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Free Deezer Music Distribution

Distribute music on Deezer for free

Looking to get your music on Deezer?


Deezer is a dedicated platform for discovering and listening to music — as well as podcasts, radio, and audiobooks.


It's time to get your music heard!


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Thankfully, there are a bunch of services to get your music on Deezer easily.


Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 


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Free Deezer distribution Service!

Free Deezer Distribution


It's time to get your music onto streaming services!


Boost Collective will distribute your music onto Deezer for free.


This is all you need to do:

  1. Sign up to www.boostcollective.com

  2. Upload your track

  3. Input the right metadata

  4. Select a release date

Gain control of your Deezer artist profile when the time comes.


Lots of listeners are waiting to hear from you!


On your profile, you can customize all the aspects (profile picture, bio, links, etc.)


You can get your music onto major streaming platforms within as little as 2 DAYS!


This goes for the other streaming platforms as well, Boost Collective is one of the best distribution services.


And you know what's best?

Tips for Successful Deezer Music Distribution

Deezer tips and tricks for artists


Getting your music on the Deezer platform is only the first half of the journey.


Using the free distribution service is only step one.


Along with that, there's more to be done.


Tips and tricks for music success on Deezer:

  • Create a clear, useful, and unique artist page

  • Create a description and tags for discoverability

  • Highlight your latest releases and like playlists

  • Constantly and accurately update your artist biography

  • Promote your music on as many channels as possible

Try to determine your brand and where they come from.


This can help you decide on the best way to promote your music going forward.


You may find that it takes some time before revenue is generated from your music via Deezer, so it’s worth waiting to see how things go before making any decisions.


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How to upload MP3 to Deezer

How to Upload Mp3 files to deezer


It's really easy to upload your own MP3 tracks to Deezer:

  1. Open the Favourite tab on the Deezer Home Page

  2. Click My MP3s to open your MP3 library

  3. Select the MP3 To Upload option

  4. Add the MP3 files from your computer

  5. Access your recently uploaded music in My MP3s


It's a super easy system that anybody can use!


One thing... It appears only on your phone.


How to claim your Deezer artist profile

How To Claim Deezer Artist Profile


How do you claim your Deezer account?


Follow these steps to claim your artist profile on Deezer: Click "request access" using the drop-down menu. Elect your role (artist, provider, manager, artist name) Then enter your UPC digits.


It's really simple!


Creating the best profile is really easy.

Now that you're in you can leverage the Deezer tools:

  • Deezer stations

  • Deezer analytics

  • Deezer playlists

  • Deezer podcast (if you want)


Start creating good content. Build a huge library that you can customize.


The world is your oyster with Deezer, discover what these stores have in... store. 😉


Once your account is set up on Deezer then you can start making money from this music streaming service.


Deezer upload limit

Deezer does have an upload limit.


Deezer accounts can only upload a limit of 20090 MP3 tracks per user. Each MP3 Can only be under 200MB in size as well.


This is one of the best things that Deezer offers.


If you're an independent artist, you can release as much music on Deezer as you wish.


Get Your Own Music Studio Booth (For Under $500)

Studio Booth


This image above (with the portable music studio) ☝️ is the BEST resource for musicians!


It's astonishing that such a sizable booth can be folded up and moved with such ease, then re-erected anywhere you choose using a home recording booth.
Buying this $450 booth saves you thousands in studio time fees.
Here are the benefits of this portable music studio:
  • This little studio booth is ideal for use in tight quarters (dorms, rooms.)
  • The soundproof booth is useful for reducing echo and other background disturbances
  • The end result is perfectly dry and clear vocals
  • You save thousands in studio time and specific equipment


Portable Music Studio

The goal of every recording session is to capture a dry, noise-free signal, and a portable voice booth is the perfect tool for doing just that!
Instead of having a voice booth permanently set up in a studio, you can simply fold it up and put it away when you're done using it.


Ever since my producer bought one of these... Life became 100x better.


Deezer Pay Per Stream (Updated 2024)

Deezer Streaming Royalty Rate


Deezer is very generous with artist payouts.


The best way to increase your Deezer earnings is to grow your social media.


Since social media is spread across different fans, you’re not concentrating your efforts on just one platform.


Spotify playlist promotion benefits your music ONLY on that platform.


For true global music growth, you’ll need to leverage press and socials as much as possible!


Deezer Streaming royalties calculator

Deezer Royalty Calculator


Here's a fun game!


Want to try the seeker royalty streaming calculator?


There's a Deezer streaming royalty calculator. It compares streams across major streaming platforms and tells you how much the streaming services pay artists.


Labels make the most money on Deezer but...


Musicians are starting to see a surge in their streaming as well.


How does Deezer afford to pay artists?

Have you ever wondered how Deezer can afford to pay artists?


Deezer is a completely free streaming service is completely free, but it offers ad-supported streaming. A portion of advertising and subscription revenue is paid out to artists as royalties.


Since Deezer has over 16 million users - this is quite a large pot.



That being said, there is a process before an artist can see a dime off of their music.


To get paid royalties on your music, you need to get licensed through a collection society.


There are many different collection societies for music.


For example: Boost Collective.


To license your music and start collecting royalties through Deezer, you need to submit music to Boost Collective, and we'll release it for you.


100% of music copyrights belong to you!


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How to promote music on Deezer

Deezer Music Promotion


Deezer is a popular music streaming service that offers users access to millions of songs.


While it’s not the only one on the block, it’s the leading European competitor to services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music!


