The Ultimate Vampr Music App Review of 2024!


Vampr Review


What Is VAMPR?

So... Is Vampr a dating app?


Vampr is like Tinder for musicians - not a dating app. You can meet singers, beatmakers, etc. on this social network. Collaborate and make money with other music creators!


Vampr Meme


In the beginning, Vampr promoted itself as a sort of Tinder-esque app.


You'd hear this lingo pop up in all of their advertising.


The match-making mechanics on Vampr is simple:

  1. Create a Vampr profile and select from an array of profiles.
  2. Chose who you want to connect with
  3. Start swiping

The algorithm is pretty fair.


The more complete your profile is, the higher-quality connection you'll see.


There’s randomness, and variety when discovering new connections, which is an interesting model.


This model is similar to top apps like Candy Crush.


There's variety, but also randomness.


Try it yourself and see what I mean!


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And while Vampr doesn't have free music distribution like Boost Collective, there is still a lot to love.


Let's get started with this Vampr music app review!



How to Create A VAMPR Account

Vampr is so intuitive, that even a baby can start.


Haha, just a joke - You have to be 13+ for an account. 😤


Ready to connect with all the hot moms... I mean striving artists in your city?


I'll show you step-by-step.


How to create a Vampr account in 5 easy steps:

  1. Download Vampr from the iOS or Android App Store
  2. Create an account either with Facebook, Email, or Apple
  3. Fill in your account information
  4. Upload profile pictures
  5. And you're done!


Here's the in-depth version for the technically un-savvy:



#1. Download Vampr

Download Vampr


You can access Vampr easily.


Tap HERE for iOS and HERE for Android.


Sadly, Vampr is not available on Desktop. (I know, right!)


There are lots of reasons for this.


The simplest answer: Vampr is a social network.


Attention is everything in the social network game...


And Desktop I guess doesn't stick.



#2. Create An Account

It's fast, simple and easy.


You can use either your Facebook, Email, or Apple ID.


For email, you'll see a code that you'll use to authenticate.


(Tip: check your spam folder if it's not in your primary inbox)



#3. Fill In Your Account Information

Create a Vampr Account


Now the most essential part. Fill in your details.


These are the basic questions you must answer:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Etc.

Then, you'll have to input your roles as a musician.


Are you an A/R, Rapper, Singer, etc.?


Make sure you select what's most appropriate to have the best networking experience on Vampr.



#4. Upload Profile Pictures

Upload Profile Picture to Vampr


PLEASE no irrelevant photos.


Here are the ideal photos to upload:

  • You smiling
  • Studio Sessions
  • Performing Live
  • Writing music
  • Cool photography
  • Nice outfits
  • Clean formal wear


Shirtless beach body pics are good for Tinder but NOT Vampr.


You don't want to niche your market down to... Nobody, lol.


That's just my 2 cents anyway, live and let live!



#5. Start Matching!

Now, you're good to go!


Ready to start matching?


Tap below and get started today. 👇


Download Vampr Today


Best Tips & Tricks for Vampr Success

Vampr is successfully used by a lot of artists!


You can be the next one :)


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Vampr has just over a million users thus far.



What does that mean?


Is it a million people who downloaded the app but haven’t touched it in 6 months... Or is it the daily users?


Here's my take:


In my area, I use Vampr and have zero issues connecting with others. 


On the flip side:


If you live in Timbuktu then don’t be surprised if nobody reaches back.


It’s a shocker you even have wifi there!!!


Just joking, of course.


In reality, there are more than enough entrepreneurial musicians on Vampr for it to be worth it.


Put in 20% effort and you’ll see your network skyrocket like crazy!


Here are my best Vampr tips & tricks:

  1. Block out 30 minutes a day minimum to use Vampr
  2. Sign up for Vampr Publishing for bonus opportunities (free)
  3. Ask for referrals when connecting with users
  4. Provide value up-front to speed up relationship-building
  5. Take your time. Networking requires consistency


Vampr Tips & Tricks


Just don’t be an idiot: it’s important to water the connections.


Vampr isn’t your God, it’s a music tech tool.


You gotta make sure to put in the effort and maintain the connections for all of this to be worth it!



What's the Point of VAMPR?

VAMPR is extremely important for the music industry!


This is why:


One of the largest issues in the music industry is gatekeeping.


Gatekeeping is the #1 thing holding the culture back.


Know why?


All the goodies and treasures are left behind closed doors - ONLY to carefully selected acts.


