How Much do Singers Make per Concert?

Concert pay

Do singers earn a lot per concert?

To get paid within the music industry you need to make money per concert.


It's extremely important to get paid per concert to have a real shot in the industry!


This is non-negotiable.


This goes for singers that are brand new and the music industry legends.


Truthfully, singers need multiple revenue streams to make money.


Spotify and streaming platforms don't give you much money...


Singers that get paid only via Digital revenue streams can never make a million dollars.


To be honest it's really hard for even established singers to make a million dollars.


However, it's more reliable for singers to get paid per concert.


In this blog, I'm going to show you how new singers can make money per concert.


Let's get you your paid concert now!


Bonus: man sure you have a good Singers diet to protect your voice.


Sing it's your primary asset as an artist, don't lost it!


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Ticket sales & earners per concert

To understand how to make money per concert, you need to understand how much money is made in concerts generally.


These are the ways established singers get paid per concert:

  • Money from ticket sales
  • Money from merch sales
  • Money from physical album sales


Concert revenue


There are other ways for established singers to get paid per concert, however, these are the most common.


To grasp how much do singers make you must add up the total revenue then subtract expenses.


All that is remaining is the amount that established singers make!


Don't forget sometimes established singers can earn over a million per concert!


Once you can sing in chest voice and mixed voice, you're solid!


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Accounting for backup singers & other expenses

Usually, established singers go on to make more elaborate concerts.


This allows them to make money by generating hype and ticket sales, however, the singers still need to pay for these expenses.


Here are the top expenses that established singers must account for:

  • Backup singers
  • Concert venue hosting
  • Ticket sales platform commissions
  • Equipment transportation and rental cost



Concert expenses


Out of all these, you should account for backup singers ASAP.


These people need to get paid, the more singers that are involved in that much money which needs to be paid out!


Even if singers earn a million per concert.


if the expenses for backup singers and logistics are 900K then these singers don't make per concert as much as you think.




Cost of a Taylor Swift concert

Once you understand the logistics and how much do singers earn per concert, it makes sense why Taylor Swift concerts are so expensive.


Taylor Swift concert ticket cost


Behind a Taylor Swift concert, there are so many team members working hard to make the tour run properly!


Without their efforts, then Taylor Swift wouldn't be able to earn a million dollars...


Heck, even a single dollar!



Taylor Swift has netted 345 million from her reputation world tour - all singers dream to earn that kind of money.

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