Should You Pay to get on Spotify Playlist Placements?

September 01, 2021

Pay for Spotify promotion

Submit your music to Spotify playlists for free

Fortunately, you don't HAVE to pay to get on a Spotify playlist!


There's more than one service to get your tracks heard with the help of a playlist curator. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Service such as Submithub requires you to pay to submit to a Spotify playlist, but not every playlist curator has the same standard.


To see a list of playlist curators and agencies excepting your submissions for free TAP HERE!


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Get heard on Spotify


Are paid Spotify playlists even allowed?

There are many services such as Playlist Push, Boost Collective, Omari MC, etc.


They all offer paid placements... Is this allowed?


Let's talk about it!


There's a thing in music history called "payola."


This is where managers in the music industry used to PAY radio hosts to continually play their music.


How payola works


They would make a killing from this payola scheme.


See, at the time radio was the biggest promotion channel in the music space.


The more radio exposure the artist had -would lead to consumers purchasing their records and CDs most.


It was a money machine!


This was against the naturally competitive nature of the music industry.


The marketing world is pay-to-play in genera, not just in the music industry.


whoever has more money can get more paid promo is will grow more followers, more fans will listen and more users will check out the singer in the long run.


The one difference between payola and paid playlist submissions is the fact that there is a curation process.


The money paid does not necessarily go straight to a guaranteed placement.



Real reason Spotify playlist curators charge money

Making playlists is not easy and there is a money expense involved.


Curators charge for many reasons:

  • To cover the time spent growing the Spotify playlist
  • To cover the labor of growing


These promoters are extending much investment to help aspiring artists get heard and generate more streams.


If you don't agree then I have a few questions for you:

  • Should Music promoters not be able to earn any money from their services?
  • Should Spotify and Apple Music promo be free?
  • Should the cost of making a Spotify playlist not be subsidized?


Keep in mind that these are all necessary expenses that playlist owners have to account for.


This is the main reason why it may cost money to submit your music to organic playlists on Spotify.



What are User-generated playlists and why do they matter?

To really get your new music heard on Spotify you need to get on user-generated playlists.


User generator playlists or Spotify playlist created by an independent curator.

This curator is just a regular person - NOT a worker at Spotify.


There are many third-party playlists that are user generated playlists.


Types of Spotify curators


These types of third-party playlists can be owned by:

  • Record labels
  • Promoters
  • Other artists
  • Random users


The thing about user-generated playlists is that they're generally made for the purpose of sharing.


This is why third-party playlists can get 10's to 100's of thousands of followers!



Can you pay to get on editorial playlists?

I have good news.


You CAN get on an editorial Spotify playlist.


Bad news is that you cannot PAY to get on an editorial playlist though...

At least not directly.


This type of Spotify playlist is hand-selected by Spotify Curators from Spotify itself.


Regardless of how big your music promotion budget is...


Unless your new music is up to par you will not be able to convince these playlist curators to add your song.


(That's also the case for a Spotify playlist that is non-editorial.)



How can you get on editorial playlists for free?

Fortunately, all hope is not lost in getting your music heard on the editorial lists.

It's 100% possible for an artist's song to get on the editorial list.


You just need to submit your music to the Spotify Curators directly.


To begin your playlist pitching to an editorial play list just TAP HERE!


Keep in mind that playlist pitching to a Spotify Playlsit that's editorial...


This is one of the hardest ways to get on a Spotify playlist.


Make sure that your expectations are baselined when you submit to to this type of Spotify playlist.



Record labels run a Spotify playlist monopoly!

If you feel like playlist curators are a waste of time and you can grow without them...

Just not that listeners follow the top playlist.


Also, that's where a label can break artists.


Major labels take their new artists and place their music into their other playlists.


Later on, the artist's song ends up on algorithm playlists - it's pushed within the Spotify platform and generates more streams.


The top record labels own these Spotify curators accounts:

  • Topsify
  • Digster
  • Filtr


Record label Spotify playlists


To compete and actually get your music business grown within the Spotify platform...


You absolutely MUST enlist the help of third-party playlists!


Fortunately, you can really get further in the music industry in terms of playlisting.


Tap below to land on exclusive independent playlists! ๐Ÿ‘‡


Get heard on Spotify



How to increase your streams without Spotify playlists

If you struggle to get your music on a Spotify playlist...


No worries you can still get your songs heard!


Just make sure you are promoting your releases across social media to those fans as well.


You most likely have more followers on Instagram & more followers on Facebook than you do on your Spotify profile!


As long as you're getting feedback from your followers on social media, you'll be able to make the best music recording.


This can help your production as well as promotion efforts so fully utilize that platform!


Make sure you're posting continent on your social media account about your songs days in advance!


Then when your releases are ready you can put the songs link in your bio.


You'll be able to get your song listened buy the followers on your social media account.



Run ads to grow your Spotify streams

Another strategy that you'll see a top label do is run an ad campaign towards their artist track on Spotify.


Music marketing playlists vs running ads


It can be difficult and competitive to get on a top user-generated Spotify playlist!


Even if you use third-party playlist website such as Boost Collective, it doesn't hurt to diversify the promo for your releases.


This is why artists are running Facebook ads toward their Spotify track.


Note: It can get expensive to promote a track through Facebook ads...


On the flip side, you're not begging playlist curators to put you onto their Spotify playlist!



Mood Vs Genre Spotify playlists: Which is better?

A playlist creator is going to categorize their Spotify playlist based on two main metrics:

  1. Mood
  2. Genre


Playlist Genre vs Playlist Vibe


So where should you submit your music then?


In my view, you should take your songs and submit them to both a mood Spotify playlist and genre Spotify playlist.


Genres as a whole are becoming an antiquated concept.


Fans hear songs that blend more than one genre together to create an awesome experience.


For example: let's say you make a rap song.


It's worth it to submit into rap genre playlist AND hit up playlist owners with a Spotify playlist that matches the song mood.



Paid Spotify playlists can lead to free playlists!

If you can get your music into playlists with other similar artists - you're gonna help yourself in the long run!


By getting your songs real listeners, the tracks are going to get essential Spotify streamer data.


This listeners data is going to help you get in the algorithm playlist such as Release Radar and Discover Weekly.


Get on Algorithm Playists


An artist that doesn't wanna invest into their songs promo won't really go anywhere...


Don't forget that there are over 60,000 tracks being uploaded by artists on Spotify every single day!


It's worth it to get into a good Spotify Playlist to actually stand out within the Spotify algorithm.


Of course not every Spotify playlist is equally helpful.


Good news: any Spotify playlist that you get through Boost Collective to be extremely effective!


They have amazing Spotify Curators. All playlist owners are 100% legitimate.



Free vs paid Spotify playlists

Some algorithm playlists such as Release Radar are 100% percent free.


Others, may require using pitching services to get your song playlisted.


You can expect more upfront listeners from playlist that you get through pitching services but in the LONG RUN you want more free playlists.


Extend your efforts towards getting Release Radar and Discover Weekly exposure.


It's gonna cost you a little bit in the beginning.


But once you get the ball rolling and your tracks have a great listening data from the users then you're good!


Tap below to get on a 100% organic Spotify playlist! ๐Ÿ‘‡


Get heard on Spotify






You're In the studio and making good music.


You can still pay to get on a wonderful Spotify playlist!


Just make sure that you do your background check on the playlist curator and create a good music recording to get heard!


there are many ways for an artist to promote their music to new fans without burning their budget.


Try some methods that are paid and some that are free - go see what works for you!



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