Will you sacrifice your soul (and masters) to attain these connections?


Oftentimes you won't even get the chance!


To most artists, unless you have a label there's virtually zero support system in place…


So you have to build from scratch.


This is why Vampr is essential.


The ride can be easy when you’re assisted with a powerful tool like Vampr! 


Trust me then I say this: you can't replace it.


It’s so easy to go on Instagram and tell yourself "I'm going to network my ass off!"


But before you know it, you’ve spent 2 hours scrolling mindlessly at pictures of people eating ice cream and doing Tiktok challenges.


This is called "The Networking Problem."



The Networking Problem (Explained)

Every artist has a monkey inside their brain.


This monkey LOVES to explore!


(He's partly the reason why artists make music in the first place.)


The issue is that this money gets wrapped up in the algorithm and sabotages our plans!



The Monkey LOVES social media so it ends up wasting precious time...


That time can instead be used to progress your music career.


Hmm. Now we're stuck.


Rather than fight the monkey, let's instead put the monkey in an environment.


Someplace where it can flourish in the right areas.


That is what Vampr is all about.


Vampr will put your networking efforts in more productive ways.


You may say "But Linkedin tho??"


Yeah. Lol. Use Linkedin for longer than 5 minutes and you'll see why rappers aren't on it.


Vampr is true to the culture and true to the artist's vision.


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Is Vampr A Good Investment?

The music business is... Well, a business.


One of the key questions artists have is "Where should I invest my money?"


I have a great answer!


If you have some change lying around, why not invest in Vampr?


The company is growing fast, so it wouldn't hurt to accelerate.


(Note: this is for serious investors. This isn't Dogecoin)


Vampr has raised over $3.5 million from 3000 investors thus far!


Tap below to get involved today. 👇


Invest in Vampr

*DISCLAIMER: Their most recent funding round closed on March 31st, 2022.


However, you can check out their funding portal at the link above and track their progress by clicking 'Watch for updates'.



VAMPR Valuation (2022)

Vampr is a private company that takes in external funding.


Vampr's most recent public valuation is $20,921,000. Investors have access to their funding stats publicly on the company's Wefunder page: over $3,570,000 was invested into the company by 3065 investors.


Here are the past Vampr funding rounds:


Date Amount Raised
March 2022 $921,000
April 2021 $786,604
Jan 2020 $995,387
December 2018 $534,447
December 2016 $332,657


With their valuation growing 3.5X over the past two years, they're on track to become a $100MM company in the foreseeable future.


Since growth is the main engine, there is little talk of profitability, however, the company's revenues have generally doubled year over year.


This is understandable, considering Vampr is a high-growth tech company.


There is not much sense in taking early profits home, at the stake of an even bigger pie.


Check out the Vampr Wefunder page for frequent updates on the company!



Behold: VAMPR Publishing

What is Vampr Publishing


Want to get your music on TV, Radio, and commercials?


Good luck LOL.


It's hyper-competitive AND these opportunities are literally hidden from the average artist.


Still... Would be a dream come true, no?


Vampr can get your sync placements.


Yes, you read that correctly.


AND, they don't charge you a dime up-front.


Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not.


This is how it works:


Vampr Publishing team has an expansive sync catalog, with access to many many films. Just sign up for Vampr Publishing then you're eligible to receive deals.


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An A&R from the team manually listens to your music and can potentially give it a shot.


Best part?


100% free.


There's a 65/35 split (where you take the majority split!)


To start getting Sync deals - sign up below! 👇


Get Sync Deals



How VAMPR Is Revolutionizing The Music Industry

I reached out to Josh Simons, Co-Founder of Vampr to ask him:


"How do gatekeepers hurt the industry, and what does VAMPR do to fix this?"


This is his response:


The traditional gatekeepers of the music industry, such as:

  • Labels
  • Publishers
  • agents
  • And even established artists


Used their positions to exploit a knowledge gap, that exists among emerging artists.


They do this to ensure that, first and foremost, they keep their jobs and stay relevant.


In art, it is the youth and the culture that threatens the old guard who only knows one way. 


Vampr helps eradicate this pain point in several ways:


  1. We facilitate instant networking peer-to-peer, in a way that wasn't previously cost-effective or practical for 99% of the world's citizens.
  2. We provide access to services such as distribution and publishing without ever taking any ownership or control of your masters or copyrights.
  3. We help to plug those knowledge gaps so that the next generation of artists will emerge just that little bit wiser than the previous generations.


Josh Simons Vampr




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