How To Get On Lithuania HQ: The Ultimate Guide

How To Get on Lithuania Hq

Land Your Song On Lithuania HQ!

The home of talented artists and the European label of Emotional/ Deep Bass and Slap House Music is Lithuania HQ.


Known for its catalog of exceptional-sounding music recordings, this record company has become an iconic trademark among its fans and producers.


The label continues to expand along with its roster of talented artists who have experienced phenomenal success around the globe.


Lithuania hq is the top labe for slap house music


With several truly ambitious projects under its belt, Lithuania HQ now hosts such names as Dynoro, Gaullin, Lucky Luke, HVME, and others that are making waves in the Bass Music world.


We love the style of "slap house", and we think Lithuania HQ is doing an amazing job through their releases, and the business aspect of the brand!


3 Steps To Getting Your Song On Lithuania HQ

Getting on Lithuania HQ isn't CRAZY hard.


You just need to follow the right steps!


3 Steps to Get Your Music on Lithuania HQ

  1. Improve your slap house skills
  2. Release more collaborations
  3. Submit to Lithuania HQ properly

Follow these steps and see success!


Step #1: Hone Your Slap House Skills!

Slap house tracks are not complete without vocals.


In this genre, they tend to have a distinct style. To make a successful slap house track, it takes more than a few high-quality samples.


How Lucky Luke and Gaullin pitch their vocals in their tracks


A lot of the time, your ears will hear the vocals slightly (or sometimes heavily) pitched up or down, and maybe the format will change somehow.


Check out the track below released on Lithuania HQ called "What's Up."



There are a few ways to get this cool effect on your vocals.


The easiest way is to simply use a vocal plugin that allows you to easily alter the pitch and formant.


A pitch or formant change that is too drastic can result in the vocal quality deteriorating.


Generally, it is best to play with it by ear.


A cool technique you can try if you don't want to use plug-ins is to record the vocal two or three semitones higher than the actual key of the song.


Slap house vocals are often pitched down a few semi tones to a few octaves


Then, pitch the song back down.


Step #2: Grow Your Listeners Through Collaboration Releases

The best way to grow on big streaming platforms these days is through collaborations!


We've been able to get artists tons of streams through our music promotion.


The way we have been able to take artists to that next level is through collabs.


How to grow your lsiteners on spotify so that you can land a song on a major label


Yep! Multiple artists coming together to release a song on major DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, etc...).


This is because when you co-release a song with an artist, the song gets shared with both artists' fans!


This has proven to be incredibly powerful, and of course... this method will never die!


Check out the video below where I break down how to crush over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify!


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We made a powerful guide on music collaboration to help you land big growth opportunities!


Ups and downs are a part of life. The same is true for music collaboration.


I have outlined the simple pros and cons of music collaboration because that's the key to success. 


How you plan to get these collaborations can be determined by this.


Pros and Cons to music collabs


But hey! If you stick with it, you can totally climb the ladder of music success through collaborations!


I mean just take a look at the collabs Lithuania HQ is putting out.


The numbers they're able to pull by putting artists together are amazing! 


On top of this, it's a super smart business play to put artists together to level up the sound and bring audiences together.


Lithuania HQ puts artists together to bring big numbers on spotify


So get collaborating! It'll help you out to get some numbers.


After all, it becomes much easier to get on Lithuania HQ, or any label when you come with a fanbase!


Bonus: Learn the do's and don'ts of how to get a record deal.


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Step #3: Submit Your Music To Lithuania HQ

Ahh yes! The fun part!

It's time to send your demo to Lithuania HQ.


Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 5.21.25 PM


The process which you submit to the team at Lithuania HQ is quite nice.


Most labels don't let you make a good case as to why they should choose your music.


Remember, this step is crucial! Lithuania HQ is investing in music through promotional means (Spotify playlisting etc...)


So you'll want to prove to their A&R team that you belong!


Points to help get your demo accepted by lithuania HQ


Here's what Lithuania HQ is looking for when they sign artists:

  • Track record of quality music releases
  • Your potential to grow bigger with their resources
  • Efficiency at getting music completed quickly
  • Willingness to work with other artists
  • Ideally some momentum behind you (the fanbase)
  • Someone who will rep the label/brand
  • Someone who has high-quality imagery & press photos

These points, if you have them all down should help you with your Lithuania HQ demo submission!


Make sure you also check out our guide on how to get signed to Spinnin' Records, as plenty of gems from that article are relevant here as well!


With all this being said, I hope that this helps you get closer to your goals!


But hey, we might be able to help out even more!


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