Beatport vs Traxsource: Full Comparison (Updated 2024)

Beatport VS Tracksource

Which of these services is better for artists?

Let's do a comparison between Beatport VS Traxsource.


I mean, let's be real...


Isn't the world of digital music distribution more fragmented than ever?


From Spotify to SoundCloud, from YouTube to Vimeo and beyond, it would appear that every musician has their own go-to channel for sharing their music.


Even after Free Music Distribution - where to next?


For electronic music artists, how can you maximize your track download and cut through the competition?


You know, there’s always a little bit more to the story...


That’s because while you might THINK that the streaming world is an over-saturated one, there remains a huge demand for new music across all channels.


The competition is only an issue if you are not aware of how to get electronic music out there.


Are you an aspiring producer hoping to make a mark on the industry?


Here’s everything you need to know about Beatport vs Traxsource.


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Read this before doubling down on a platform:

Read This First


Every DJ needs a place to sell their music. Duh.


All the music distribution companies (except DistroKid) can get your tracks in Beatport and Traxsource.


The difference between these streaming services and other ones is the pricing model and genre.


A subscription to Traxsource or Beatport is worth WAY more for you than Deezer.


Unlike Spotify or Apple Music where you can hear a wide array of genres from rock 'n' roll to free jazz…


Beatport and Traxsource thrive for electronic musicians because the niches are restricted to EDM and house tracks.


So which of these platforms should you take more of your energy towards?

No two platforms are equal.


Let's help you decide where to figure time energy and budget based on your short-term and long-term goals as a musician.


To Begin let's talk about the pros and cons of each platform and she had that released to you for for selling your music.


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The Pro's of Using Beatport Streaming Services

The Pros of Beatport


Aside from streaming and the ability to download tracks, this is a great platform.


Benefits of selling your music through Beatport:

  • Huge audience

  • Quick and straightforward payments

  • Mixes go viral here


Read my guide on How To Get Music On Beatport in less than a week!


Beatport boasts a huge global audience of music lovers and DJs – with monthly users in the millions!


You can have thousands of people play and support your music on this app.


By uploading your music to the platform, you’ll be able to reach a large number of potential fans.


Also, since this service allows direct sales, your support becomes direct dollars.


There are playlists and ways to gain customers as long as you know how to market your tracks.


At its core. Beatport is an excellent option if you’re looking to make some quick cash from your music.


Do you make good music?


Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 


Get your music heard now 👇


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Traxsource: The benefits of using this platformTraxsource Benefits


As one of the world’s leading digital music distribution platforms, Traxsource hosts a huge library of music!


It does not get as much attention in comparison to Beatport - but the support is WAY better.


Read my guide on How To Get Music on Traxsource!


There's a bunch of quality customers since Traxsource focuses on smaller brands.


As well as providing a huge selection of music to its users, it also hosts a selection of original editorial content, including interviews with some of the world’s top musicians and DJs.


It's helpful for niche producers looking for a way to get streams from a good support base.


In fact, Traxsource’s team includes a range of music industry veterans, including former Sony Music and Universal Music marketing executives!


Traxsource also offers an online store where DJs can purchase digital versions of the music they hear.


You can buy AND sell a DJ-related song download.


This can be particularly useful for independent artists or labels who don’t have the resources to promote and distribute their music through the more mainstream channels on this list.



Comparing Beatport sales vs. traxsource offline streaming

While Beatport is great for short-term profits, Traxsource is an excellent option if you’re looking to make some long-term cash from your music. Its streaming services are just as good as Spotify's - but more niche.


The trick isn't to use one and avoid the other...


You want to sequence your efforts from one, and then parlay into the other.



Each store is for professionals but at different stages in your brands.


Thanks to the nature of Traxsource, you’ll be able to see a long-term return on your investment.


I think if you don't have any immediate fans then focus mainly on Beatport as well to save money.


Once you have considerable fan support, you can migrate your DJ stuff onto Traxsource.


From big-name DJs to bedroom selectors, the platform is a popular choice for sharing mixes.


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Are there any other alternatives for electronic music sales?

Traxsource Beatport Alternatives


While Beatport and Traxsource remain industry-leading platforms, there are several other digital music distribution channels worth considering!


The obvious is Spotify and the power of playlists.


But I am very very bullish on YouTube music.


You'll receive a lot of support overnight if you can access the YouTube search algorithm.


Running a few YouTube ads here and there is a great way to get traffic to your own site, but to push a video.


Aside from that, you don't need to rely on streaming stores to get a stream.


Since TikTok pays you for track playback and videos made, technically you can garner support there and monetize quickly.


One of my buddies DJ Diddy does mixes and challenges - from there he leveraged the tool to over a million followers!



Sell your Electronic music without DPS's

In fact, many artists choose to publish their music to a selection of different channels to maximize their reach among potential listeners.


While Spotify doesn’t offer the ability to upload music, many digital distributors offer the option to publish your music to the platform.


Also check out CD Baby or Loudr - because aside from playlists, many fans want the physical vinyl service as well.


In comparison to hip hop and other genres, electronic music fans have owned types of vinyl and CDs before the computer shop and will continue.


Check out my 30 Best DistroKid alternatives blog to see the best ones.


And watch out for SoundCloud and iTunes! What started as an idea became a way to run a DJ business.


More DJs find SoundCloud an easy way to get free music for their mixes.


Once they shop around and buy a membership, expect to get heard!


A growing number of DJs are using it to host their mixes online – making it an excellent choice for getting your music heard. :)


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Final Words

As the world of digital music distribution grows ever more saturated, it can be tough to break through the noise and stand out from the crowd....


but only if you look at standard marketing policies and don't break outside the box.


That’s why it’s important to understand where your target listeners are hanging out – and how they like to listen!


That’s why we’ve outlined the key differences between Beatport and Traxsource – two of the industry’s leading music streaming platforms.


Go check them out today!


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