Submit Your Song to KCRW! (2023)

Submit Music to KCRW

How to submit music to KCRW

KCRW is always looking for new, creative artists who can help give their listeners great music from a wide range of genres, regions, cultures, and subcultures.


I urge all musicians to submit their tracks!


When you Submit to Radios you're furthering your music industry credibility.


This public radio station caters to indie artists of all times!


If you get your music played here, you're destined for greatness.


If you want to send music to KCRW, please keep reading to find out how to do so.


This article will show you how to send your music to the DJs at KCRW radio.


Do you make good music?


Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.


I'm taking song submissions of all genres👇




What is KCRW?

What is KCRW


KCRW is a music radio in the heart of Los Angeles that has a LOT of influence.


It's up there with Atlanta Radio Stations in terms of popularity!


Getting new music on this platform will do numbers for you.


Out of all the radio stations, KCRW FM is known to help songs chart.


KCRW streams online and shares its audio content through TuneIn and iTunes, in addition to broadcasting on FM and HD.


And wanna know what the best part is?


It doesn't matter if you're an indie artist or signed.


So long as your music sounds good, people will be listening.




What kind of music does KCRW play?

KCRW music genres


Unless your music is SUPER alternative (like Mongolian throat singing) you have a shot.


KCRW plays a wide variety of music, including:

  • Indie rock
  • Hip-hop
  • Electronic
  • World music
  • Jazz
  • And much more


Independent artists with different kinds of songs have a fair shot.


The most important thing to keep in mind when submitting music is to make sure it's right for the KCRW audience. 


Research their playtimes, schedules, and channels in advance to see which best suits you.


If you're not sure if your music would be a good fit for KCRW, you can check out their website to get a better idea of their music programming. 


Do you make good music?


Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.


I'm taking song submissions of all genres👇


Submit Your Song



3 Different ways to submit music to KCRW

Submit Your Music to KCRW


There are a few ways you can submit music to KCRW:

  • Email - Emailing music to the KCRW Music Director
  • Physical - You can also send a physical copy of your track on a CD. Make sure to include information, including the song title, musician name, and contact information. 
  • Socials: if you can connect with KCRW workers on Twitter or LinkedIn, you may have an insider on your side.


This is great for getting radio airplay.


Also Submit your music to Sirius XM too!


Just note, they often overlook or downright ignore unsolicited music.


That's why you need to build rapport first or get an agent to do it for you, this increases the odds that they listen to you.


Connecting with other producers is a great way to get your music on the air and in front of a large audience...


Once you have numbers, it's a whole different negotiation.


If you plan to send a physical copy of your music via postal mail to KCRW, here is the address:


2500 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404.




When to expect a response from KCRW?

When to Expect a Response


Generally, you can expect a response from KCRW within two to six weeks after submitting your music. If you haven’t heard back after that, you may want to follow up with the station.


You should know that the number of submissions KCRW receives is massive... So don’t expect an immediate response.


There's a good chance that they may not listen to your tunes in the first place.


Still, you must put in the effort and support your tracks... Because otherwise nobody else will!


They receive several hundred music submissions per week, so it may take a while to get a response from the station. 


It's fine to be persistent, but never pushy.


The better the relationship, then the higher upside you'll be getting!


If you can create good sound demos AND connections with the music program director, then you'll grow.


Do you make good music?


Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.


I'm taking song submissions of all genres👇


Submit Your Song



Tips for submitting music to any radio station

Submit Your Music Intentionally


Keep in mind that the person you’re submitting your music to may not be the person who ultimately decides if your music gets played on the radio or not...


Unless it's the music program director, the chances are pretty bleak.


This is why you should have an agent or manager represent you.


Every indie artist can easily submit to radio, with or without mangers... But it does help.


This gives you more credibility (when done right) and opens opportunities for submitting.


Remember: sometimes producers will forward your tracks to other people within the radio station, so try to make sure your submission is as professional as possible!


If you’re submitting music to a radio station, include the following:

  • Small artist bio
  • Your artist name
  • Contact information (email, number)
  • Track name
  • Links to your social media sites


do this and your chances are looking much better!


This way, when they listen to you (for free) they know how to get back to you.




My Final Thoughts


Look, getting on KCRW is tough, but worth it.


The show is heard by more than 1.1 million people in Southern California.


Follow these tips to make sure your submission is as professional as possible if you want your stuff to be played on the stations.


Many artists have grown exponentially from this, like Anne Litt for example.


KCRW loves to share artists' work, do interviews, sign talent, and grow your business.


Create the vibe that you're worth it - and DJs will invest in you.


Do you make good music?


Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.


I'm taking song submissions of all genres👇


Submit Your Song



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