's a very good sign.

(When was the last time he reached out to YouTube customer support? haha.)


Let's say you happen to have any issue with these services, just reach out to the staff and tell them about the song issue.


It's a very good company in terms of support!



2 Free RouteNote Alternatives (That Work!)

RouteNote Distribution Alternatives


So understand I RouteNote is good distributor and a fine way to release your music.


Just know that there are many other ways to get your song on Apple Music and other major streaming services!


Boost Collective and Amuse are music distribution companies that get your release live on platforms.


You might be thinking to put your track online using these other services, who knows!


 There's a different process when it comes to uploading your releases and getting your songs live however, you don’t have to pay a single cent for each release.


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RouteNote VS Amuse

RouteNote VS



RouteNote is a better distribution platform than Amuse when it comes to speed. 


You can set a sales start date, and as soon as your song is uploaded to platforms, you're able to make money!


With the Amuse free account you have to wait a while before your song actually gets on these streaming services.


You’re waiting more than 4x as long to see your tracks on iTunes, Apple Music and the rest.

While do NOT you have to pay any money upfront, they take 15% commission on your royalties. 


Make sure you check the Top 30 Distribution Platforms!


That means if you're able to generate a considerable sum, you’re stuck paying out instead of fully monetizing from your music.


The choice is yours when you upload - if you anticipate high sales, you may want to make the prudent choice.


The Amuse website does have other premium services that lets you upload songs to streaming service.


But if you want to upload for FREE with a nice sales start date and collect your revenue… 


I believe that RouteNote or Boost Collective are better alternatives than Amuse. 


There are many reviews already on the web, go read 'em!



RouteNote VS. Boost Collective

RouteNote VS Boost Collective



Boost Collective is also another free way to get your music on streaming services.


The benefit to set a sales start with Boost Collective is the additional promo.


Unlike RouteNote, you'll have your music pitched to independent playlists AS SOON as it's released!


This adds another boost to get you heard.


Aside from this you'll see all the regular tools (presave, analytics, distribution, etc.) but with added bonus of music mastering, cover arts and more!


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RouteNote Pre-Save Links:

Since RouteNote has pre-save links, then you can point your social media fans towards your new track as soon as your song is uploaded to your account.


This is true for artists with an album or even just a single.


Not only that, You can set this week in advance or even more!


Just having this just allows you to monetize and set a sales start date.


Amuse has the same exact service as well, so that puts them a few points ahead considering these are FREE services!



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