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Dom Vallie (light)

Who is Dom Vallie?

Coming straight from Toronto, Ontario, Don Valley is a force to watch out for in 2022!


With the rise of new artists adding to the culture, Don Valley is a prime example of Gen Z's creativity and ingenuity.



Bonus: see what Complex and Side Door Mag have to say about Dom!


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 Release Radar: THERAPY

You can hear this in Dom Vallie's recent track: THERAPY



Compared to Dom Vallie's melodic tracks - THERAPY channels dark and gritty energy!


You hear strong bass and hardened bass.


There is so much vigor in the beats themselves, it's unique as far as most hip-hop records go.


Try listening, and do not immediately bop your head... You can't do it!


As gritty as THERAPY sounds, Dom has a lot more up his sleeve.


The abstract and unique nature of Dom Vallie's music is trailblazing in its own right.




the mind behind Dom Vallie

Dom is a surgeon, carefully slicing together different musical elements together.


Dom Vallie's music has great versatility and huge range, his melody is no exception!


Vallie Girls is a prime example:



The beat is simple yet effective, setting the tone for Dom's lyrics.


Dom Vallie is a mix between rap and R&B, taking inspiration from the greats:

  • Drake
  • A Boogie
  • Polo G



Realistically, you can put Dom Vallie on repeat, and never get tired. 


Vallie has a knack for selecting catchy and consumable beats to accompany his vocal flow.


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Dom Vallie is here to dominate

As Dom Vallie's voice and flows carry itself, the beat and melodies work to augment it. 


That's what good music is all about.


Dom Vallie really is one of the key voices coming out of Toronto.


Dom's refines his talents to the highest level.


Everybody can appreciate such musical technique, cadence, and delivery. 


Dom proves to be a strong influence in this scene and adds so much value to their listeners' ears and hearts.


What else is in store for Dom?


We'll have to wait and see!



Support Dom Vallie

Make sure you hit the links at the bottom of the page to connect with Dom.
More music will certainly be in the picture! We’re super psyched to keep you posted on any new projects to come!
Instagram: @domvallie
YouTube: Dom Vallie 
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