What Is SoundOn? - Tik Tok Distribution

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TikTok's Influence

TikTok already has a huge impact on the music industry today. Songs that do well on the app go straight to the top of the Billboard charts.


No longer is it a new platform, it's an established app already!


Submit your music to influencers!


It's opened the doors for new and undiscovered artists, and has changed the music marketing game!


Now, the company is putting out SoundOn, its own platform for marketing and distributing music, to help more artists get their music heard.




Get Your Music On TikTok


There are two different ways you can get your music on TikTok.

  1. You can create a new "sound", which can then be used to create videos.

  2. Use a distribution service to get better music marketing, use promotional tools, and get on all the streaming platforms.


Your music will be seen as an official sound, and you'll get paid for royalties!


At Boost Collective, we recommend that music creators use a proper distribution service to get their own music on TikTok & beyond!


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What Is SoundOn?

The company is putting out SoundOn, its own platform for marketing and distributing music, to help more artists get their music heard.


Musicians can directly upload songs to TikTok and then share them with other streaming services.

ByteDance, the parent company, will not charge artists any transaction or distribution fees.


SoundOn says that in the first year, SoundOn pays musicians all of the royalties for music they share with other streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.


Best TikTok Playlists To Submit Music!


After that, they will get 90% of the royalties.


Other companies that distribute music pay artists all of their royalties, but they usually charge a distribution or transaction fee.


As an incentive for people to upload music to TikTok itself, musicians get to keep all of the royalties when TikTok users use their music.



SoundOn Compared To Boost Collective

SoundOn is a great platform to distribute your music if your release is directly made for TikTok. It is owned by Byte Dance, so they're obviously going to be the best option to earn money from your music on TikTok.


How To Make Your Song Go Viral!


However, if you want an all-around better music distribution service, you should consider using Boost Collective to get your song heard.


If you're worrying about that release date, you should absolutely find a distributor that is best for you!

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Music distributors will vary with prices, features, and distribution.


It's important to choose the best one for you and your track!


A great way to know if a music distributor is legit is by seeing if they protect your copyrighted material.


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