Free Music Distribution! (With Content ID)

Free Music Distribution With Content ID


Get free content ID when releasing music!


Every artist knows the POWER of YouTube content ID.


While there are many music distribution companies out there... Not all of them give you the same features.


In this blog I’lll show you how to get YouTube Content ID 100% for FREE.


Content ID is a game-changer for independent artists!


It allows your to PROTECT your works (while getting paid.)


That's why Free Music Distribution changes the game for royalty collection.


In the past few years, many artists have found success by putting out their music through services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and others, but...


Music is stolen and re-purposed every single day through social platforms like TikTok and even through Spotify.


Whether you are a new artist or have been making music for a long time, it can be hard to protect your music from the wrong people.


We live in a time when there are thousands of ways to share and get information...


For better or for worse.


Fortunately, with the free music distribution YouTube cotton ID I'm going to show you do not need to worry about this anymore!


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Free Music Distribution!



Free Music Distribution Services For Content ID:

How Content ID Works


Boost Collective, RouteNote and Amuse are all free music distributors that offer Youtube content ID.


That being said, monetizing your music can be totally different depending on how you put out your releases.


While you don't have to pay for YouTube content ID... If you use the Amuse platform, there are many other various fees that eat into your revenue.


If you're wondering what they are let's dive deep into what you expected earnings can be when using each of these free distribution services:



Boost Collective: Youtube content ID

Free Music Distributor


Boost Collective is a music distribution platform 10% free.


Now they have a really cool service where you can promote all of your tracks on Spotify for free as soon as you release them!


This allows you to make more money and monetize much faster.


You can distribute music within days, and they have a vibrant community of other musicians that you can collaborate and engage with to further your music business ambitions.


Check out their music distribution to see how release with them can sell many more records than the other guys!


Do you make good music?


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Amuse: Youtube content ID

So to get your music Content ID there’s no direct cost when using Amuse, however they retain fees need to pay in order to get your music onto digital streaming platforms.


Other distributors want a flat rate upfront or a monthly to yearly membership.


Instead, you can upload the tracks for free and give the distributor a 15% cut or pay a monthly fee.


15% is quite a lot to pay for your release, meaning if your song was able to generate $1000 then Amuse is is taking $150 straight off the top for every track upload.


That being said - they do this for FREE! So instead of you paying upfront they only take from what they help generate.


This is a fair model in many cases, I definitely agree with this.


Otherwise, Rotenone and Boost Collective are better suited options.



RouteNote: Youtube content ID

So when it comes to Content ID I generally believe that RouteNote is up there as well.


They may not get the best press, but for what it's worth - it's a free ay to release your music!


RouteNote is able to get your track within the YouTube content ID system with ease, as well as protect your works from any future unauthorized upload.



First: What is Content ID & Tagging?

How Content ID Works


Before you get YouTube Content ID, you need to understand exactly what is limitations and exact uses are...


Constant ID is a general term for all tagging, so the applications applied differently for each of the streaming services.


Apple Music and title have a different content ID system than YouTube music, so naturally it's not going to work across the full board.


Content ID is just a name for digital rights management technology that scans the Internet for any unauthorized duplicates of your work.


Identifying and tagging content is the first step in any content protection strategy that works.


If you are label owner, for example, you might have 10-20 releases every month.


If you're paying $3.00 dollars upfront just to get in YouTube cotton ID system that upper to $500 - $700 every year!


And you need a free YouTube cotton ID system in order to avoid this unnecessary fee… It eats into your music creators creators earnings.


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Free Music Distribution!




The negatives of YouTube content ID...

Just note that if you plan to use YouTube to cousin ID, and that will restrict your ability to put out your own YouTube music.


This is because the content ID system can sometimes prevent you from putting out remixes since it's designed to only protect the original composition released through your distributor.


Example: you might get a message from YouTube saying that your distributor is claiming the content on YouTube.


If you see a message like this, it just means the system is working properly and that your distributor is collecting your money on your behalf.


The distribution platform will pay you all of the money you make! So no issue.



Content ID: Licenses and royalties for music

Collect Music Royalties with Content ID


One cool thing about Youtube's Content ID system is that once you get your music in vault then you're pretty much good to collect royalties from ALL videos which feature your music.


All the compositions clips are tagged within the contact ID system and it's flagged as a copyright claim.


Not only can you collect money directly, there are no extra cost to do so if you use a music distribution platforms like Boot Collective.


There are two main types of royalties that musicians get paid for licensing music: performance royalties and mechanical royalties.


YouTube content ID automatically flags your copyrighted tracks and auto-creates a licensing deal with the creator.


They do this as a way to develop a fair relationship between artists and concentrators in the platform.


Now you can monetize and develop your revenue through the help of another channel.


This is a great way for you to make money when you release music without having to expand a lot in marketing efforts.


Watch the video below to learn how you can monetize off of content ID! 👇



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Other examples of music licensing:

Youtube content Id is not the only way to get your music licensed!


To really drive the idea of collecting revenue through licensing deals, here are some examples of ways that you can sell your songs through licensing deals:


When a song is played on the radio, at a sports stadium, on TV, or in a nightclub, the artist gets paid a performance royalty.


Free music distribution platforms don't handle this, you'll need a sync agent or booking agent!



Who collects the Youtube content ID money?

Who Collects Content ID


Youtube Content ID is usually not a free service provided because it comes at a cost to the music distribution platform.


If your song makes you money, you have to pay ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC performance royalties.


Youtube music creators are directly affiliated with these PRO's.


Watching your music distributor, sometimes they can collect this for you but it's going to cost them a price. In most cases they will charge you a fee for all of these songs to have YouTube Content idea.


A good example of this is how DistroKid overcharges you to protect your songs with Youtube content ID...


Don't worry though! There's a free music distribution platform such called Boost Collective that allows you to have music content ID without additional fees.


The reason we're able to afford this is because we have an online store where we monetize :) check it out!

On the other hand, mechanical royalties are paid every time a song is bought.


These are the royalties are what's collected through the different streaming platforms and pay to the music creators directly through each music distribution service.


That is why free music distribution companies often ignore dimension that you do cutting ID will be a paid service.


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Free Music Distribution!





"Content is king," as the saying goes, and when it comes to marketing music, it can be one of your most valuable assets.


That being said you need to protect all of your music videos, and make sure that your tracks can collect as much money as it is entitled to.


For you to sell your music and claim all the revenue it is important that you use free music distribution to get into YouTube Content ID system and turn your music online into dollars.


The smaller your audience is then the more relevant it is that each stream can turn into revenue!


That's because that is going to become your budget which allows you to market your music and monetize in other sources in the future!


Get your music distribution services met with Boost Collective's free Youtube content ID!


Do you make good music?


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