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Let me start by saying...


The music business is long, and hard my friend - but you already knew that.


No boring explanation is needed, after reading this you'll become a Spotify promotion champion!


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Streams won't put food on the table... but the fans that it brings will.


So what's a stream worth?


❌ MYTH: Streams are just overrated and vanity metrics



TRUTH: Streams are real people engaging with your music.


Even with 500 streams, it's enough people for you to fill an entire concert!


Ain't that part of the overall goal?


Think of streaming NUMBERS as an advertising metric.


The more streams then the higher your potential fanbase. Quick maths!


I LOL every time somebody says that Spotify promotion doesn't matter...


The record label's entire model is based on streams.


There is evidently value in streams. As well as fans.


These are the same fans who will:

  • Buy your merch
  • Buy tickets to your performances
  • Support your Twitch streams / side projects
  • Be there with you at every step of the way

Before we talk about the how-to stuff (which there is a LOT of)


Let's explore a new perspective on the value of streaming music:



You, Michel Jackson, and The Beatles have something in common - you create investment assets through your music.

This is where things get interesting!

Surprisingly, Michael Jackson actually BOUGHT the rights to The Beatles music years ago.


Michael Jackson Bought Paul McCartney's Music Rights


Imagine if you were a part-owner of The Beatles 🤯 your banks would be booming!

Although the King of Pop doesn’t own the actual recording masters, he has the publishing rights therefore he can collect the associated royalties.

Spotify makes this possible for you too!

Your music catalog is an ever-expanding investment fund. As long as it’s on Spotify, your potential to profit goes up.

The industry has changed, but the core fundamental hasn't - good music is timeless.


Hot Tip: 🔥 Focus on fanbase + catalog exposure the most


Want to gain fans on autopilot the same way Drake does?


In this case, you'll need a good back catalog that is embedded in Spotify/social media that brings fans to you.


Having GOOD music isn't an option, it's a must.


So long as you optimize for the future and you make the right investment moves, your streams and catalog will skyrocket in value!


This can happen to anybody, but not everybody.


It's not enough to chase streams, the idea is to set an upward growth momentum in your career.


Streams are just a cool way to keep score!


In this blog, you will find the best ways to increase up to 10k Spotify streams and turn your catalog into an investment that lasts a lifetime.


HOW TO GET ON Release Radar

When you finish reading this, you're going to be a Release Radar Chad.


Daniel Ek is going to give you a solid gold trophy for the most-ever time on Release Radar! 😏


Discover today: crushing it on Release Radar.


Ronan Release Radar UNCOMPRESSED


You’re competing against other artists to get on the best Spotify playlists...


Except for Release Radar.


That’s something you can totally control!


To be on the Release Radar, your song needs to be submitted to the big boys at Spotify at least one week before the release date.


Distrokid had your back here, or whichever other distributor you use.


Hot Tip: 🔥 Time Your Releases On Certain Days


The best part about Release Radar is that it is updated every week.


Another thing that makes Friday freakin awesome! 😎


Do your best to release your music on a Wednesday or Thursday. Those are days when people are (generally) not out doing stuff.


You want to avoid releasing when somebody else releases their music because the audience's attention will be shared.


And who would most people listen to, you or Drake? 


We’re all competing for attention, give yourself that extra edge by choosing a mellow day. Low-hanging fruit principle. 


Humans are dirtbags. 


We’re judgmental.


First impressions matter.


The first week is so important because that’s when you’ll have the most money, time, and energy invested toward a release.


If you can cement this song into the hearts (and phones) of your fans, you’re going to make it easier to promote music the next time around!


Now you have a baseline for gathering song data.


You can guess that your songs' upsurge in streams correlates to Release Radar, if streams begin to pick up on Friday. 


release radar yp yup


The more followers you have, the more Release Radar playlists you’re going to end up in.


Followers = gold.


There’s a compound effect, if you can build your capacity amount of followers quickly then you’ll see the algorithm promote your stuff earlier on in your career.


This momentum will push you into discovery weekly as well!


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A sick way to do this is by hosting a giveaway!


If your fanbase is international, then I find a gift card giveaway works well. 


Hot Tip: 🔥 Gift card giveaways still need to be FUN to work!


