Best FREE Horror Music Sample Pack

best free horror music sample packs

5 Best Horror Music Sample Packs

Perhaps you've just rewatched your favourite scary film and got the urge to download a horror music sample pack and make some eery music.


Sample Pack Name Price

Masters of Horror


Spooker VST


Asylum (Horror FX)


Grave Diggers


Crate Diggers



I have compiled my 7 best horror sample packs (most paid) as-well as 6 pack completely 


Construction Kits, wav loops, 808's, modular synths, FX pedals, etc.


Plenty of content for even the most experienced music producer.



"Masters Of Horror" Horror Samples ($29.33)

Masters Of Horror Sample Pack


Long, dark drones, metallic cutting Arps, hyped backward ambiances, and distorted orchestrals are all included.


It was influenced by the works of Fetty Wap and other artists.


This collection has everything for any composer who wants to give their instruments, tunes, and cues a gory twist.


The Masters Of Horror sample pack contains:

"Spooker" VST ($60.00)

Spooker VST


This is perhaps the most reliable VST in the market for producing horror sounding music.


Horrors sounds have been taken to a new level with this VST.


The Spooker VST contains:

  • Stand Alone VST
  • 50 Presets
  • Spookiness FX Dial
  • PC (32 Bit & 64 Bit)/Mac (AU & VST) compatible
  • 3 GB Content Zipped


"Asylum" Horror FX Sound Pack ($11.95)

Asylum FX Horror Sound Pack


Freaking Scary EDM Voices' by Function Loops is a Halloween-themed collection of unique, spooky samples.


To add a horror edge to your project, use these demonic sounds!


Useful not just for Trap music or metal, but also in a variety of sombre musical genres or simply to inject some levity into your work.


The Freakin' Scary horror pack contains:

  • Horror Trailer Sound Library
  • All Files in 96k 24-Bit WAV Format
  • 500+ Files
  • 1+ Hour of Sound
  • Unheard of Screeches, Shockers
  • Sinister Drones, Stingers
  • Full Bodied Hits, Impacts
  • Dynamic Risers, Whooshes
  • Ghostly Groans, Moans, Creaks
  • Psychotic Textures, Movements
  • 2.04 GB Download File Size (Zipped)
  • 2.31 GB of Content (Unzipped

"Grave Diggers" horror sounds ($25.00)

Grave Diggers Horror Sound Pack


Need a little gloom to your Trap and Hip-Hop fusion music?


Greetings, and welcome to Dark Trap Keys!


Inspired by the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Pop Smoke, Pop Durk, and Lil Durk.


This collection of dark lo-fi keys will give lots of dark ambient piano to those nasty hard hitting rhythms!


All the spring reverb and eq in the world weren't enough to give these loops the weight and character they needed, so they used analog and digital saturation to get the current lo-fi sound.


The Grave Diggers sample pack Contains:

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 24-Bit WAV Format
  • 67 Individual Loops
  • 73 Midi Files
  • Tempos Available
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • 411 MB Download File Size (Zipped)
  • 539 MB of Content (Unzipped)


Take advantage of Dark Trap Keys now by dragging and dropping these samples into your chosen DAW of choice.


"Crate Diggers" Scary Sound Effects (FREE)

creepy doll horror sample pack


You should avoid going to these areas during certain times of the year, such as Halloween.


If you play to make a horror music score or do spooky sound design - this is THE kit for you!


One of my favorite packs on this list!


The Crate Diggers horror pack contains:

  •  24-Bit WAV
    • 424 MB of Content
    • 100% Royalty-Free
    • 17 Full Instrumental Tracks

"Trepidation Volume 3" Horror SFX Pack ($65.00)

trepidation horror sfx sample pack


Sound effects are inspired by current horror video games, television programs, and films.


Includes everything from menacing drones and ambiances, to big impacts and hits, unique abstract sound effects, hair-raising transitions, booms, noises, glitches, and much more.


Everything you need to create a thrilling and horrifying masterpiece!


As a dark cinematic edge may be added to any genre and is particularly perfect for media projects and musicians, the Pack is an excellent choice.


To make things as simple as possible, each of the drones and effects has a key labeled on it.


The Trepidation sample pack Contains the:

  • 137 Abstract One-Shots
  • 152 Reverses
  • 100 Hits
  • 74 Tonal Drones
  • 67 Ambiences
  • 49 Atonal Drones
  • 43 Tonal One Shots
  • 30 Risers
  • 22 Sub Booms
  • 2 Construction Kits made up of 22 Stems
  • 19 Loops

Free Horror Sample packs

free horror sample pack


Top 6 Free Horror Sample Packs

  1. Horror VOL.1
  2. 99Sounds Halloween
  3. MixKit Horror Pack
  4. Epic Signature
  5. ZapSplat Pack
  6. The Wearhouse

Following are 6 absolutely amazing horror sample packs that are completely free to download and use in your next production. 


"Horror VOL. 1" Horror Sounds pack (FREE)Horror vol. 1 horror sample pack

The first volume of an important collection of horror sounds, spanning everything from scary ambiances to cries of panic to savage assaults.


This pack is highly recommended for those breaking into the horror music niche.


The Horror Vol.1 sample pack contains:

  • one-Shots
  • Loops
  • royalty-free

99Sounds - Halloween sound effects (FREE)



Everything from jump scares and impacts to creepy ambiances and exhilarating sounds may be found in this collection of Halloween Sound Effects.


A few whooshes and tension-builders were also thrown in, as well as some monster and ghost sounds.


The Halloween SFX sample pack contains:

  • 60 royalty-free horror sound effects
  • 14 Atmospheres
  • 5 Impacts
  • 41 Sound Effects

MixKit Free Horror Sound Effects (FREE)



MixKit is really blessing the niche with these high-quality free horror sound effects.


Absolutely have no complaint with these sounds... highly recommended!


The MixKit horror sample pack contains:

  • 31 Horror sound effects
  • monster vocals



"Epic signature" Horror Sound Effects (FREE)



"EpicSoundEffects" have released these insane quality samples as a snippet version for their larger horror pack called "AVERSION".


These sounds will blow your mind... includes DRUM LOOPS, VOICE, RISER, BRAAM, HITS, RATTLE and more


This Horror SFX sample pack contains:

  • Drum Loops
  • Vocals
  • Risers
  • royalty free

Zapsplat Free horror sound effects (FREE)



This category includes noises that are both repulsive and frightening, including bone fractures, blood and stomach drips, and splats.


Even if it's a pain to record, it's worthwhile.


As a result, a significant amount of work went into the creation of frightening effects.


Such as creepy drones, ominous environments, and dungeons.


These are all perfect for horror film trailers and feature films.


Zombie, beast, and vocalization sound effects, as well as grunts, growls, and moans, abound in our library.


The Zapsplat sample pack Contains:

  • Atmospheric Textures
  • Ghost sounds
  • Zombie Vocalizations
  • Royalty-Free

"TheWarehouse" Free sample packs (FREE)

the wearhouse horror sample pack


Recorded at an old military storage facility in the United Kingdom, the Warehouse contains a variety of sound effects.


Atmospheric acoustics were used to record several of the sounds.


Both as percussion and as sound effects, the sounds are readily adaptable.


When used as organic percussion sound layers on top of drum loops, most of them perform quite well.


The examples of an electric lift in the library are my favorite, and they practically demand to be utilized in a Transformers-style movie.


The Warehouse sample pack Contains:

  • 116 one-shot

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