Free Acoustic Guitar Loops and Sample Packs in 2022

Free Acoustic Guitar Samples

Get Amazing Acoustic Guitar Samples in Your Productions

If you’re looking to add some softness, depth, and character to your production, an acoustic guitar has you covered.


These collections of acoustic guitar loops, samples, kits and melodies can spice up any song.


Whether you're making pop, indie, EDM, or even rap.


Download links for acoustic guitar samples are below


You don't have to be a talented guitar player in order to use these samples.


You can just plop them in when you need them, and they'll do the trick!


Whether it's the acoustic guitar melody or loops that you're looking for, there are plenty of great options on this list.


This is the ultimate list of free rock guitar loops and samples for every right mood you're looking for.


When you find a free sample pack you like, simply click on it and you'll be redirected to the site where we found them for you to download.


And be sure to check out our full 100 best Guitar sample packs and loops if you're looking for more Guitar samples of all kinds.


There's tons of value in that one!


Checkout our list of 100 guitar sample packs to download


We've also added some paid acoustic guitar loops and packs in this list that are of great quality if the free ones you find here don't satisfy your specific needs.


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Best Free Acoustic Guitar Loops and Sample packs:

Without further ado, here's our list of the best acoustic guitar loops:

  1. Looperman Acoustic Guitar samples and loops (FREE)
  2. CHAQUIXCX Acoustic Guitar Loops (FREE)

  3. Trap Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack (FREE)

  4. Emotional Guitar and Piano Loopkit (FREE)

  5. Sampleswap Acoustic Guitar samples (FREE)

  6. Journey Chill Guitar Loops

  7. Views Ambient Guitar Loops

  8. Acoustic Guitar Toolkit

  9. "Sweety Acoustics"Acoustic Guitar Loops pack (FREE)

  10. Ambient Dark Guitar & Synth Loops (FREE)

  11. "SERENADE" Guitar Loops Sample Pack (FREE)

  12. Melodic & Popular Guitar Vibes

  13. "Artica" Vibey Emotional Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)
  14. Agua Spanish Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)
  15. Verde Spanish Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)


And if you're looking for even more guitar loops and samples, be sure to check out our Ultimate 100 Guitar Loops and Sample Packs article.


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How to Use Your Acoustic Guitar Loops and Samples

Level up your guitar sample pack game


You can find hundreds of great guitar samples online or purchase a high-quality sample pack.


Once you've downloaded some of these killer packs, your next step is to use them wisely in your productions!


To use your samples, simply download them and place them into your DAW!


Usually the files come as .WAVs that you can just place inside that you can manipulate to your liking.


Most loops will also include BPM and key information in their title so you'll know how to adjust them.


More Guitar Samples below!


Sometimes these sample packs and loopkits will include MIDI information for chords and other melodic progressions to use with the samples.


These can also be useful for inspiring new melodies and riffs.


While sampling guitars, be aware that you are going to want clean recordings with lots of dynamics.


Avoid low-quality or super reverberated tracks.


Usually best to skip any MP3 files, WAV for the win!


Additionally, try layering multiple samples if you're looking for a specific sound.


Avoid low quality guitar loops because


Recording a guitar sample is also an option if you have the gear needed for it.


Usually its best to start with a sample loop of a guitar first to get the idea down, which you can find using this article.


Once you have the idea all fleshed out using the downloaded sample, you can then record an actual guitar to replace the sample for a more polished outcome.


Below, we've compiled some more guitar sample packs and loops of other kinds so you can browse around and find even more!


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Make Sure Your Acoustic Guitar Loops are royalty-free

Important to know this about guitar samples being royalty free


One very important consideration that you'll need to make when you're in the process of recording and editing your music is the type of samples you'll be using throughout.

It's always a good idea if possible to work exclusively with royalty-free guitar loops if you plan to distribute or sell your music.


This is especially important if you're using samples extensively because it increases the chances that copyright services will detect the copyrighted guitar sounds.


Our list has tons of royalty free samples which should be helpful for those interested in making their own songs!




Some Other Guitar Sample packs to take a look at

Be sure to check out our massive top 100 guitar loops and sample pack blog.


You won't find a more comprehensive list of free guitar loops anywhere!


We've also added some paid sample packs that are of awesome quality if you're looking for higher quality samples or loops.


