100+ Free Metal Drum Loops to Download (Royalty-Free!)

free metal drum loops

Free Metal Drum Loops To bring killer metal influence!

It's no wonder that many people are hunting for those trademark free metal drum loops online, given the growing popularity of metal and rock nowadays.

Many websites offer free drum samples, but the majority of them are old or lack a wide range of sounds.

If you're seeking for new free metal drum loops, we've collected a long list of recently validated sources for you.

In the first place, why would you want to use Drum loops? A drum loop is a segment of MIDI data that repeats itself, and it's an important aspect of trap music.

It can be programmed to play at a specific speed, pitch, and other parameters to create a repeatable rhythmic recording.


This makes it easy and reliable to use - and they can bring interesting inspiration and flair to your productions.


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What is Metal Music?

what is metal rock


metal music is a genre of music that is hard and aggressive.


Metal music is characterized by high tempos, distorted guitars, and screaming vocals.

Some of the most famous metal songs include “Enter Sandman” by Metallica and “Parabellum” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Metal music has a very loyal fan base, and it is played in many different venues.


It is often associated with masculinity and tradition, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular among older people.


This includes hard rock, heavy metal, black metal, and even doom.


While some people may not be familiar with all of these subgenres, they are likely to know at least one of them.


Alongside drum loops, make sure you have the best free guitar sample packs to help aid you in your metal or rock production (or any production, for that matter).




100+ Best Free metal Drum Loops You Can Download Right Now

These are the best free metal loops you can download right now:

  1. Looperman 100 Metal Drum Loops (FREE)
  2. 252 Metal Drum Loops and Samples (FREE)
  3. Metal Drum Kit and Loops (FREE)
  4. Modern Metal Drum Track 140 BPM (FREE)
  5. Heavy Metal Drum Track 180 BPM (FREE)
  6. Groovy Metal Drum Track 100 BPM | Remix (FREE)
  7. Modern Metal Drum Track 144 BPM | Preset 3.0 (FREE)
  8. Metal Drum Track 100 BPM (FREE)
  9. Metal Drum Track 150 BPM #2 (FREE)
  10. Metal Drum Track 180 BPM (FREE)
  11. Modern Metal Drum Track 160 BPM (FREE)
  12. Simple Straight Metal Drum Track 120 BPM (FREE)
  13. Easy Metal Drum Track 70 BPM (FREE)

To make things easier, we put all the Sample packs above in one free download for you:



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These metal drum loops are perfect for adding that rock influence into your productions.


There’s no paying for expensive recording sessions when you have free drum loops to work with!


You'll find free drum loops that will diversify your sample collection more than ever before.

Some of these sample packs contain real drums, synths, alternate instruments, and even vocals.

While these free drum loops are inspired by metal, they can also be used in hip hop, EDM, or pop music.

These free drum samples have a signature metal groove and tempo that can inspire new hybrid creations that producers love.


You will also find a wide variety of metal sub-genres that are available for you to explore.


Whether you're new to the genre or even a veteran, these metal samples will add a new dimension to your music.


Try out a new song each time you create it and use one of these metal drum loops to spice things up.


These loops can be used in virtually any genre, so they're a great addition to any sample collection.


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Some Bonus Drum Samples You Can Download Right Now


bonus drum loops to use


Drum samples are available in a wide variety of styles.


Whatever kind of music or vibe you're doing for, we have one listed for you, and for free to download.

Hi-hats are open and closed; open rolls are available; wet sounds and click samples are included; as well as everything else needed to meet today's standards of music production.

The wonderful thing about using these various types of drum loops is that you can create any sound you want.

If you look through some of these other packs, you might find the drum loops you need for your production!

Focusing on the right type of free drum loops for your track is the most important tip when it comes to selecting the right type of drum sample to get the dance floor pumping!




Free Rock Drum Loops

rock drum loops


Having a big collection of rock drum loops is essential for any producer, regardless of genre. 


These drum loops tend to be more organic and classic sounding, which is a welcome element in today's synthesized-everything.


