Jahlil Beats Drum Kit (FREE Download!)

Jahlil Beats Drum Kit

Free Jahlil Beats Drum Kits to Download

A modern music producer needs to have a wide range of drum samples to choose from.
You'll need the best Free Drum Kit to get ahead in today's beat economy!
Top 10 Jahlil Beats Drum Kits:
  1. Never Broken 2 Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  2. Cyclone Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  3. Trap Hustle 3 Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  4. Black Series Bundle Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  5. Earthquake Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  6. Harder Than Ever Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  7. The Projects Bundle Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  8. Money Bags Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  9. Money Train Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
  10. Goddess Trap Jahlil Beats Drum Kit
Unfortunately, it can be hard and take a lot of time to find free drum kits that are of good quality.


So, we put together this list of great resources, most of which you can download for free, to make your search a little bit easier.


We have what you need, whether you want hip-hop drum kits, trap drum kits, house loops, or dubstep kits.
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The story of "Jahlil Beats Holla at Me" (Producer Tag)

Jahlil Beats Holla At Me Beat Tag Explained


A well-known producer Jahlil Beats has a producer tag where a voice says, "Jahlil Beats, holla at me" but it sounds like "Jungle Beats, holla at me," though.
This is done on purpose 
The G in Jungle is taken out of Jahlil Beats, so it still sounds like jungle beats but also like his name.
That's what makes it all so magical.
He made a Trojan horse to hide his name, and the fans are shocked to find out the truth when they find out about it.
This makes him more well-known because it shows his sense of humor and playfulness.
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What's Included in these Jahlil beats drum kits?

Whats Included in the Pyrex Wippa Drum Kits


There are a whole lot of things to expect from these drum kits!


Not only will you find new sounds, but there are even bonus sample types.


In these Jahlil Beats Drum Kits you will find:
  • Melody loops
  • Hi-hats
  • Drum loops
  • Kicks
  • Bass samples
  • Snares
  • One-shots for percussion
Jahlil Beats has worked with Pop Smoke, The Game, DJ Khaled, and Meek Mill, to name just a few.


By opening and downloading these Jahlil Beats drum kits, you're getting access to the best samples In music production.


You can make sick-add beats today, and put yourself on the roadmap to ultimate music success!


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