It's worth investing some money into more premium sounds if you want to support the producers making them.



Best Pop Guitar Sample Packs and loops

Best Pop Guitar Samples and Loops To Download


These are the best pop guitar samples and loops - great for pop (of course), hyperpop, indie, alternative, EDM, or rap.


These guitars are made to fit into mainstream genres and facilitate easy listening:

  1. Pop Guitar Loops
  2. Melodic & Popular Guitar Vibes
  3. Chubby Beatz Pop Guitar sample pack (FREE)


To see the full list of pop guitar sample packs and loops, click here.


These are great for any track that's missing an organic instrument and more lines of melody within them.



Ultimate jazz guitar sample packs and loops (Royalty-Free)

The best jazz guitar sample packs to download


Here's a list of some jazz-influenced guitar samples for your commercial projects.


These can work well for any genre, as far out as hip hop, rap and trap.

  1. Sampleswap Jazz Guitar samples (FREE)
  2. Acoustic Guitar Toolkit


To see the full list of Jazz guitar sample packs, click here.


With these sounds, you can imitate a jazz vibe for any genre you're trying to make! You might also find other instruments that offer a similar sound in this library.


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The Best electric guitar Sample Packs (Royalty-Free)

The best electric guitar sample packs


Here's a collection of electric guitar samples, loops, and melodies:

  1. Pop Punk Guitar Loop Kit 2021 (FREE)
  2. Punkstar Punk Guitar sample pack (FREE)
  3. "Vampire Girl" Guitar Loop Kit/Sample pack (FREE)


To see the full list of Electric guitar sample packs, click here.


With these sample packs, there are both recorded and synthesized sounds to choose from.


You'll be sure to find a pack that satisfies your needs!




The Best RnB guitar Sample Packs (Royalty-Free)

Best royalty free R&B guitar samples


Here's a collection of the top RnB guitar loops, melodies, and more that you can use in your productions.


  1. RnB Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)
  2. Rnb, Dancehall, Trap Guitar Loop Kit/Sample Pack (FREE)
  3. Strings Adventures 2 XL


To see the full list of RnB guitar sample packs, click here.


Making music with a great guitar sample pack is one of the most satisfying things ever, especially when you use guitars for one genre and apply it to a different one!


Let's see what creative productions you can make with these RnB samples.



Should you pay for sample packs?

Why Bother Using Paid Guitar Samples


Downloading a sample pack can help you achieve the exact sound you want for your songs and projects.


There are a variety of sample packs available online, including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, rhythm and lead guitar, acoustic and electric bass, drums, and other samples such as clapping, whistling, and singing.


With the variety of options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and style.


Whether you’re looking for acoustic and electric guitar riffs or rhythm and lead guitar chords, you’ll find what you need in these packs.


Depending on the quality of the sample pack, some really great sounds are worth recording with them!


The easiest way to get high-quality samples is to purchase them from a reputable website.


The best websites will have a large selection of high-quality samples that you can download directly to your computer.


Depending on the quality of the samples, they can range anywhere from $5 to $500.


The best advice when purchasing samples is to read the reviews of previous customers to see what their experience was with the website and the quality of the samples.


Using these packs is much easier than recording your own guitar tracks, as all you need to do is download them and start creating music without having any equipment or mic skills at hand.


You don't have to spend a lot of money hiring session musicians or buying recording equipment, which is typically a lot more expensive than using paid sample packs!




Is using splice or other sample subscriptions worth it?

Splice is an easy way to find samples that you might not be able to get otherwise.


If you are constantly looking for new samples, it might be worth considering one of these such subscription services.


Pros and Cons of using a paid subscription service for samples


It doesn't matter if you are a producer or DJ, looking for new sounds is something that we all do.


Finding the right samples doesn't always happen quickly or easily.


With a subscription service, you are guaranteed to have access to the latest sounds and samples that are out there.


You might find that it is much easier to get the sounds you need when you have access to a large inventory.


Finding the right sample for your song or production can take a long time.


With a subscription service, you know that you will always have access to the newest sounds.


Here are some pro's and cons:



  • A sample pack will be royalty-free and be of very high quality

  • Unlimited access to a huge catalog of samples and loops

  • You'll find a sample pack for every need - from guitars and beyond.

  • You can cancel anytime



Costs a lot of money


Overall it could be well worth considering.


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