  1. Looperman Rock Drum Loops (FREE)
  2. Slingerland Drum Samples (FREE)
  3. Punk Rock Drum Kit 2022 (FREE)


Check out our full list of free rock drum loops.


These are most commonly used for making rock songs, pop songs, EDM, hip hop, R&B, etc.


You’ll find a variety of different rock drum loops to choose from, like acoustic drum loops, electronic drum loops, tribal drum loops, live drum loops, etc.




Free Midi Drum Loops

midi drum loops


From adding a quick drum loop to creating an entire track with a drum beat...


MIDI loops can be used in a variety of ways and are a staple in music production.

Because they are provided as a single MIDI file, these MIDI loops are very simple to use.


These are ideal for quickly adding a drum beat to your song.


  1. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (FREE)
  2. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (FREE)
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (FREE)
  4. Cymatics Symbolyc One S1 Sample Pack (FREE)


View our full list of 1,000+ free midi drum loops.


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Ultimate List of Free Drum Loops (All Genres)

ultimate drum loop list


And if you're looking to amass the absolute biggest collection of drum loops for all genres, look no further than our ultimate list of free drum loops. Here are some from our list.


  1. 60 Live Drum Loops Sample Pack (FREE)
  2. Synthwave Drum Kit Sample Pack(FREE)
  3. 350+ Acoustic Drum Loops, Fills, Hi-Hats Loops, (FREE)
  4. Mellow Groove Rock Drum Beat 78 BPM (FREE)


See the ultimate list of 100+ free drum loops sample packs.


From heavy metal to jazz to hip hop, there's sure to be something here that suits your style and needs.


With so many styles, tempos, and customizability options to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect loop to fit your needs.




How to Use Drum Loops

how to use drum loops


Drum loops, whether single-shot samples or complete drum kits, can be used in a variety of ways in music.

You can use them as part of the songwriting process or to give your arrangement that extra something it needs.


You are in complete command!

To begin, you must first obtain your drum loops. Sample packs and free drum kit libraries are available.

You'll need to import them into your DAW once you've downloaded them.

Make sure your project is synced to the loop's BPM, or choose a drum loop that has the same BPM as your project.

This will make it much easier to sync your drum loops and give them a more professional sound.

You're ready to start making drum tracks now that they're in your DAW.


You'll want to try out different methods for making your drum parts.

To make longer drum parts, copy and paste from one sample to the next or use looping software.


Here's a great tutorial on how to use drum loops:



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Can I Use a Free Sample Pack If it's Not Royalty Free?

drum loops royalty free


While Royalty Free is the best type of license to acquire, it is not the only one available.


There are many different types of licenses, and you can choose the one that best meets your needs.


Most paid sample packs will be entirely royalty-free.


Free drum loops usually are also royalty-free, but you should be aware that this might not always be the case.


If you're planning on making a major release where you're selling and distributing your music worldwide, it might be smart to make sure that you are using entirely royalty-free samples.


You can usually get away with using any type of drum loop or sample if you alter it to the point where it's no longer recognisably the original.

Sample editing can be as difficult or as simple as you want.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should only alter a sample in order to improve its sound.

To fit into a pre-programmed rhythm or beat, a sample does not need to be changed.

Always remember that the sample represents a portion of a song rather than the entire piece.

Your imagination and ideas are the only limitations!




Why Free Samples Are A must for your sample library

grow your sample library


Using free samples and loops, as well as having a large sample library, has several advantages.

The most important factor is creativity, and the more drum samples and (in general) sample packs you have, the better your productions will sound.

Samples can be used to give a song more rhythm and structure, serve as a click track during a recording session, or simply fascinate an audience.

You could start by playing back to yourself a loop or drum sound that you think would fit your song until you have it perfected.


modify your drum loops


This is one of the most common applications of samples in songwriting, and it's a great way to broaden your horizons and discover new sounds.

It's easier than ever to get started, thanks to a recent surge in people looking to make music without the help of a producer and the democratization of software that allows anyone to make a song.

Gather as many samples as possible and focus on streamlining your workflow so you can create new songs quickly.


We hope you enjoy the free metal drum loops you found in this article!


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