New Spotify Rainbow Collage Generator!

Spotify Rainbow Collage Generator

How to use the Spotify Rainbow Collage generator

All you have to do to use the Spotify rainbow collage generator is:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign into your Spotify account

  3. Accept the terms of service

  4. Apply desired settings

  5. Click "generate"


Once this is done, the app will take care of the rest when making your Spotify Rainbow Collage!



The entire process takes less than a minute, and the resulting collage is spectacular.


You can now customize your Spotify Rainbow Collage generator based on a wide variety of features!


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The beauty of the chart is my music rainbow collage generator

Spotify Rainbow Collage


You can request the site straight from the browser - no app download is needed.


This includes the number of albums displayed, the type of sorting, and the selection of either the album art or the artist's art to be displayed.


The Spotify rainbow collage generator is a one-of-a-kind tool.


You can organize the Spotify rainbow collage generator in any of three ways:

  • Horizontally

  • Vertically

  • Diagonally


Spotify Rainbow Collage Sorting Basis


Based on how you set it up, you'll get a different output!


(The diagonal one is more pleasing to my eyes, but ultimately, I think it comes down to your own preferences.)


This is a great approach to getting a visualization of your style.


If you want to make an album art collage out of vinyl records or CDs for your room...


Use the Spotify Rainbow collage generator as a source of creative inspiration.


I suggest playing around with the preferences to find what works best for you.


Sorting by color will get the most aesthetically pleasing Spotify rainbow collage.


There are unlimited songs you can request - you have many choices to work with.


This is a fantastic example of the potential of consumer-ready technology!


I think anyone who has a genuine appreciation for music should give this a shot.


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what is the Spotify Rainbow Collage?

The Spotify rainbow collage maker is the coolest way to visualize your listening habits! Generate a rainbow picture made from your Spotify listening habits.


There is so much you can access, the tool goes deep.


With this Rainbow Collage Wallpaper, you can get a nice aesthetic representation of your music!


You can sort by song, artist, streams, etc.


I am impressed by the performance of this Color-collage maker.


Just Log In and once the site running you'll get everything that is in store!


Incredibly convenient - The Spotify Rainbow Collage is a Web app that works on both mobile and desktop devices.


Once you create the Spotify Rainbow Collage Generator, make sure you post it on your podcasts/stories!


(Remember to tag the creator Keon!)



Who created the Spotify rainbow collage?

Who Created The Spotify Rainbow Collage


The Spotify rainbow collage generator in August 2021 by Koen Mangachots from ChartMyMusic.


You can see the site running by tapping This Link.


Keon created this website as a way to represent how we listen to music and share it with our dear people.


The performance of the Spotify Rainbow Collage cover art tool is amazing!


One of the best posts, just sign in and share.


Of course, Keon partners with sites like ChartMyMusic to host this app.


Remember to check out his Spotify profile or even donate a few bucks!


While it isn't necessary to help fund the freelance developers...


I think it's great that they get support for keeping the site running!


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How to save your Spotify rainbow collage wallpaper

Save Spotify Rainbow Collage to Computer


Your custom Spotify rainbow collage will be saved as a PNG on your device.


You can request the full-size image.


It's free to download the Spotify Rainbow Collage you create.


I forgot to mention, the quality is REALLY good!


If you aren't able to request a download and get no response then it's fine.


You can simply screenshot the site once the Spotify Rainbow Collage has been generated.


Btw, these services are free and performance will improve over time!


Expect more posts like this - read my work about Gaining Playlist Followers on Spotify.


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Bonus: Use Receiptify for unlimited songs!

How To Use Receiptify


If you want another way to see your listening habits... You NEED to check out Receitpify.


This app exports a picture receipt of your past Spotify streams.


Compared to other services - it's the most prolific one.


While it doesn't show the cover, the fonts and style are EXACTLY true to the receipt ethos.


You can see the site running by tapping This Link.


You can also donate to Recieptify to help keep the site running at your request!


They don't run occasional ads, so it's a way to show love back to the devs.


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