I find that with gift cards, you should make it both something in demand as well as something zany/interesting.


Something like Amazon gift cards, sporting event tickets, and restaurant vouchers!


This is effective because the Amazon gift card is something anyone would want.


Then, the Taco Bell gift card throws them off enough to arouse them to take action!


Hot Tip 🔥 Use Memes To Promote Your Spotify Pre-Save!


The memes will get high engagement, and lead some people to check out your music!


For this, you should use Instagram carousels.


Make the first slide the meme the second slide the song snippet or lyric video and the last slide having text.


format carousel


The meme should be related to the song's topic. 


The more relatable the meme, the better! This will target the true demographic even more easily.


The music video should be 10-15 seconds of the song, preferably the hook/chorus. Tap here to claim your music video!


Reel them in.


The Spotify algorithm ranks your profile, as well as your songs.


Constant releases let you keep your king status on the platform!


If you take a 3 month break from releasing guess what’s going to happen? 


Your results will stalemate, and recede.


Spotify isn’t going to wait for you to take a break, all the other artists in your space are going to grow instead and cement themselves deeper into the algorithm.


Not to mention, fans will move on to other artists.


Other artists are running organic Spotify promotion campaigns to claim their ears & hearts!


Fans have the attention span of a goldfish, you’ll be ancient history by the time you return!


Sad to say it but you’re going to need to release frequently to maintain results.


Hot Tip: 🔥 Collaborate To Increase Release Frequency


You can STEAL your collaborator's fans!


It’s ethical thievery though (if you can even call it that.)


When you collaborate with another artist, all of their Release Radar fans get to hear you and check you out. 


If you do a collaboration track for every 2-3 of your own track, the effects are increased tenfold.


This can be tricky, try to keep the collabs within your genre that way the new listeners can feed your profile with good algorithmic data.


If you try your hand at country music when you make EDM, it’s not very helpful... or sounding good 🙈 


pay for promo


In collaboration releases, the track is still considered yours as a feature.


All of the stream's listener data goes jumbled up with you! 


Not to mention, if the artist you’re collaborating with is serious, they are willing to put in their time and energy toward printing the single too.


Don't miss out: here are the 15 BEST Spotify promotion methods!


Think of it like having an extra business partner that takes half the risk, but you win-win the rewards!


You have 52 chances to appear on the Release Radar by doing solo tracks. With collaborations, you increase that! 


Obviously, you won’t release every week… but if you’re vocal work, exclusive production, or features then it still counts!



You gotta submit to the best Spotify playlists to get your song heard, this is a given.


Firstly, don't expect to get on playlists like Digster or Filtr.


Although it’s not made by Spotify, your chances of getting on these are extremely low!


These are owned by top record labels (Sony, Warner, Universal)


Of course, record labels can’t allow themselves to not have leverage!


It’s only natural that Spotify music promotion is used by huge labels as well!


It's because it's that effective.


Small web playlists are killer too! This is because they’re more targeted in your niche. A good strategy is to go general + specific.


A “Top Hits” playlist will do you in big numbers! However these listeners are notorious for not staying, they're slightly out of their niche.


Smaller legit Spotify promotion campaigns have higher retention rates! But then again, there are fewer actual people.


A safe strategy is to go both for quality & quantity - attacking large and small all the like.




If you make synth-wave music, you will want to target LARGE EDM playlists, as well as small synth-wave-specific playlists.




Music listeners are either hardcore purists who care only for their genre, or like anything.


By attacking both, you're feeding the Spotify algorithm with targeted data for both segments (not to mention, the streams themselves count!)


Hot Tip: 🔥 Active playlists = More streams




This is because:

  1. It shows the curator cares about quality
  2. It’s more recent
  3. Most likely more engaged than in 2011


Go on, a site that has playlist data for you to access. At this point you're a music industry nerd, looking up data and stuff haha.

chart changes songs


As you can evidently see, the playlist above (GYM & WORKOUT) has consistent daily changes.


This is evidence that the playlist isn't dead or dying.


On Chartmetric, you can see the playlist data for yourself.


No bots.


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The bottled playlists look shady as hell when you account for the growth.


sus playlist


WTF!? going up 3000 followers in one day, then losing it in less than 2 weeks?


