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October 18, 2021

Free Promo (Yes, Really Free)

5 services for free spotify playlist placements

There are MANY services that offer free Spotify playlist placements!


So long as your music is good and the Spotify playlist curators like it then this is a great way to get additional music promotion!


This can work on top of your paid Spotify playlist placement option.


The Top 5 Spotify playlist placement services are:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Omari
  3. Unpause digital
  4. Music gateway
  5. Daily playlists


Free Spotify Playlist Promotion


These Spotify playlists services also offer an option to buy Spotify playlist placement.


If you have the cash and you want that extra push, why not!


I recommend Boost Collective because they take tracks of every genre, and feature your music on the largest organic Spotify placement in the world.


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Get heard on Spotify



How to Submit to Spotify playlists for free

There is an art to getting free Spotify playlist placements.


Think about this: Spotify playlist curators get reached out to every single day by hip-hop artist willing to buy a Spotify playlist placement.


To get the same music promotion service for FREE... Then you'll have to go above and beyond!


Here is a checklist you'll need to land free Spotify playlist placements in 2021:

  • The absolute highest quality music
  • Experience in the music promotion game
  • Time on your hands (it's a lot of work)


Free Spotify Promotion Checklist


Naturally, in the music industry, there are radio stations and other Spotify playlist curators that do placement strictly for Music's sake and not for profit.


The only issue is that they get flooded by hip-hop artists sending them music 24/7.


In order to leave a lasting impression on the playlist curators and get Spotify playlist promotion from them, you'll have to devise a better way to get them to hear your music.




Why most curators don't offer free Spotify playlist promotion

Most curators on Spotify aren't interested in offering free Spotify playlist placements.


You are the reason why it's not a common thing in the music industry:

  1. Playlists have finite space
  2. Your songs don't fit the theme or genre
  3. Your songs are not that good (ouch)
  4. It's expensive to promote and grow a playlist follower account
  5. The creator feels they're being robbed


Why playlist curators will reject you


Curators are people too.


When seeking to land on their playlists, you need to understand that there will be some sort of emotion involved.


On a logistical level, it's hard for a curator to gain new followers if they use money to promote their playlists.


To promote a playlist and gain new followers is not cheap:

  • Facebook advertising service gets more expensive
  • Tick-tock influencer shout outs aren't cheap
  • It takes months to years to promote and grow a playlist listener base
  • Getting a playlist on blogs takes lots of time


Growing playlists can cost tons of money


In the end, with all the costs included... Even for even a rap genre playlist to reach a listener base of 5'000 followers will be quite costly.


Music promotion has lots of expenses that you don't see.


For this reason, music promotion needs to be subsidized when an artist pays to get a feature.


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Spotify playlist placements is a pay to play game

This is just the reality: Spotify is a pay-to-play game.


Fortunately, with pitching services such as Boost Collective you can gain new fans for as little as $40!


That is the absolute cheapest Spotify placement cost to get your songs heard within the industry.


You may think that this isn't allowed on Spotify...


But the labels themselves have millions of followers on their playlists that pushed their songs to the top charts.


Did labels have these special access privileges?


Is that fair as well?


Record label Spotify playlists


One can say that's a different thing altogether but it doesn't change the fact that millions of Music artists want access to an audience.


AND due to competition, there will be a monetary cost for the services in most cases.


The minute Apple Music allows public playlists, all of the right playlists are going to charge to get your track heard.


If you don't want to drown in the BS that comes when you promote your songs to see your growth and streams...


It's best to let Spotify pitching services get your song placed in front of new fans.



Run Spotify playlist placement exchanges

Pro tip: the fastest way to get Spotify playlist placements is through doing playlist exchanges.


If you don't own or manage any playlist then you can skip this step it does not apply to you.


Ahhhh, Still reading?


Okay, I'll do you a solid. 😉


(If you want to grow your own playlists, you MUST read our How to Grow Your Spotify Playlist Followers Guide!)


Now that you've got the sick-ass guide, let's circle but back to the main topic.


If you have other playlists on Spotify, you can use that as leverage to get on the right playlist.


Just offer the playlist curator placement onto yours in return for getting your track onto theirs.


Playlist swap


Not only will this make the Curator see you in a different light but it's an effective way to get Spotify playlist placements.


Since I am a playlist curator myself I understand how powerful this is for Spotify playlist placements!



How to get Spotify playlist curators to hEar your music

Funny enough, often times playlist curators are also Instagram influencers.


Well... Perhaps not "influencers" but they do have a page they're actively growing.


They create a small brand for the playlist placement service and they can easily be identified and found through Instagram.


A lot of artists are simply too lazy to seek organic promotion from these playlist curators so they miss out.


In reality, if you can get your music in the hands of these curaotrs then your chances of landing play this promotion on inappropriate playlists for free goes up 300%.


Here are the steps to contact Spotify playlist curators for free:

  1. Get the name of the Curators
  2. Google if the curators have a website
  3. Find the Curator's Instagram influencers account
  4. DM the creators by swiping up to their story
  5. Build rapport and send them your hip-hop music to land on their Spotify playlists!


Reaching out to Spotify curators


And boom these are the traditional methods to reach curators.


While there ARE pitching services out there that can get you on playlists for free, sometimes there are charges involved for the pitching services.


At least this way you can rest assured that musicians don't have to pay a cent.


But... Is this better for you in the end?


In the end, you get what you pay for -and lose what you DON'T pay for.


Do you value your time and energy as well as money?


That's a question you'll have to figure out yourself when trying to gain potential fans and an audience on Spotify...


So, what are you offering the curators in return when you submit your songs to them for free?



Spotify playlists: the law of reciprocation

Let's be honest most people don't do stuff for no reason.


The goal for most music curators is to help music artists in the music industry get heard, but it's also to get paid to do it.


Since your goal is BOT to buy Spotify playlist placement, then there's already a biz conflict.


A lot of musicians are entitled and assume that their songs deserve to land on playlists.


Truthfully, there are millions of music artists that seek playlist promotion day and night.


But there are not that many other playlists on Spotify that are in your genre and popular enough to get you a large influx of potential fans.


There is power and balance when trying to get a playlist placement without forking up case.


Playlist Curator and artist power imbalance


Your biggest struggle (aside from having a top-quality song) is equalizing the power imbalance between the creators and you.


To overcome this power imbalance and land on a playlist, you'll have to provide value!


If you want to 10X the chances of getting free Spotify playlist promotion from the playlist curators then give them something they want.


Here's how to provide value to curators on Spotify.


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Get heard on Spotify



How to make Spotify playlist curators love you!

If you want free Spotify playlist placements they need to understand the jungle.


Every curator with a Spotify playlist has only one goal:


increase the traffic and activity of their Spotify playlist.


If you're not able to give funds to the Curators to help increase their follower count, no worries you're still in luck!


Another great value proposition you can exchange for a Spotify playlist placement is a free review testimonial.


You can offer an exchange for Spotify playlist promotion on appropriate playlists to make a video testimonial that the curators can use.



Curator Playlist Review


This is a game-changer approach compared to the traditional methods of begging for Spotify playlist placements.


Rather than negotiating this value exchange with the Curator's just go ahead and make it for them already.


Naturally, since the curators didn't give you a Spotify playlist placement yet you can't reasonably mention the results you got however you can talk about how amazing the music creation and taste is, coming from another artist.


Since Spotify curators I've already not trusted much in the music industry, if they can have other artists support them then their business will grow a lot!




Music success doesn’t come easy.


Especially when you’re trying to go at it alone

  • Tackling the marketing
  • Executing effective promo
  • Managing the business side of your music career

All of this OF TOP of making music!


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