How Long does Amuse Take to Distribute?

How Long to Release Music on Amuse

how long does it take to release music on amuse?

To reach your audience, you need to find the fastest way to distribute your music.


Unfortunately, there are not many distributors that can help you get your music out there...


Most distributors are slow, costly, and unreliable.


That's why you need to look at all the Free Music Distribution options before releasing!


But don’t be afraid! Here we will help you find the best distributor for your needs and budget.


Let's dive into what it's like to build your music career through Amuse.


Are you ready to release your epic song to Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all other music stores?


For that, we'll need to know how long it takes to get on streaming services through Amuse.


With the Amuse free plan, it can take 6-8 weeks to release an album - and 4-5 weeks for a single.


Is that too long for you? Consider using Boost Collective to distribute your music for free instead. You can distribute your music to 150+ stores and platforms within 24-72 hours! Use this upload form to distribute your single now:

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Why does Apple Music & Other Services Take more time?

Why Do Some Platforns Take Longer


Some of the streaming services (such as Apple Music or Tidal) are very strict on their requirements for releasing your music.


Just understand that these are arranged based on what the average time will take for the completely free version of Amuse.


In this case, you will need a good music distributor to help you out!


In this blog, we are driving deep into amuses free offering to distribute music onto these streaming platforms without paying a single cent.


(Read this full blog before using Amuse. It can save you headaches potentially.)



Amuse Free Version: distribution time

Amuse Free Distribution Speed


The free version of Amuse takes 4 weeks to release your song (give or take.)


From what I've read what I've tried the amuse music distribution free version is hit or miss.


Naturally, when you release music you want to have a sense of consistency for when it will be live on streaming services.


Since major streaming services are how most record labels and independent artists make their money, getting this wrong is a very large loss!


Because Amuse Free is not a paid music distribution service...


You aren't necessarily entitled to the same perks and benefits that you get through another paid music distributor.



Amuse Boost: distribution time


Amuse Boost can get your song onto major streaming platforms within 1-2 weeks.


Amuse Boost is the second tier of services offered by the platform.


If you are just beginning your music career you may want to try out the free music distribution service at first, and then upgrade to paid services!


The added benefit of Amuse Boost that the free version lacks is that you can distribute your songs to streaming platforms with more freedom.


The music distribution is faster, and you also receive customization of the release date.



Amuse Pro: distribution time

Amuse Pro Distribution Speed


You can select your own release date when using the Amuse Pro music distribution service. They offer 24-hour support to assist you if anything changes.


Amuse Pro is the highest tier service available on the amuse music distribution platform!


This is an awesome service because it includes YouTube content ID and you can release music to all the major stores and set a custom release date.


psst. Boost Collective's free music distribution also has content ID included, and custom release date ability: 


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Which is the Fastest Music Distributor?

The fastest music distributors are DistroKid, Boost Collective & TuneCore. You can upload tracks to streaming services within 1-2 days.


Today’s music market is extremely fragmented and competitive.


The first-to-market Apple music has huge advantages!


The rise of streaming services has led to the proliferation of digital music, opening the door for numerous independent artists to make their mark.


But still... It's not easy to win at Spotify or Apple Music.


Did you know that 80% of multiple artist profiles get less than 50 MONTHLY listeners?


(I hope you're not in this camp!)


Amuse vs Distrokid

Amuse VS DistroKid


That being said, if your only goal is to find paid music distribution services to help push your music career forward then you may be better off with a Distrokid subscription.


You pay less for music distribution on Distrokid than you would by using Amuse music distribution however you're getting all the same services.


There are certain aspects in which Distrokid absolutely destroys amuse music distribution such as the fact that you can have unlimited releases.


The Amuse music distributor free plan does not allow you to post as much music as you want, and you cannot have a custom release date feature when releasing albums.


Many musicians reported having issues when releasing music through Amuse's music distributor.


Also, need to keep in mind that Distrokid is one of the most pricey music distribution services.


It is a classic music distributor and because of that, they can essentially price anything as much as they want.



YouTube Content ID: Amuse vs Distrokid

Amuse Vs Distrokid Content ID


The services that will be covered in the Amuse free plan such as YouTube content ID and a paid purchase on Distrokid.


Just note: there is a different Content ID for every platform.


Amazon Music content is not the same as Apple Music content ID for example.


That's why so many stolen songs can bypass SoundCloud but never Tidal.


It's important to note that you can get your YouTube music protected without paying an additional cent by simply choosing to use Amuse or Boost Collective for your music uploaded


Many different music distributors offer Content ID with the base price, however with Distrokid that is a bonus fee to you.


Since DistroKid has such good distribution speed it's worth it in some cases, but it's still an expense that you need to consider.


This is especially true if you release lots of tracks.


Upload music to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and 150+ other stores and platforms for FREE:

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Boost Collective is the #1 up-and-coming music distribution for artists, letting you put your music out there for free.



Amuse VS RouteNote: Distribution Speed

So among the free music distribution services, the most prolific alternative to Amuse is RouteNote.


So... Which one is best for you?


It's been reported that RouteNote is faster and more responsive than Amuse distribution. Amuse has a better interface, but less functionality.


RouteNote VS Amuse


I am a big believer in form over function.


It is VERY important that the minimal service is provided at the best value, so I would side with RouteNote.


But don't forget... There is a THIRD free distribution platform out there, that blows everything out of the water...



Is Amuse Distribution ACTUALLY Free?

The word “free” raises a lot of questions in the music business.


Classic Record deal has shown musicians that there is not necessarily anything known as a free lunch in the music game.


Because of this, we need to question… What does it truly mean to use a free music distribution service?


With Amuse distribution, you pay a 15% fee from revenue generated on your released tracks.


There is ZERO upfront cost so you're chilling :)


Amuse does not actually own any of your publishing or master rights.


Even with Amuse Pro, everything is nonexclusive.


You are a 100% copyright owner when releasing music through their platform.


This fee allows them to fulfill aspects of the music release process:

  • Processing album art

  • Cover song licensing

  • Custom label name

  • Metadata changes

  • Mechanical license generation


And with the basic plan, you can essentially release your music to a streaming platform within weeks and this cost is handled by a small fee.


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The Free Music Distribution Service (You Aren't Aware Of!)

Free Music Distributor



Now that you've read about how Amuse can distribute your music to major streaming platforms for free…


Let me show you a third option.


This other option does not limit your ability to distribute your music in any capacity.


So, not only can you get your music onto some music stores, but you can even:

  • Set custom royalty splits

  • Keep 100% of your earnings & Ownership
  • Team accounts

  • Upload your music in days!

  • Free playlist promotion

  • And many additional features!


Let's face it - there are so many options that it’s not worth it to use scrub-tier distributors.


One thing that’s advantageous about your Distrokid plan is that it is extremely high-quality.


Distrokid has limited certain features, which Amuse could not even beg to compete against.


However… Distrokid is a pricier music distribution service.


It's hard to justify the pricing model for many artists with low stream count.


The number one rule in the music business is to bring in MORE money than is coming out.


Since you don't have a record label backing you, then things such as a music promotion budget become much more relevant to get your music to larger audiences.


That is one advantage of using the Boost Collective music distribution platform.


We'll actually REWARD you when you release your music through our platform while having top services that Distrokid has.


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