No matter how good the curator is with Spotify promotion and advertising, that doesn’t seem like realistic growth.


⚠️ Stay away! ⚠️


Oftentimes, smart artists skip this stage altogether and use platforms to get them organic Spotify promotion.


It's better to use trusted Spotify music promotion services such as Boost Collective for your Spotify promotion needs!



EASIEST WAY to get on Discover weekly!

First, we must "discover" how it works.


Yes, that pun was intended bahaha.


Here is the Spotify algorithm for dummies:


You need RELEVANT listener data.


This is how Spotify will create the Discover Weekly playlists for the music consumer.


Spotify bunches listeners into three groups:

  1. Average

  2. Engaged

  3. Haters


3 Types Listeners COMPRESSED


Average listeners are the ones that hear seconds of the song 🎧 this passes the 30-second threshold to be considered a stream.


Engaged listeners listen AND interact with your music. They either listen to your other top songs or add the song to their playlist.


Hater listeners are well... you guessed it, not fans of your stuff! They skip your track.


Discover Weekly takes the type of listeners of your music and batches the data to create a sound portfolio.


Discover Weekly is the most legit Spotify promotion strategy there is.


This happens in milliseconds.


Remember when you were releasing your music, you had to offer metadata?


Imagine that, but data regarding your music:

  • How many skips it gets
  • How long do people listen to it
  • Shares/likes


how spotify algo works


If you have many listeners who happen to engage with your work, as well as other similar artists you can be batched in and have a greater chance of getting on discovery weekly.


Your song is also analyzed with other songs in the playlists it’s in.


This is why Spotify playlist promotion is key!


This is why you must go for small targeted playlists as well, considering large playlists will not give Spotify the killer-leave data it needs! 


You may not like what I will say next but...


If your music is 💩 you won’t be on Discover Weekly because all the haters will skip your music.


I mean… would YOU sit through music that sounds like poo-poo? 


It's deeper than just subjective taste, I'm talking technical production quality. I ran a test by putting 2 songs into the EXACT same playlist for the same amount of time.


In fact, I put the worse song higher up on the playlist,, and guess what the results were?


The "better" song received 10x much more streams than other other. Good music always wins.


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TurnING Listeners To Fans ON SPOTIFY

Unless we can keep the fan, we're kind of screwed!


There’s a life cycle of a Spotify fan:

  1. Never heard of you 
  2. Heard a few times
  3. Engages without influence 
  4. Buys your product 
  5. Strays away

spotify fan timeline


The first 2 stages are hard to track, especially since Spotify doesn’t show who streams your stuff, only the number of streamers.


Stage 3 is where everything changes for your Spotify promotion though.


You can’t FORCE someone to put your song in their playlists - this means they did it of their own free will.


Now things shall get interesting


Hot Tip: 🔥 Track those that playlist your music


You should track the curator/fan, and reach out to them on Instagram or Twitter (any Open-messaging platform really.)


Oftentimes, they have the same username both on Spotify and Instagram!


fan interacrtion hack


Create a conversation and build rapport!


They evidently like your music and may end up at one of your future live shows if you keep warming the connection.


Hot Tip: 🔥 Edit your photos better


All these filters/presets have been TESTED by thousands and are proven to be the most likable ones. 




Sometimes, the filters have a better way of getting your brand across than you would think!


Look at these before and after photos:


Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 12.04.09 AM


I used the free app Picsart to use it (not affiliated, they’re just sick!)


Add these photos to your Spotify for artists' profiles.


If you look at top artists, they are very intentional in getting across a specific feeling through their photography.


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Most artists treat their bio as a chance to flex their accomplishments…. bro this isn’t a job resume.


As for your bio, make it a story.


Humans are designed to like stories, it’s how we pass info from our ancestor's generations.


Hot tip 🔥 put as many niche-specific inside jokes as possible in your bio.


Here is an example:


Pretend that I am an indie punk music artist (sadly, I am not cool enough.)


The things that my ideal fans like are:

  • Skateboarding 
  • Paintings
  • Jewelry 
  • Thrifted clothing 


Here is an example of aesthetic photos for my Spotify artist profile:




It's about sharing the TRUTH in your message. That's what they resonate with.


I think the answer is quite clear!


