5 Best Lofi Spotify Playlists To Submit Music

5 best Spotify playlists

top 5 lofi spotify playlists

Lofi is one of the MOST successful genres, and it's important you know the best Lofi Spotify playlists.


Looking for a good Lofi Spotify Playlist?


I got you covered! And make sure you also get some more Spotify playlist submissions here!


Top 5 Lofi Spotify Playlists:


Playlist Name Playlist Size
Jazzy Hip Hop Essentials 16,200
Lofi Chill Hop To Relax 8,500
Lofi Hip Hop Beats 87,800
Chill Lofi 38,000
Lofi Music 15,800


Your lofi music have the potential to blow up on Spotify, fans can listen to them in any circumstance!


Whether you're going for a walk, doing homework, or just chilling - Lofi has your back.


Here is a curated list of the BEST lofi playlists to get your song on! 




This is a great list that focuses on jazz-influenced Hip-Hop instrumentals.


If you want to have your playlist among the best chill Lofi songs then these players are for you.


The Spotify Lofi mix is designed to get you heard by some of the best Lofi fans on the Internet. 


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Many Lofi artists on Spotify would die to get onto these best Lofi playlists.


On the bright side, if you make Lofi Spotify covers then you’re a shoo-in to get on this playlist.



This playlist goes for mellow, easy-listening, beats in the hip-hop style, for studying and chilling out.


This could be the right fit for your song!


It's up there with the best Lofi playlists on Spotify - by and large.




This playlist is all about chill Lo-fi, in that anime Japanese-influenced style.


Getting on good Lofi playlists is the name of the game for independent Lofi musicians.


Are you ready to take the next step to get on this playlist?


#5. LOFI MUSIC 📚 🎵


This playlist is the perfect fit for songs that can be listened to whilst studying.


Some things to keep in mind before submitting your song:

  1. Make sure that your song is up to quality standards. It's easy for agencies like us to promote amazing music. (Well mixed & mastered, structured, etc...).
  2. Enticing cover art for your song. (To capture listeners' attention so that they are more likely to click on your song).

Top 10 Lofi artists on Spotify

Here are some of the best Lofi artists on Spotify.


Every Lofi artist on Spotify that’s mentioned on this list creates some of the best chill Lofi songs!


10 best Lofi artists on Spotify:


Artist Monthly Listeners
Lapalux 228,000
L.Dre 766,000
Tomppabeats 977,000
Ibrahim 127,000
The Deli 784,000
frad 834,000
Rebornn. 29,00
uniqlesse 304,000
YAN NAY 14,000


You can really vibe to these Spotify Lofi artists whenever you want a nice groove.


If you’re gonna be working, studying, or simply vining then I really resonate with these Lofi musicians.

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I find sometimes making Lofi Spotify covers is an easier process to get growth!


I hope you now know the best Lofi Spotify playlists to submit music to!


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