How to promote your song on Deezer:


Deezer provides its users with the opportunity to “Discover New Music.” This means that they will get recommendations from Deezer’s A.I. team as to what songs users might like based on their listening history!


To promote music on Deezer, you'll have to be smart and hard-working.


This means that no matter your taste in music, there’s a good chance that Deezer curators are out there waiting.


These services also feature hundreds of thousands of playlists created by other users, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find some music on Deezer that you enjoy listening to.


Promote your music with Deezer Stations

How to Get on Deezer Stations


One of the best ways a musician can promote music is with Deezer Stations.


The Deezer app also lets you create custom stations, so you can easily create playlists of your favorite music. Share these on popular Deezer discussion boards (Reddit, Twitter, Forums) and grow an audience this way.


It also has a robust audio search feature, which lets you easily find songs by artist, album genre, etc.


When you're writing music think of what these stations do for creators!


Musicians who want to get ahead in the world of streaming services need to think differently.


Your Deezer profile is strong, just use it properly and you'll end up at Deezer backstage!


Best Ways to find Deezer promotion pages

To get a promotion for Deezer you don't need to Google or YouTube anything.


How to find music promoters for Deezer:

  1. Go on SoundScan and look for charting Deezer music

  2. Reach out to the artists/songwriters of these tracks

  3. Ask for a referral to the Deezer playlist curator

Sometimes labels/promoters build their own promotion system for creators.


Getting on a label campaign will do wonders!


While playlist promotion isn't as robust on Deezer as Spotify...


Anything that can help the algorithm will get your music to a large audience!


Since you aren't signed to labels, any discovery tool these stores offer you should be exploited to the max.


How to Get on Deezer radio stations

Radio by Deezer is available in many countries across the globe.


By getting radio placements, your music can be heard by fans across the world through Deezer Radio.


While Deezer is not the first app to offer radio stations, as Rdio, along with iHeartRadio, Pandora, Apple Music, and others have done so before.


The difference is that it's not as direct-to-consumer.


Many radio apps prioritize their editorial work more than the actual radio itself.


That's why the value of a Deezer radio promotion campaign is effective.


Read our blog on how to Get Your Music on Radio to go ahead and abuse this opportunity!


Run ads for Deezer tricks

Run Music Ads


An effective way to promote your music on Deezer is through ads.


Facebook and Google ads are robust as hell.


Take your Deezer music, and promote it to fans that listen on that platform.


These platforms know which streaming services are used. they have tons of music fan data.


How to download music from Deezer

How To Download Deezer Tracks


Most streaming services are against fans/artists downloading music.


YouTube lets you download music for free, but it's low quality.


Deezer is one of the best streaming services on the web since it allows easy download!


Two Best Deezer Downloader Services

Looking to download music from Deezer for offline listening?


Boy, do I have the service for you!


This is the BEST thing ever - I recommend it to every person.


The two best services to download songs from Deezer are:

  1. Freezer

  2. Deezloader


By using these, you'll turn the Deezer music streaming service into your pawn.


Getting music online becomes a breeze with these apps.


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Freezer Deezer APK: Music Downloader

Freezer (Deezer Downloader)


What is Freezer Deezer?


Freezer App is used to Stream & Download Music from Deezer service in High-Quality (FLAC) and is available for popular platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac & Linux!


With over 50 million songs in its catalog, the application is one of the most adored music streaming apps available online and your best music companion.


I highly recommend you use Freezer Deezer!


Benefits of using Freezer Deezer:

  • High-Quality FLAC listening
  • Available on Android
  • Available on Linux
  • Available on Mac
  • Free to download
  • Consistent updates
  • Small file size


In the recent Freezer Deezer update, they fixed some download problems where tags weren't there or didn't work.


As a bonus, since LastFM is now an audio service, this should work better in the background!


With the Freezer Deezer app, all of the premium features would be unlocked for your access and you don't have to pay a single cent to listen to quality music using this platform.


Deezloader: Deezer Downloader

Deezloader (Deezer Downloader)


Have you ever wanted to listen to your favorite music without having to spend money?


With Deezloader you can download millions of albums and soundtracks for free! You can also choose between three price plans that stream your favorite music in a range of formats.


Downloading music is 100% safe when using Deezloader.



Their developers make sure that the recommended apps are completely secure - so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes without any worries!


If you download your favorite songs on Deezloader, you can listen to them whenever you want.
On Deezloader, there are more than 56 million songs to choose from, so you'll have a lot of options.


Start downloading your favorite albums with Deezloader.


can you Upload FLAC files to Deezer?

Have you tried using the MP3 upload feature to send FLAC files onto Deezer?
You can not upload lossless FLAC audio to Deezer. Even if it appears, the songs can't be played through their platform.
Deezer accepts the uploads, parses the files, and shows the correct information about the artist, the track, and how long it is.
This is standard protocol, but to play FLAC files, the encoding software is not designed for that.
You should check out Tidal Music for lossless High-Quality music!


How Deezer Audio Encoding Works

How Audio Encoding Works


The reason why Deezer does not play FLAC files is because of the encoding.


But what exactly does that mean?


An audio codec is a piece of software that uses an algorithm to compress and decompress digital audio data.
The audio codec is software that changes analog audio signals into digital ones and turns digital signals back into analog ones.
Unless the codec was specifically designed for lossless (analog) audio... Then you won't be able to play these files.
Hope that explains it well!
If not, just watch the video below. 👇

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