Your profile visitors will remember the jokes and relate with you! It’s going to feel like talking up an old buddy.


This is non-negotiable. You must make yourself likable to gain fans.


The trick is to keep it professional as well, in case media publications or labels want to learn more about you.


A 50/50 split between an entertaining & informative bio is the best strategy.


Do you make good music?
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Spotify Canvas changes your song - it makes it much more memorable.


You should have a canvas for EVERY release. Listeners are more enticed to see who you are.


You’re shining out like a golden egg. 🥚 


Here are examples of Canvas that Match the song vibes.


Canvas tips:

  • warmer colors for happy songs
  • Black and white for lyrical songs 
  • Cool colors for mellow songs


Those are the main tips! To get custom-made Spotify Canvases, tap in at Boost Collective!




Editorial playlist are like the lottery, less than 0.01% of songs get on them.


It’s saved primarily for viral songs, or what the Spotify curators are feeling at the moment


That being said, you can still submit for free to the team HERE


Don't make it a part of the strategy.




You need to post about your new release on social media, of course.


Your social media post caption must be pure banter about your song release.


None of this sappy “I’ve been writing so hard on this yadda yadda yadda”


The fans don’t honestly care, they just want to be entertained.


And that 😤 you 😤 shall 😤 do!


Instead, tell a funny or relatable story - that will get people to read!




good caption


The best tactic to get preserves is to make an authentic, but ENTERTAINING.


It’s great additional exposure to highly-targeted fans 🎯.


Also, share the pre-save link on your Snapchat story, it’s designed to be swiped up.


Just get your friend to record yourself doing something random (like juggling) and when the view is hooked, play the song and tell them to pre-save it!


Some interesting things that get people’s attention:

  • Cute pets
  • Babies
  • Backflips or good dancing


Every few days, try featuring some of these aspects to throw them off and entice them to act! It’s all an advantage. 


Make sure you use a good link site for your links! is good and free, however, other alternatives allow you more benefits:

  • Higher customization
  • Email data collection 


It’s good to surf the web for the best one, I recommend (we use it ourselves!)


solo to


You can post an instagram reel of you enjoying yourself listening to your music!



  • If the song is chill, record yourself at a picnic
  • If it’s a dance song, record your zany dance moves
  • If your song is mellow, record yourself in your bedroom vibing


Try to create the type of emotion you want your fans to feel, and sell them on that!


The music is the product behind the emotion - but the emotion is the selling point.




97% of artists hate Spotify for not paying artists….

But it’s not that huge of a deal - this is why:

In the past, a fan was forced to buy your music in CD or cassette form (or Vinyl, if we look back far enough.)

This proposed an issue.

What if a song in an album is a hit but the rest of the songs were utter garbage?

You were forced to buy the ENTIRE album just for one hit single.

That explains why Vanilla Ice (and other old-time artists) are rich and famous from seemingly only one hit song.

Spotify's subscription changed the game.

Instead of paying an entire album amount for one song, you’re paying $10.00 for the ENTIRE music industry at your disposal!


compare costs


A decent lunch can cost $15.00 which is the cost of a decent lunch.


That’s how the average CD was priced.

In order to equal that same amount of money, you would need around 40000 streams!

Holy smokes, the game has changed quite a lot…

You may be thinking that the solution seems simple though, no?

Since Spotify’s main revenue is through subscriptions they can simply charge more, right?

Well… not necessarily. If they did, then the consumer will move to Apple Music or other streaming platforms.

Hot Tip: 🔥 Your fans rarely have your compensation in mind

Wouldn’t Tidal, the highest compensating platform be the most famous streaming platform if so? Evidently not.

But then again, ALL of the streaming platforms can increase subscription costs!

This helps artists who release on ALL platforms, right?


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Well… a great majority of listeners will simply resort to pirating music or just listening for free on YouTube. It’s happened in the past before.

The solutions aren’t clear, Spotify is in quite a pickle.

Because of this, we need to look at Spotify differently than other artists.

Spotify is not a bank, it is an advertising platform.

By adopting this perspective, you will see MUCH more success in your campaigns!


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The music game is long and hard!


Take a long-term approach, and use streams as a benchmark for fanbase growth!


Don't be discouraged! I hope you enjoyed this Spotify promotion guide.


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