5 Best Post Punk Spotify Playlists to Submit Music!

5 best post punk playlists

top 5 post-punk spotify playlists!

I've personally put together a list of the 5 BEST post-punk Spotify playlists to submit your music to.


Ready for it?


Here you go:


5 Best Pop Punk Spotify Playlists:


Playlist Name Follower Size
Post Punk Darkwave 1,900
Post Punk 2022 1,600
Alternative Rock 13,200
360 ROCK 3,700
Post Punk Essentials 28,00


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Post Punk Submissions!

Post Punk It’s not that easy to find a good pop-punk playlist, so growing your music that way is hard.


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Do you make good post-punk music?



I'm going to start this list with the best playlist there is.


Realistically, you only need to get a few of your songs into this playlist and everything will be good for you!


The curator has targeted this playlist to extremely engaged post-punk listeners so you can expect the streams to pile up.



This is a wonderful playlist with the newest post-punk music coming out!


Although post-punk is long past its glory days, there are still a bunch of listeners on Spotify who enjoy it.


Here you'll find the newest post-punk fans who want the freshest underground sound directly sent to them!


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Although this playlist is not 100% post-punk...


It does have a bunch of rock fans - meaning you'll get a wider variety of people coming into your music.


Most non-post-punk fans just haven't heard a good post-punk song, so that's why they're not into the genre...


But perhaps you can change it for them!


I'm here for additional exposure and you'll be able to provide a brand new sonic angle to listen to this playlist.

#4. 360 ROCK


360 Rock is my favorite playlist!


Lots of good songs here, and lots of listeners. You WANT to get your music here.



This playlist has the Post-punk essential music - designed to provide the best songs ever!


Songs ranging from the old classics as well as the new school post-punk sound you'll find it here.


If you want to target a group of longtime post-punk listeners this is a playlist to be on.


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